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Quick Escape - Office Walkthrough

Quick Escape - Office

[UPDATE] Quick Escape: Office is another point and click room escape game developed by TimeFall. You are overwhelmed with work and office is not the place to be anymore - you need a break. But before opening the door you must bend your brain one more time. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Added new working link!

Play Quick Escape: Office

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Quick Escape: Office Walkthrough

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easy out! Thanks for posting

nice little game, new format for timefall?

last cartridge eluded me (third in list) until i spotted it on the white board easel!

Hmm in and out ...

i don't understand the white and black circles...

Ok, i got it

I don't get the 4 digit code...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Spent ages looking for a hammer - didn't realise I had glass proof fists!

feel stupid ... out

really struggled with the white balls there ....so here it it just in case you need it

I can't find the last cartridge (lowest) Please help :-)

What a nice little game! (LOL, @LNS.)

I can't play anymore Timefall games : they seem to load, but they don't.

Sahara look at pc its to the right ...

Thanks Madliz - that's the thing I was looking for!

ting ting - this one I don't miss... I still missing one cartridge

as i remember : one on plant , one behind plant , one beside broken screen n the last one is on the 4 digits board on top right i think !!

Yes, those I got too... I have now 4 cartridges but can't use the printer, it always says, one cartridge is missing

Oh, forget it!!! I am soooo stupid, I only had to drop them on the printer... Oh sorry...

lol i just used 4 i suppose !!

dont worry we all sometimes feel this way !! :D


4 digit code come from bars on moniter

3 digit code from printer

4 cartridges
1...from plant
2..behind plant pot
3 ..from white board or easel
4 ..behind CPU

black / white circles by files

spoiler given by ting ting 11/8/12 9:00 AM

- 3-digit code:
- on paper from printer:

great game was bit glitchy trying to get key after putting in 4 number code i had to click few times wouldnt let me have it so went round room once clicked key then it let me have it.

Had same trouble as shaz - otherwise good game. Nice to see a change in their style.

If I had to work in an office with six door locks I would quit... :-)

How do I smash computer screen? X

Nicola...just click on it several times...i was looking for a hammer for about 5 minutes before i realised!!

Can't smash the monitor on an ipad. No clicker. Doesn't work with the finger

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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