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Roots Office Escape Stage 3 Walkthrough

Roots Office Escape Stage 3

Roots Office Escape Stage 3 is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game from game-roots. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Language barier may be a problem!!! Good luck and have fun!

Play Roots Office Escape Stage 3

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Hi, i don´t know where to start the game.

same problem here :D

hi did you people find how to start game ?

click red button, then small white button in the middle three times

All i get is a black play screen

I can play in FF and Opera, but there is a huge language barier :(

hi all ... this game has german comments?????

I'm playing in google crome and this browser translates sites automatically... but in the game itself? thats strange... but anyhow... he told me, that this is my desk... great... nothing to do here...

it seems, the middle button with the star is the inventory... I took the bottle and in the comment was written: I've nothing done....
the right button with the magnifyer is a map and you can change the view there... now I can look at myself and there is written: uh, my work isn't finished...

the translation is creepy...
it seems I've done some stuff now... but don't know what...
I'm not sure if I want to continue this game...

Ive got some documents now...

now I've got a bottle vinegar from two women...
I guess they produce smth to loose weight... LOL...

until now I found two safes...

I've got coffee... the game gets interesting... ahahahahaaaaa
nobody else playing?

oh... sounds familiar... the photocopier isn't working...

I gave the documents to a person who don't wanted to talk to me... now I have to fill out a grid, I have 3 examples... I do not really know what to do...
hello-o-o-oooo ... echo-o-o-oooo

if I click all the squares from the 3 examples I get two numbers: 2 and 9

hmmm... but if I click ok after it, its written: it seems to be different

uh... ok... I've forgotten one square... the numbers are 28... now its right...

I have to continue later... have to cook and pic up the kids...

I'm still not out, because I haven't time to play yet and I do not vote for a game before I'm done, but I wanted to say that this game owns a better rating, only because of the fact that the comments are automatically translated in google chrome...
I haven't seen that in any other game before!

the guy in brown need a clue,after find 28 talk to him and get a calculator,give the calculator to guy in orance talk to girl in green give winegar,get card give card guy in orange get dum dum puzzle.
hope it's the rigth order.

yes, the guy in brown needs a clue, but at first he needs the roots, then give him the documents and he can think now... after that you get the calculator...
then go to the orange room with the guy who has difficulties with maths...
then go to the lady in violet room and give her the vinegar... she thinks she is to fat and drinks it... bwuah.... you get warm ingwer from her...
then go to the green girl and get a dum-dum god of war business card
then go back to the math guy in the orange room and give him the card, you'll get the dum-dum puzzle game in return...
give this to the green girl... now I should play this... I guess, I'll need a bit time =)

I was on google... don't ask what I've found... all but nothing about that puzzle...
why does no one else play this game? because of the bad rating and you can see it, before you open the WT-page? I'm not sure if anyone who rated this game played it...
and now I'm sitting here... without any help... nobody hears me cry... I'm alone in the dark... :'(

hi again :)
we play this game on a turish site,my chat friend solved the dum dum puzzle,dunno how lol. :)



wrong type,i mean turkish not turish :P he he :D

oh... many thanks to you and your chatfriend @bitinyali =)
and now I can see it... no figure should cross the line with another...
meanwhile the game logged me out, no save-function, I have to start over... thats not good... :(

yea thats hapened by me too,mabe it's doing with the time

but the guy on the start screen looks good... he only needs another haircut... where is alkmar when she's needed? ;-)

go to the blue room where is the note book,open it and see a clue for the password of the safe

I'll do that later @bitinyalı ... have to do some stuff before, then I can start again....
but maybe it would be awesome, if you'd leave some breadcrumps ;-) THANK YOU!

ok... the game was obviously autosaved... I can continue where I was logged out... have done the dum dum puzzle and now I wanted to do what you said with the note book... but I can't open it... everytime I touch it a guy appears and give me a penalty of 30mins, then I'm automatically back at my desk...

I had to give the solved dum dum puzzle to the orange room guy... he gave me a plastic dum dum figure...

then I went to the green room girl and gave her the figure, she was happy and suddenly the orange man appeared and gave me a safe-key...

uff... that was the wrong safe... another 30mins penalty...

I went again to the note book... 30mins penalty again...

I'm really really stuck now...

hey sabine..gonna catch up now.i restarted the game

oh... finally... I don't exactly know what I did... I was speaking a few time with everyone and tried to give every single person every stuff I had... with absolutely no result... but suddenly the note book in the blue room opened and now I have... LOL
signs ...
circles, triangles, squares, ordered like a math and below:

hi notty :) I'm going somewhere... don't know where, but it's going further... LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

lolol i've just got the safe key..comments are great help!
gonna try get the blue book to open now..

first I was totally wrong, but now my number would fit the symbols... but the safe doesn't want it...

look, if the symbols are:

circle - triangle - circle
+ circle - square - triangle
square - circle - square


4 5 4
+4 9 5
=9 4 9

should be write, or not?

the pass would be: 495

wow... you are fast notty :)

but I should be at the right safe... tried the other and got... yes... another 30mins penalty... I only can insert numbers at the safe in the upper right corner on map

please help me... my brain is exploding... xD
(if there is one)

mine says
+ circle-square

would that mean its different for everyone then?
still havent solved it..

omg... different for everyone? I'm lost!!!!!

and entering the numbers ... how is it for you? it only takes one number, then I have to click at C to erase the number, after that I can enter the next number... thats strange methinks...

my password is 516..enter it and click ok..gave me a tea pot
i'll check yours too..it seems right though

but can you enter the numbers one after the other? the safe takes only one number, then I have to click at the C

yea i can enter numbers one after the other..

and your password is right too..the safe should take 3 numbers..

I noticed, when I begin with 1 I can enter another number... but only one more...
thanks for checking my number... but somehow there must be another solution too

hmm ok so i went to the kitchen and used the pot there to make tea..go to guy in dark blue room and he gives you half a paper..why cant he just have the full piece of paper! also the music has changed now..maybe cuz its past 5 now?

did the password work for you sabine?

no notty... doesn't work... I only can enter one number... except I enter 1 as the first number, then I also can enter a second number... but I can't get any solution with that.. my paper is full... and I tried all other numbers for a first number... it works only with the 1

I went nearly alone through that game... finally I got help ... and now it fails for me because of the safe... so sad :(

try refreshing the page..for me once one of the guys had freezed.couldnt click anywhere..refreshing helped..progress must still be saved

I loaded the game once again... but no luck... the safe wont take my numbers...

LOL... we were thinking the same... and I made it already ;-)

I did it once again, just because we were thinking the same... and this time it worked =D I have the tea now

yaaaay thats so great! i was just thinking how i wanted someone to play along with this game lol :)

well the key works on the other safe now..you get this puzzle where you have to put numbers correctly to follow the arrows.im posting the answer too


LOL there was a cat in the safe!

LOL... I've totally forgotten that key... cool... OMG... should I try it by myself or do I use your spoiler? maybe it is different again...

ok... first I tried your spoiler... its different... phew...

hmmm... but there's no other possibility

tried to talk with ppl with everything i have..i think you have to first talk with the guy in red room and then you can give the half paper to girl in indigo room.
she gives other half of paper and now you can use the photocopier except its asking you for the correct options or something which makes no sense in japanese.gonna have to hit and trial this

I had again to reload the page... it gets a bit frustrating... :(

there are too many possibilities in the copy room... what about the cat?

if you give the paper to the guy in the red room you get the same questions as in the copy room...

cant do anything with the cat too..

same with blue room

that happens with everyone..that paper is pretty important it seems lol

same for everybody... grrrrrr

and the cat is totally useless...

but we must be so close... there's only one more free place in inventory...

yep..we're almost at the end i think too

and its sooo late where i am..this game has kept me awake lol..i dont wanna get stuck right now..

LOL... the same for me... its almost midnight and I wanted to go to bed soon today... xD

they want to mix a new drink... we still have one roots and the warm ingwer in inventory... maybe we can get the japanese letters with that? they want to mix three things together... maybe also the vinegar?

in the first possibility I guess I can see the same signs as the cat has... LOL

hmm... also in the second... only the third is different

I found the cup of tea in A
the cat in B (maybe I should change that)
and nothing in the last... that must be a special idea because of the bulb... lol

I also found the vinegar in B
I combined tea and vinegar with every possibility from the last one... nothing...

and I found the ingwer... I'm so tired now... maybe over the night there comes a japanese fairy and translates that for us :)

what are the options then..one is the cup of tea,then vinegar, ingwer and the cat.probly that roots thingy too somewhere..

im getting nowhere with this..managed to get the page to translate a bit but cant translate the options..
im gonna go sleep now..i will get just a few hours of sleep. hopefully when i check in the morning someone will have posted the answer..

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