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Sitting Room Escape Walkthrough

Sitting Room Escape

Sitting Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Putsis Games. Escape the sitting room by solving tricky puzzles! Sitting Room Escape is an escape the room style game. You need to collect different items and solve several tricky puzzles in order to escape the sitting room. Can you get out? Good luck and have fun!

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Sitting Room Escape Walkthrough

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Amazingly buggy. Tried twice, one black screen, one stuck screen

I played this a week or so ago and wrote a text walkthrough here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100357861686137963855/posts/X6ycRawjigb

I got the remote from the desk, and one of the drawers under the tv open for a glass eye.

nice, smooth running for me.

Hint for the drawer, Mike?

Hints for drawer in table is on the newspaper, for the other drawer start the tv

oh, yes I meant the other drawer. I can't figure out the TV code.

POP! picture....

Ah--got the eye drawer now. The hint is the green cups....

I like it a lot!Easy and logical game,there is allready a walkthrough for those who are stuck..Just add a bit of sound to make it more realistic.I personally enjoy drawer opening sound and all these small details :)

I spent the best part of an hour, escaping from this room.
When I replayed (as you do) it took me three minutes.
That's what I love about great escape games!
Then I review the WT, and Andrea summed the game up perfectly!
But the video guy was all over the place. (:P

I still need hints! (not a walkthrough)
Hint on where to use the red key, or the clue to the 3X3 puzzle?

red key comes later, first count colours on a coloured cube


Excellent game! 5 Stars.
Needed help twice tbh.

got 2 glass eyes
yin and yan?
now animal puzzle yellow sheep? stuck

pop ..color flag bgyr


Totally buggy for me, too (I tried to reload several times) : a click triggers blinking views, black windows and so on.

and out ... easy one

LOL... my game is playing all by itself. I just get to sit here and watch!!

Excellent walkthrough Andrea.

@Andrea, first off, great walkthrough - and I really needed it!
Secondly, I love your Cooper's Hawk!!! You're a falconer, I presume. I'm a wildlife rehabber in VA, and we see a fair number of Coopers around here. In fact the last bird to go through mouse school in my flight pen was a Coopers! Falconers amaze me with the breadth and scope of knowledge; I bow to you!

Why does it end with a cop car? LOL

Thank you Andrea!

YW all, glad to help.
@zoz, thanks! And how cool you're a rehabber! To me rehab is a tough thing -- it must be hard to work with birds that are sick or broken. I've been doing this for 20 years, feel free to contact me on G+ if you have hawk questions or if you need to find a falconer in VA I can ask around.

Thank you @Andrea - really needed your WT!

How do u know it woukd b rabbit wokf elephant n then sheep..from where u got the squence?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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