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[REPLAY] Worldgate is the first episode of this point & click adventure type escape game series developed by William Buchanan for Wyloch's Armory. October 21, 1888: A scientific excavation discovers a perfectly spherical chamber fifty feet into the solid rock of the Wyoming mountains, filled with mysterious devices. Who made them? Are they safe? In any case, it's time to explore. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Escapism]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Played this one yesterday... GREAT GAME

Note: the thing that looks like a hole, is actually water ;)


Played it already, good game, I'll stay around in case somebody needs help.

to play using mouse - click blue button and choose mouse

Found a shirt, dynamite, whiskey, an odd metall rod and a purple gem - now stuck...

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 2:38 AM  

stuck with book, dynamite, whisky, lighter, shirt and wand

Found a shirt, dynamite, an odd metall rod, a purple gem, a lighter - now stuck...

@michael pichler: read the book on the table, there are good hints in it...

gem into ward - opened a gate...

@blom: have you got the purple gem? It is where the whiskey was...

Wow - I´m not allready out - but this game is amazing!!!
(Remembers me a bit to the "Myst"-Series...)

And out!
Definitly one of the best browser-games I´ve ever played!
I hope there will be a sequel!!!!

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 3:01 AM  

yes i have purple gem and i am now in the second room after using the dynamite. Have battery now, looking for a place to charge

remember the first place (you needed to light the cave before entering...)

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 3:18 AM  

battery charged now, thank you, but what now?

And out, that was a really great game !!!
Blom use battery with water repulsion device

Excellent. Had to peek at the walkthrough as it never occurred to me to steal part of the water repulsion device.

Brilliant graphics, great story and puzzles - top marks

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 3:37 AM  

thank you, im out, but i have not the slightest idea what is was all about.

Just played the game and this was awesome!

1 * - not working: freezes in first frame. Rubbish.

Guruone seems to me like a mysterious escaper at this site ...always come , do single comment & goes off ...

I hope someone posts a walkthrough cause I'm getting stuck...what's the water repulsion device?

Granny recipe, after you used dynamite, you're in a new room. on your left, there is water and a device above that you need to plug. drain water, take the object there then unplug water device and take it.

m stuck with the keyplate pattern, cant seem to get the right combo...anyone?

Found water repulsion (at place where you put fuse) now what to do with it?

Dr A, look at the angles in the box in the hall but set the angles in the new room as if you where looking at the pattern from behind...hope that makes sense.

I have the repulsion device, charged battery, whiskey (still corked) lighter and shirt....what do I do ??? LOL

thnx granny that worked out...

AH HA, pour whisky on shirt stick it in red pipe device and light!

Put battery in repulsion device

used repulsion device on pool of water next to outdoor shed

I am not out and if anyone is here could use help. have pick and chunk of green gem but now what?

Use pick axe from pool and use it on big green gem, put gem in device with symbols, melted water with lighter.

Finally let me pour the whiskey, I tried several times. Out.

After the water is melted take device and put it in cave machine, back out and the game concludes.

Have shirt, lighter, leyden jars, dynamite and journal. Lit the oil lamp.....don't know what to do next.

duh .. i have really worked very hard walking in and out for just one cell...lol...thnx guys to help me walkthru..

If I could find the rod..perhaps I could make a torch?

Ahh...getting somewhere now. Forgot to go back to the pedestal.

Hi where is battery please ??

This game was excellent!!! Love the graphics and puzzles. Very nice indeed. Just when I thought I was out, there was more to do - love that!!!
Would love to see many more of these!!

Where is the wishkey please?

If you encounter bugs or have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know (see e-mail in the Information section). I'm still trying to perfect the engine.

-Bill (Wyloch)

For those who are stuck, there is a very good walkthrough which can be accessed by clicking the tab at the top of the game which says 'walkthrough'

Best browser escape EVER! I hope there will be more!

where is whisky please ?

very nice one!!!!

whisky in the first gate room

@Bill: you made a wonderful game... I love it and can't await part 2
thank you very much!

(...and please don't let us wait too long for the sequel ;-)

Whisky was on top of the "ornate cabinet) where the round portal is

The 'ornate cabinet' is where you find the purple gem..

Beautifully crafted. Kind of reminds me of Myst.

Almost done, but I cannot locate the pick axe in the pool with the water repulsion device. Any clues to what I'm doing wrong? I have got to finish this game!

NVM, I always find it after I post....lol I didn't attach the battery.

great game

Ah, the whiskey bottle! Thought that was an electrical cord going into the box with the gems. Missing a small clickable item always gets me when playing on the HDTV...

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 7:58 AM  

I don't know what to do with the chunk of the green cristal...

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 8:03 AM  

Ah ah ! Whiskey on shirt !

It's really a very great game and I agree with Michael Pichler : it reminds me a little of Myst games.

I search again and again but can't find battery! Please help!

of course, I write message and found what I was looking for...

Oh my gosh Bill... more more more! Loved this one! Like someone mentioned earlier, it reminded me of the Myst series which I read and played and loved too.

Can NOT wait for the next adventure!

i opened the door but i don't know how to charge battery.

thanks alls for help :) excellent game I like it !

I want more!

idk what im doing .i hav only book & lighter now ..im in another world ...& there is big green crystal ..

i used whisky ,shirt ,fuse ,some device ,wand ,purple gem .,dynamite ...

now stuck wht to do next ?

now hav repulsion device ..

raasti if you find how to charge battery, please tell me cause i'm stuck.

@ fan i dont hav any battery ..how to get out from that alien world ..im completely lost ..

Nice game...I hope we weren't supposed to save the game once we placed the red/blue item? :/

raasti you have a panel with circles and angles, do the circles correspond with angles from the first stage (don't forget it's inside out).

There's a walkthrough available right on the game page.

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 8:57 AM  

One (if not THE most beautiful) games, I have ever seen and played! My compliments to the artist, who created it!
The graphics - the plot - the difficulty - the hints - they are all so perfect! :-)
Thank you very much!
Unfortunately my Adobe Flash Plugin crashed and I had to restart the computer, but now I will start again and hopefully finish the game.

thanks Bill

where is that pannel ?

needed help but an excellant game

ok got that pannel ..now trying to adjust it ...

Very good game even if i had some difficulties... An other adventure is required.

im quiting b/c now i read the whole walkthru ,so im not enjoying game now

Can't wait for the next one.

5 stars + !

Loved this game - looking forward to the sequel.
Thanks Bill!!

Wow!!, what a great game!

The graphics were fantastic, I look forward to the rest of this with glee.

The only gripe I had was that I accidentally 'examined' things when I wanted to use them.

5 Stars from me Mr Buchanan :o)

Lol, hello annaby :o)

great game....really enjoyed playing it and the graphics were wonderful....can hardly wait for the next chapter

5 Stars++ Reminds me of Myst too. Love everything about it. Can't wait for the rest.

max stars!

@Bill - thanks for the link - going to play now!!

Hi @Rambler :)

not my type of game will pass and never heard of myst

Thank You Bill!!!! Very nice game, I enjoyed it immensely!

This was really a good game. Nice graphics and puzzles were fun.
Hopefully there is a next episode and that it is as good (or better) as this one. :D
10+ for the maker(s).

very nice game...can't wait for the sequels!

WOW! This is a real "escape game" with nice graphics! Near of Myst world indeed!

Good graphics and puzzles.
I am waiting for the sequence

       Anonymous  11/7/12, 8:07 AM  

I have played the game again - it is SO nice - so beautiful!
I cannot wait for the next one to come :-)

very nice and logical game!

       Anonymous  11/7/12, 10:05 AM  

Wonderful game, well done and just perfectly logical, thanks Bill(Wyloch)!

I had a heck of a time with the mirroring on the wall plate,. I had already fiddled with the movement so the walkthrough was of no help (click once, etc.) You should post the 12,3,6,9 position of the 4 dials in the WT.

Very nice game!

Incredible game - the most beautiful graphics - just as Riven and the Myst games

Bill - thank you so much for giving us that game

If you're still keeping track @Bill Thanks a lot!!!
It is a really beautiful and interesting game...
Looking forward to the next ones...

Thx all. I just decided to abandon my current project and instead start work on Worldgate 2, as a result of this comment thread.


Wow , what a great game, can't wait for the sequel, thanks Bill.

       Anonymous  11/10/12, 6:21 PM  

I was out with no help. Fantastic game!

caught the 2nd part of «The Freewill Cycle» & decided to play all games of this dev

thx for all your awesome creations, William ☺

could not have completed game without the walkthrough

Won't load for me - no start button or screen - what am I supposed to see if its working?

       Anonymous  9/14/18, 8:52 AM  

just checked - loaded fine for me in FF, but unfortunately not in Chrome (anymore)... :-/

therefore, added alternative link - see if this one works for you...

it magically loaded at last! and I'm off

I looked at the book once but when I try to look at it again I can't find a way to 'examine' it.

       Anonymous  9/14/18, 9:30 AM  

played this already a while ago, but IIRC, there's a magnifier icon on the item in inventory to make about item

don't know how to open the game

       Anonymous  9/14/18, 11:16 AM  

it should load automatically...
have you also tried the alternativ link?

Tried both but no luck. I can play Worldgate 2

I can open Worldgate 2 but missing the arrows on either side to change views

       Anonymous  9/14/18, 11:27 AM  

that's strange mommyb
which browser are you using?
can open game from alternative link in FF & Chrome
the first link only works in FF for me
feel free to contact me personally (click my nick for my email address) to look a bit deeper at your issue...

navigation w/o a map is a mess, also I don´t like those photorealistic kind of games

There is a bottle of whiskey on top of the box next to the portal with the gems inside.

Excellent, logical, and the only thing that wasn't obvious to me was that bottle of whiskey on top of the gem box. The lights are not used. Off to play episode 2.

LOL, my comment from 2012 was also not seeing the whiskey bottle. Consistent! A rare 5 star game!

Wow.. I remember this one! Very good game! Pretty short though.

For keyplate, hold cellphone to screen. You'll see the mirror image required.

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 9:56 AM  

updated link - should work also in Chrome now

You can use a mirror to "mirror" the keyplate, too...

excellent game! thank you!

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