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Aspen Secret Walkthrough

Aspen Secret

Aspen Secret is a new point and click adventure game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and Yizzim! A new mission has arrived for Super Sneaky Spy Guy! You are heading to Aspen to search for an extremely expensive secret treasure! Search around for clues, items and sneaky puzzles to find the secret! Good luck and have fun!

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TY @SD!!!

Map is in screen to the left of opening
Marble is in hot tub in first screen

another marble in tree in U
Marble box in T

Marble in Q, R...now there should be one in T....
Yep..there it is in the tree!

Thanks Selfdefiant !!

Hi all, pink gem in christmas tree in U.


Orange gem in hole of billard table.

I cant find the marble box in T

Silver key in box in M.

yay live GAME!

Marble box is on the bench under snow.

Where do you use blue key?

hello everyone! :)
yellow gem under the pillow in H

Yellow gem under pillow in H

Thanks Zazie.


Blue key (which i don´t have) is used to open P

blue key is for room P

go up from room E and you end up outisde in the hot tub!

Purple gem in tissue box in B

water bottle in A

Just missing red gem, and I think last switch

hint to last marble? feel like an idiot lol

SD in G

nevermind lol in tree where box is

Where is blue key ?

Red gem in H

In marble box

Searching in H... finding nothing. I found a gem in there earlier, but I dont think it was Red

Where to use remote, which was found in B?

Use SD in marble box for blue key

Thx Matt, finally :)

use SD on marble box for blue key

i cant figure out the 5 color code in P..dont understand the hint given below

And thx Zoe !

ha ha ha - where there is a remote, there are two fake ones! lol! One is cardboard and one is 'something completely different'

Cute, SD!!

Don't use the up arrow in E. There's no room on the map and it takes you back to the hot
tub. Then you have to go back through the house. :-p

I need a gold key and a white one...

@notty Count Purple as the first color...1,2,3, etc

Where's the hint for the purple buttons in P?

3 digit help? room F

Hotspot on upper left of tapestry (above fireplace) but nothing happens.

well, there's a hint below, but what does it mean???

in H there was the red gem on that wall carpet (or what it is...)

@Zoe on same bed

Sam - press the four corners of that tapestry, not just one...

haha must have done smth wrong earlier..thnx matt! have a white key now :)

White key from color code in P.

Oh, you have to click all 4 corners of tapestry for red gem. lol

Zazie - hint in what the 42345 means?

Gold key from drawer in F after using remote on TV.

green gem in plant in F (use water bottle on it).

help for room F

And Out

what about the math question on tv in F?

zazie never been good at math help please!

Each answer gives you one digit

Anagram the authors name in O for box in N

I don't understand the hint for the purple buttons in P.

"@notty Count Purple as the first color...1,2,3, etc"

i don't get this...I know, I know, dummy me!!

@Zoe each number corresponds to a color

Dawna it is SPOI397LER

Zoe, when puple = 1, so 2 is the next color.

Purple=1, etc...

zoe, purple is 1, when you click on a button it is '2', click again '3', and so on.

zoe start at purple and thats 1 then so on

thank you Zazie!

Yay - got it! Thanks!

Where is safe ? Maybe i am missing a switch ?
Found switches in KPGBO


Now my Friday is complete!!
Thanks Selfdefiant!

Now I want to go skiing.

Zazie - same as you. Can't find the last switch.

I wonder what happened in the bathroom in F!


switches are K,B,G,P,F,O

anyone find the sneaky coin yet?

Lol 1054ce, so we will spend the evening in this house :)

Thx Notty !!! The switch in F was well hidden and so obvious as well, sneaky Selfdefiant ;)

got out without sneaky coin and 49 coins..truly sneaky game lol :)

No sneaky coin this time...

At least i have found 50 coins.

No sneaky coin.

no sneaky coin but im out took me forever to figure out where the res gem was lol! Great game Self Defiant!!! wish there was one everyday!

:) out with 50, missed the switch in K over and over...

Please help-me, I can't get box in M, the code isn't work for me!!!

oo do you mean the box in N ?

oo - look at the stairs

Have to go now, i wish you all a great day/evening...

Wish I could join you all but have to go and make dinner for the hungry hordes...

I've clicked every corner of the tapestry and nothing happens

Same here David. Must be an oversight by SD, he normally corrects them pretty quickly though....

David - not quite the corners. Look for the hot spots for the four darker squares near the corners of it

for the tapestry just search for a hotspot around the four light squares on the tapestry..

And same here too David

I am locked the stairs but the color code not work!
@zazie no its a box in M.

This comment has been removed by the author.

sorry look and no locked.

Hey SD, I want to wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year!!!
Thanks for all the fun playing your games.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey SD, I want to wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year!!!
Thanks for all the fun playing your games.

Can someone give me the colors of Room P ?

The red gem is in I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm get box!
The middle color is red and no orange!
Thanks all to helped-me!

Colors in P:
Yellow, Green, Orange Yellow, Red

the box

Zazie and for room P please ?

Thanks Zazie !

Where is the hint for gem order?

I mean Zoe.

I found it. Didn't read the whole thing earlier.

All the comments saying the red gem is in H are wrong, it is in I. Click the tapestry above the fireplace (you have to click in four different spots).

Thanks BigJohn.

where is the safe

Fixed the arrow that leads to the hot tub and added the Sneaky coin, thanks!!!

can't find safe... great game, SD.

safe is in A

thanks nikki.

To anyone playing still, the red gem is not in H as mentioned earlier, but in I.You have to see which corner of the tapestry is active, and click that, then the next one that becomes clickable and so on.

SD,i wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year.

please where is order colors to place gems?

o no, I forgot which switches I had turned and which ones not, so now I can't seem to get the lock...

Gem order anyone?

POP poster in O for gem order

thanks Orit missed that

Many thanks for all your efforts over 2012 SD, Have a very Happy Christmas and an equally productive 2013!

Is anybody still there?

Where is the safe?

Am I alone here????

Nearly out with LOTS of help from you all, particularly the colours on the bed (I still don't understand that one!) and the math but can't find orange gem to slot into it's place.

Blackbush - the safe is in A, right in the top left corner of the map

I need orange and yellow gems

anybody still there? Please help with orange and yellow gem

just came back in from blowing snow, my yard looks like this game today.
I am going in now.

Orange gem is in pocket of pool table in first room in house.

Got it

@ evans - I've just seen the comment at the beginning about the billiard table! Thanks anyway!

sneaky coin is in K, left of switch on hutch part of china cabinet.

I am missing a switch, I have 5 is there 6?

Good Evening to all.
Going in

Pierpor did you find yellow gem? I am out. It is under a pillow in room H if you are still looking. You have to click the pillow a couple of times.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Big J - It's the lights on the stairs in J

thanks tring..stuck again used silver key got screwdriver flipped switch in room..now no where to go no keys.

Im out - nice game, sd, thank you

got 5 gems...screwdriver...water bottle..cant find a place to use any of them!

Big J, the water goes in a flower pot at at a wall - giuves the green gem
Screwdriver use is describes in nottypomy's comment of 9:18 (marble box)

When you're looking for black marbles (I love them by the way), EVERYTHING looks like a black marble!
Thanks SD for another entertaining game.xx

use bottle water in F
use screwdriver in marble box in T

seb...thanks a lot..ive been running around in circles

ive read the clue for colours on bed in earlier posts..i still dont get it..how do u know which colour represents which number?

i forgot to mention the colours on bed in P

got it...wheeee

The gems order is:
from the poster clue in O. Thanks Orit ;-)

Thanks for your help. 50 coins and the sneaky devil of a coin too!

where is the blue gem?..

This comment has been removed by the author.


Very nice Christmas game. Have joyful holidays and a happy new year, everyone.

Thank you all for all your help and to the Master Game Maker and his family who shares him with us, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you!

Awesome game. Thanks a lot. I love your games SD. Its always a "yay" moment when I see a new one. What a talent you have to give joy to so many people! Thank you again and all the best for 2013 (and lots more games)

I still can't find the blue gem or the 6th switch.

blue gem in N in box with anagram, hint in O
switches in KBGPFO

thanks SD - a birthday & christmas treat all rolled into one : )

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you x

Thank you again, Self-Defiant, for a great game! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!!

@all EG24'ers...Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!

One thing I hate, and I don't even know if there is anything that would help is... I can't find the last marble, and after looking for 30 minutes, I can't remember where I got the ones I did find. So now the couple of comments above about where the marbles are doesn't help much.
So frustrating.
But thank you SD and Happy Holidays!

where is the switch in f and what to do about the bad smell?

found it, I swear I loocked there a zillion times :)

The tapestry has consecutive hot spots. You have to keep searching around it and press each one for the Red gem.

Thanks, Self-Defiant for all the fun in 2012 and keep on the good job!
Merry Christmass and a very happy New Year!
All the best to the players!
With love, from Greece.

Merry Christmas, SD!!

there is a chatbox for wishes and private talking plz ppl, gotta read over than 160 comments for few hints.many thanks for hints

It's Christmas, for goodness sakes! Every single game on this site has people wishing each other good wishes!!!

Cant get the color code box in M with clue on stairs...i've tried so many combos it wont open..plz help :)

clue for M. red ,green,red, yellow, green

cant get the letter code from box N! help me please...

This comment has been removed by the author.

This game really got to me. It really frustrated me i mean. it was really good. I juts couldn't understand the box with the purple circles and the comments didn't really help. Sadly i had to quit so i wouldn't throw my computer.

Please stop putting your coins in the right hand corner. There is always an ad posted in the same place every game.
Thank you



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