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Cartoon Room Escape Walkthrough

Cartoon Room Escape

SmileClicker - Cartoon Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Smile Clicker. Enter into the house by solving the puzzle in the main door. Collect all the balls and apply in the pot to get the main ball. use the main ball to get the main key for escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Now this has to be easier Pretty please???

Hopefully no flashing indicators or stuck drawers in this!

entered house have ball with hook

I'm out - fun little game

have white ball from colour puzzle on stove

I doubt anyone will need help but I'll stick around

second ball and strange stick

LOL button order here is not bugged Momma

strange stick goes in snake vase - took me a while to find that¬

Getting there and only missing 3 balls (no jokes TY)

7:43 - I was slow :-)

so far four white balls one strange stick ball with hook can see another ball with hook but can't take it

used ball with hook and got another white ball

now only 1 ball (even less jokes please...)

Can't find the right pixel in by the chimney!

Neither can I Momma

At least the drawer worked :)

Aaaah dont go chimney go window to the left of it...

there's a sneaky ball - top leftish of back wall I think. chimney bit is the last move

Out LOL chimney is for last ball from the ball vase...

Yep LNS right of chimney and high on wall a brick

Nope, can't find that pixel either

aah, got it :) Thanks LNS

Momma go see last comments in garage game the reason why our button pushing didnt work is well explained so no bug...


Now why can't people just tell you that it is a weird way of pushing buttons instead of just letting us suffer like that?

LOL I play riddles I should have thought of it

nice no one has even left tip wat to do to get in like puzzle on door,not one comment here that helps on that part.i thought it was count the squares on the square pattern on door i make it 8 but nope

dam it cant count was 9 missed one in the middle

missing 2 balls grrr i feel like ive clicked every where

I'm missing one.
Can't zoom in on that door with the red blocks.
Can zoom in on chimney but there's nothing there.

ok have 1 left and no hot spots left

Same here shaz.
door and chimney are the only hotspots left.

Ah finally got it

You have to see the button code before you can open the door with the buttons.


it ok got it and out

together we're unbeatable shaz :D

way to go Shaz...figure out the code for the drawer and do what everyone else did...not leave any hint!!

i'm stuck at last ball...can't open the drawer with red buttons...don't know where code is and feel like i've clicked everywhere

Code is over the door Pats

hmm... the drawer is activated after you zoomed at the hint, yes... but this hint wasn't the solution of my drawer... I had to bruteforce it...
but finally I'm out...
and @Pats, I agree (your first comment)...

I figured out the cupboard buttons by brute force. Couldn't see how they related to the clue above the door.

BTW - Tab works!


Funny...i clicked above the door dozens of times and that hint was not there until the third time i zoomed out...

Hint solution:

Count blocks of code above door, then press the appropriate buttons on cupboard (ie. there are 5 blocks in first column above door so click the fith button on cupboard and so on and so forth)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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