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Christmas Noel Escape Walkthrough

Christmas Noel Escape

[REPLAY] EG24 - Christmas Noel Escape is another Christmas themed point and click room escape game from Escape Games 24. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Christmas Noel Escape Walkthrough

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Hello - anyone playing?

where's the start button?

here we go

Click play, not more games, philo.

Colour clue from reindeer and antlers.

At last - Santa's getting dressed!

Got scissors from cabinet with numbers. Combinied number of ornaments with color order from banner.


Got pants from color clue, cut cloth off of wreath.

hammer and wood go nowhere

boots from sack with scissors.

ahhh built a ladder

Bells has something to do with size and number of bells... where is hammer?

I'm not sure I can stomach a naked Santa

in number drawer

bells L-S will open that

still looking for clue to button box by door

I tried that with bells. 3241 not working

wait, I think 3241 opened the box with the scissors, not what I did above. What opens number box in scene with bells?

I can't remember how I opened that drawer now. Damn I'm old

I think the # of ornaments in the order of the colors on the banner open that one....I think

Put the ladder on the shelf with gifts and candles for yellow box.

@mrtelcom: 3243 was for hammer

LOL, thanks Janie. I used that number on other box, and since last number was only one different, it threw me off.

Yes, Just Janie is right - ornaments on the tree.

Put ribbon on yellow package.

put in rope for key.

Have I missed the hints for the box under the reindeer?

Put shirt on santa. need to open box in opening scene, candles not helping.

now I'm lost

What about the hotspots on the table?

my ladder is a dud....won't go anywhere

Clodagh - I think we are all stuck on that box. Need string to make hat with stuff on table.

@Clodagh, I'm assuming the item in the drawer in the first scene is a pattern for the white and red fabric to make Santa's hat.

I can't find a clue for the button box

I tried every possible clue for drawer, but none is right

Anything to do with the string of coloured lights above Santa?

I think it is combining candle order with something else like bells, or letters on banner, or antlers, or, etc. etc. too many options.

Or presents with order of colors on banners, etc... I can conjecture all night.

I tried every possible combination using 4 buttons, each clicked once. If I didn't forget some combination, then there is more than just 4 clicks

well, at least Santa's man boobs are covered up now

Wow, I'm stumped

LMAO Urban, that is encouraging. Maybe we do have to use the lightbulbs. Or, possible that you don't touch each button, ie, 1232

I'm trying combinations of the colours of the presents under the tree and the coloured lights - multiple clicks of each button - no joy yet.

tried the lights, candles, presents,etc....

Ascribing numbers of bulbs to colours and then using the colours of the presents and their ribbons - adding, clicking, slowly going mad...!

Maybe we were supposed to make Santa and mansierre before we put his shirt on.

Maybe we have to combine the bells size, with the candle order, with the presents color, with the banner order, with the antler numbers.

Still got the scissors - have I missed something else or are they for the string we need from the button box?

mrtelcom - I think you must be cracking up!

       Anonymous  12/25/12, 9:37 AM  

There are several clues in this game, but none of them works.

pdgph's comment sums it up - going now!

       Anonymous  12/25/12, 9:46 AM  

Finally built a ladder (without nails...) and got a useless yellow parcel.
As far as I can understand the game, Santa is so desperate that he's going to commit suicide (a noose and a stool !). I'm wondering also about the... hotspot on him...

Pdgph, I think the hotspot on him is just so we can dress him.

Isn't he old enough to dress himself!!!1

Where is the clue for the buttons in the first scene?

have to come back later....this made my headache worse

That's what everyone is asking Jennifer

       Anonymous  12/25/12, 9:56 AM  


Yes, I do think so ! (-:

Well, I'm giving up anyway : except the antlers of the reindeers, nothing works (trying to use the colours on the banneer, on the firtree, the colours of the presents, the number of bells and so on). IMHO, the whole game is quite pointless.

if santa will commit suicide,i bet he has a gun behind that green...thing!:P

can't figure out the button box in the first room

Got Santa some pants wahoo!

No-one can Hicks, welcome to the club!!

Where do you get a shirt from?

I think it was the cupboard jojo

Oh! not his shirt it was his coat, just took a lot of clicking to get on! Thanks tho.

Thanks Belgarion, I play these all the time but don't usually post. This ones just ticking me off....lol

Button box pissing me off, tried everything also has anyone made anything from the cloth?

this is the code for the color box count the stems reindeer an d see the colors of the noses.

No jojo, I think we need something from button box to make santas hat.

Had no prob with teh color combo, just clicked around until it opened LOL! Counted antlers and other stuff no joy!

Please help-me with the buttons code!!
i can't get it!!!

I think we need to make his hat but again that will come from box we need to click on???

Don't think anyone can oo!

mir fehlt noch das aus 1. szene für hut machen,hat da einer schon die kombi ?

Nein Marita, leider hat niemand.

@Marita please speak english!

hmm ich verscuhte es mit den glocken mit den lampen über santa und den rentierennasen aber nichts paßt auch nciht mehrfach klicken ,hmm,hab leider auch deine hilfeseite im netz gefunden

@marita and @clodagh this is an english site, please speak english!!!!

Marita was just asking what we all are trying to find out - the combination for that wretched clicky box! Perhaps there is no answer...

sorry but I translate German, then only with translator

hmm i tried it with the bell with the lamps on santa and reindeer noses but nothing fits nciht repeatedly click, hmm, I unfortunately also help your website found on the net

Thanks! Please help-me with the buttons code!

Where is the clue for the number code of the cupboard?

Oo - you'll find clues for everything else in previous postings, but no-one has yet managed to find the buttons code - perhaps you could be the one to do it!

Thanks but for me the buttons code don't work!!!

       Anonymous  12/25/12, 11:57 AM  

thanks self defiant its xmas not april fools :)no answer to button box

       Anonymous  12/25/12, 12:11 PM  

sorry eg24 my mistake

@pheatherXS selfdefiant??? this is not a selfdefiant game!!!

@pheatherXS delete your comment.

AARRGG!!! cant get the cupboard for the scissors!

The candles are working for the button box...

hi sasbabe... could you explain this a bit... I tried all possible ways... please, tell how you did it...

The 4 candles next to the christmas tree, lowest to highest. Maybe they fixed a bug and you have to refresh!?

and I was reading through the comments... the others tried as painful as me... I was also trying the lights, combining stuff, and so on...
please share sasbabe...

I tried from lowest to highest and the other way... combined with bells and other stuff... nothing works... maybe you are right and it was a bug...
thanks anyhow :)

Tried once more and it worked, so it is

Merry Christmas all!

yes... it really was a bug!!! it would have been nice they informed us about it instead of letting us driving nuts...
thanks sasbabe!

I'm tired now... I don't play it again... only checked if it works...
Merry Christmas

For those trying for the first time and can't get the button box to work, refresh and usually it will work. bells are the hint

For scissors:

Thanks @sasbabe.

Buttons code work now!

And out!
I am make a video walkthrough and i am post it now.

I think EG24 must have read our desperate posts and taken pity on us and mended the bug - did the game again in about 3 minutes this time!

You need refresh and put the right code on the buttons on first time to work.

There's a glitch in the game - you have to reload the game in order to get the button box to work. It's the order of the candles from shortest to longest.

The bug has not been fixed. You have to play and then reload before the button box works. Annoying.

Do you think it has anything to do with the colours of the lights above santa? I've tried every combination I could think of but can't get it.

Maybe the colours of the banner above the button box gives the colour of the button???

I'm stumped though

Thanks for letting us know about the bug. Developer of this game fixed the bug and it should work fine now.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year for all you ;-)

Finally came back to this game to complete it and glad to see it was a bug. My solution for the button box was 1324 (candles short-tall)

I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works. Even after refreshing. And unfortunately this isn't the first time I've had a problem with these games :( Giving this a miss, I think. Sad because it was cute!

The box by the door is 1324

I used to love these games, now they are frustrating with clues nearly impossible to figure out. Hoping they improve!

clue for box with balck dots are the red candles order, on the shelf

got button box you have to press the buttons this way 1324 in the number order but then made hat cant get it on santa also cant figure out the other # cabnets need the #s please.

im sorry im new here how did you find santas shirt...and what is the color box code

i got it now
So how to break the code of color

color code for antlers is......Red, Orange,Yellow,Green.... so people dont be to antsy....just tell the dam thing so we can win the game.

Box under reinder: Candles next to snowman from short to long (click 1st then 3rd then 2nd then 4th)

Cupboard: bells large to small (3241)

Number box: number of each color of tree ornaments - color order is christmas banner over door: GROB=3243

color box: reindeer in order of # of branches on antlers (ROYG) - top to bottom

thread and needle - make hat from stuff on table

scissors - cut hole in sack for boots, use on wreath for bow

Hammer - use on wood to make ladder

Use ladder on shelf to get box

Put bow on box and place in rope for key

Dress Santa - pants, boots, jacket, then hat


1324 is the order for the clicky box

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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