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Color Pencil Room Escape Walkthrough

Color Pencil Room Escape

Sanpoman - Color Pencil Room Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Sanpoman. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Color Pencil Room Escape

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I find these challenging but giving it a shot.

anyone playing?

I have lots of pencils, can't find a use for red stubby one, or card for slot on side of man.

Just have a bunch of pencils and a pencil container.


Hi evans - if you are still around :-)

razor cuts blue pencil from picture frame

still here, Hi MissBrasil I have nine pencils at the bottom and case and stubby red pencil and cutter and nothing else to do

also got a box cutter and a blue pencil that needed to be sharpened. In fact, got all the pencils sharpened at once.

tommy: Where is the pencil container?
I have 8 long pencils and the short red one, a colorful word, a box with 2 pencils, a knife used to cut the light blue pencil.

look carefully at the medium drawer

turned on light switch at door, code for one of the green drawers is on the lamp to the left of the picture with the two blue pencils

card with colored writing seems to order for something, still stuck

Thanks jojo, stuck red pencil in tube and filled case. made a picture somehow and stuck again.

look carefully at the frame of both paintings...


This comment has been removed by the author.

congrats, evans

I'm stuck with the complete box, card and box cutter.

is everyone out now?

zoom in on little guy in corner and try to use pencil box on him. I think that is how I made a picture

Where did you draw?

I was in front of little pencil man. paper just appeared when I took out pencil box or tried to use it on him.

hmm clicking like mad but it is not working @ evans :(

sorry, can't remember exactly where I was, you may have to try zoomed out or at little table, I just suddenly ended up in front of pencil guy and picture happened automatically

aha! you have to select the card from the inventory while standing in front of the little red pencil guy. Then the paper that evans is talking about appears :-)

once you have your picture put it in the frame with words on and use box cutter to get card from under it.

View colorful paper, click like mad on it with knife selected and I think that is how letters showed up and when you click on the bottom left word the paper shows up and you draw.

and out! finally

congrats Miss Brasil! I'm outta here!

View colorful paper, click like mad on it with knife selected and I think that is how letters showed up and when you click on the bottom left word the paper shows up and you draw.

thx, I guess everyone else can make it as well so good night!

None of your tips worked for me .... ;-(
Please stay MissBrasil :-D

       Anonymous  12/7/12, 8:43 PM  

looks like there is one more pencil judging by gap between blue and purple but I sure can't find it anywhere :(

madmanusa: look for dark blue pencil in a corner

       Anonymous  12/7/12, 8:47 PM  

got it thanx! now i have all nine but how do you put them into the case?

I have the picture, cutter and colored paper. What's left?

Madmanusa, I think you just open the case and click on it or something. As long as you have all of the pencils, it happens pretty easily. You can't put any in if you're missing one though.

madmanusa: I*m stuck as you are. Seems you have to put the nine pencils in the box, then click on the colourful paper with the knife and you'll get a paper from the little red guy. But it doesn't work for me.

Ah--I can't believe I hadn't tried that yet. Where would you put a picture?! Out now. Anyone need help?

       Anonymous  12/7/12, 8:55 PM  

ahh figured it out. the first pencil is white/bashish. there are ten pencils. rest was easy out finally :P

Gail: yes please. Started again, but can't put the nine pencils in box etc.

madmanusa: the white pencil in the box or what?

madmanusa - I'm stuck with 9 pencils that won't go into the case either, where is this white pencil?

Alexander, the white pencil under the switch near the door

Missing 6th pencil between yellow and green. Any hints?

       Anonymous  12/7/12, 9:10 PM  

There's a pencil on the floor, near the door.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  12/7/12, 9:11 PM  

There's a pencil on the floor, near the door.

0c727998-b87e-11e1-979c-000bcdca4d7a thank you!!!

clepsydrae: my new glasses come next week - I can't find the white pencil under the switch :-/
CC: the colour is light green, forgot wherefrom

I think light green came from the picture frame with the pencils

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ... thanks 00(c)7 ;-D

Found it Andrea!!! Thanks!

Out at last ... thanks for the hints ;-D

I'm stuck, I can't cut out the light blue pencil, what's the trick??

       Anonymous  12/7/12, 11:28 PM  

What an adorable game! Thank you for all of your hints!

Ive made sure the blade is extended on the knife, but still cant cut out blue pencil. Is there something i needed to have done first?

The blue pencil is on the floor by the green chest of drawers. I was stuck for ages trying to cut it out too!

well i am stuck with you clio can not get the blue pencil from the picture

ah ty i found it now minx behind the big green pencil with the drawers in. missing one pencil between the yellow and dark green

ok out now lovely game

thank you so much, minxi.

You're welcome clio!!

Hmmm. Can't seem to get red pencil into tube...
Is there something you have to do first? (what I mean by "tube" is the thing 1st column, 2nd row in inventory)

BLAHHH! It worksbut ... you have to select red pencil, then tube! Don't select tube and try to get the red pencil in! (though most logical approach IMHO)

Now missing 7th pencil between light green and light blue.
(probably dark green)

YES! it was in the plant, which I had lifted! (However, you need to keep the plant where it is to find the dark green one!)

Where is the cutter, please?

The lights were on both sides of the room!!! LOL I was wondering why nothing happened with the switch! LOL

That was a very tricky middle drawer....All I could do was open and close for ages....I think the left opened side gave another view!

If you pick up the color pencil container first and open it, you'll see there're white and black inside, but the rest (total of 10) are missing.

Light green
Dark green
Light blue
Dark blue

Turn on the lights to find hints in opening 3 digit drawer. Red pencil needs supporter found in one of the drawers.

With a complete set of color pencils, click on the sketchbook (black card thingy) to draw Color Pencil. After that, put the drawing on the frame with text.

Sometimes, you might need to do an extra move depending on the drawing result. Hint in getting the key is found on the sketchbook cover.

nice game!

I almost gave up...but found my last pencil on the ledge behind the table and chairs! Hidden in plain sight! LOL

Can anyone give me a clue to where the light green pencil is please?

nvm lol found it ........

There was a confusing post early on about getting a pencil from pencil pic with the cutter.....It turns out that the cutter is not needed, you only have to find the spot at bottom of frame and click it to get it!

Well Done, on the WT!!! @ Shunko Kuda! Thanks!

Location of Light Green Pencil, anyone please?

Light Green Pencil is at the bottom right of the picture frame. You should be able to see a Green dot where it is hidden.

This is retarded!

I stand in front of the red dude, look at the black card, click on it (with or without the coloured pencils selected), see text. Yay. Nothing happens. No drawing magically starts. I tried replying the game. I have all the pencils.

What's going on?

The text is asking you if you want to draw...I am assuming, and I clicked the left choice for YES!

Clicking light switch - view goes to light - but I don't see a 3 digit code??? Anyone still playing? Spoiler for code please.


finding a place for my picture was very hard,really :))))))))

Thank-you, nokra!!!! Thank-you so so much!

Great hiding... very challenging. I like the use of hexagons in the design of the chairs and tables and stepping stones, the cross section of a pencil. Though goodness knows why we must collect the whole set when our drawing only uses four colours at best...

Great hiding... very challenging. I like the use of hexagons in the design of the chairs and tables and stepping stones, the cross section of a pencil. Though goodness knows why we must collect the whole set when our drawing only uses four colours at best...

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