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Sometimes Sunny 6: Reverse Walkthrough

Sometimes Sunny 6: Reverse

[REPLAY] Sometimes Sunny 6: Reverse is another Japanese point & click room escape developed by Haretoki. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room with apparently no door...! Your aim is now to locate the exit and then escape from the location by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter on your way out. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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a lots of safes in the room...
Progress: underground room

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:10 AM  

Got a yellow and a white gear wheel, which have different sides, and go in various places. Also a battery from a 'thing' in the floor, and a clue (can;t remember where I got it!) which gives a number clue when used in the table-top device with the battery. Assume for the four number box.. on I go.
Oooh. Another yellow 'thing' LOL

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:11 AM  

Looks like the end of a key..

I am stuck with YG paper, wrench and two purple tiles, need two more.

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:12 AM  

Hmmm - yellow key goes with the yellow gear on to a machine - opens a box with another clue. How did you get into another room??

Opened a chest and got a yoellow part...

Got the below two doors of cb open (downstairs) The YG paper is the hint for the left one.

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:16 AM  

Hmm - the yellow gear on the other machine got me the silver key that was hanging from the ceiling.


       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:17 AM  

And that opened the door by the faucet. Onward and downwards!

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:19 AM  

I see that all-important SSD - but how to get it? Stuck with white gear and box clue which i already used.

got a wrench

Opened the left upper cb. look at the number parts in the big case right of the thing you have to push and apply the hint on numbers of left cb.

What is SSD ?

Got heart club and spade missing diamond

White gear goes left of where SD is. But you need something grey to connect wheel first (i forgot where i got it)

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:23 AM  

The purple club tile obviously relates to the picture on the wall, but i can't seem to do anything there.

stuck with the 4 code in the underground room...

Can someone please tell me where to apply the yellow/green hint on and how?

*4-digit code

the thicker color means you need to press that color button twice

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:27 AM  

Sorry, SSD should be SD for screwdriver!

Got gold key from 4 card signs in the box downstairs, hint is pic on wall upstairs.

Sarah, it is for the cb downstairs with 2 buttons (yellow green) The stripes on paper are small and big, this is the hint.

Thanks guys. POP works, didn't think the wheel would suddenly work on the other device. Duh...

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:30 AM  

Utterly stuck - I don't get your hint, Zazie, re the cupboard! Obviously I need more coffee... brb...LOL

Hi, thanks for your hints but I can't understand how open cb dowstairs whit "start"

There are so many cupboards ! Which one...

I just opened the new box with 4 letters, the hint comes in front of ladder when you have used wheel again to move wall and reveal two new codes.

seb, when you click start, two buttons are pushed. click the second one and look which one gets pushed automatically after, then click thisone until all buttons are pushed, then repeat the whole sequence.
Hard to explain.

Out :)

Thanks Zazie :)

please 4 digit code

2 open, but left dont understand red@blue hint

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:42 AM  

Can't get that start box to work sigh sigh. Keep coming to a halt.

Tadas which one, there are more than one.
Color digit code is SPOI9183LER.


Mary, start at the left down button, then the button above thisone and follow the sequence once you have pushed all buttons as shown by the box itself.

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:46 AM  

Oh for goodness sake, I hadn't opened the slider box - and I had the clue for ages. Now I understand your clue, Zazie!

I am out too, this was a 5 star game, absolutely !

how to get that 9183?

Help with red/blue hints for cupboard code please. Did try 9183 but not for this cupboard.

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:54 AM  

Cartmansis I think they are all different. Go through the numbers on the box - there is only one choice for each number which corresponds with the r/b clues in the box.

Did you open already the 4 letter box ? I think i have got sth from there which i applied to the machine right of where SD is. The drill is making a hole and after this you can see the color sequence and the numbers are right of bin on drill.
Hard to remember all steps here.

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:55 AM  

This is a great game but I am still not getting that 'start' box open, despite all the hints. I am thick this morning!

cartmansis, 9183 comes later, red blue hint :
Choose 4 numbers which have red or blue stripes as on the hint.

Wanna a spoiler ?

6124 for red blue cupboard. Hint = must show red/blue in number.

I remember that it starts down left and finished at the first left upper button. you have to go through all buttons.

got that
mine is 6124

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 1:58 AM  

Well how frustrating I accidentally clicked an advert and then closed the game. Should really get some work done, will have to come back later and try again. Thanks for all the help so far!

Mary click sequence button gives this order

9 8 7
2 3 6
1 4 5

Wow, 5-star game indeed, what a nice surprise! Thank you everyone for the hints, although the game was really logical, I needed help with the Start box :)

Fabulous game!!

What a wonderful game, 5 stars!

What a great game! Totally logic and I escaped w/o help! Six stars for that! Need more of this!


Wow, so glad I played! Awesome game.

Loved this game!

I am stuck with wrench, 2 tiles, and yellow wheel... Also applied the mechanism handle downstairs. Next what do I do?

best escape game of the year

Can someone explain how to use the letters by the ladder for the letter code = please.

Never mind - I was miscounting!

@granmaj, take numbers 31 25 34 43 as coordonates
31 = L 25 = E...

hmm trotz hinweis bei den hebeln klappts nicht,auch nicht spiegelverkehrt,denke mal das es ja o u m m o u m sein müßte

Ty @Seb for answering. What a great game - deffinitely 5*

marita, es ist u o m m u o m

danke zazie,habs,aber die 31 25 usw klappt nicht,hab leon raus aber geht nciht

For those who can´t get enough:


Play with the URL ;)

Maybe someone can post this as a single thread plz.


any hints how to put the cards? picture upstairs doesn't work for me

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 3:25 AM  

IMHO, it's a very good game !


Guru you're right, that's one of the best ever made!

Played like a SanpoTesshieBiancoNinjaHilgHottaRoba joint venture! =D


Thanks for theis %&$§ cupboard code, which had me in its claws. Just couldn't make any sense of it. (Thought maybe the red bits had to be subtracted from the digi, the blue ones added?!)

Rest was fantastically logical. Loved it! (Also the difficulty level)

great game ! not that hard when you're familiar with escape

*WRENCH* Don't bother with that tool until at the VERY end of the game. You won't be needing it for quite a long tim (but then...)

where is yellow green hint?
all i have is part of key
yellow gear
white wheel
where is the slider clue?

a little bit tricky but easy ... and ...

one of the best escape games ever!!!!!

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 4:30 AM  

I don't understand numbers to coordinates to letters - and Google doesn't give an answer. Who would like to explain it to me? :-)

@sauliukas64 How did you solve the cards? Can´t get it right.

@brin3m Try using the gear at the second machine

POP! The heart shall be in the low right corner

For anyone who would wonder what happens to that key, it's easy: the movement of the whole room makes the string on which it hangs TEAR APART so it falls down...

Madde, think i am missing something still, tried it on both and they don't work yet. hmmmm.....

@Madde yes :) In case of doubt (that goes to anyone) take a sheet of paper and CAREFULLY draw the clue from upstairs on there...not until then you will realize that BR can't be clubs...

WOW... this game was great!!! if you take a lot of time you don't need any help, its so logical...
but I definitely needed help for the letter-code, before I got my POP-moment... coordinates, coordinates... I was so dumb, I haven't looked downstairs again... xD

well i have to get to work will try later
you guys always amaze me
hope there is a walk through later
thanks anyway

Marita : it is LETS

@brin3m don't move! :)

The thing you call "key part" will fit in one of the machines!! I think that's what you're "missing" :)

brin3m Yes remeber now that yuo need yellow key from brown box with 4 numbers. Numbers are from back of tile with club. Press the black squares at the machine on desk and get numbers.

@Escapegamer: Go back to the ladder, and u will find the answer

This was really a great game. Loved it. Will try next now...
TY for your help!

Well, not next but previous... Havn´t done that before. :)

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 6:11 AM  

I realized about the ladder view afterwards! :-)
I think it was a real nice game. Logical with a lot of things to do. My problem is my huge lack of patience LOL

Brilliant game - thank you :)


I can not run the box next to the stairs. I have two tiles the wrench and a gear. ahcer nothing else I can not, I can not find how to advance

How to use white gear downstairs?? It wont fit

Help pls

Quote Zazie

White gear goes left of where SD is. But you need something grey to connect wheel first (i forgot where i got it)

What grey thing????

Awesome game!

@sue: grey thing was, if I remember correctly in one of the lower drawers in cupboard downstairs.
I'm stuck, with 2 tiles, wrench and gear. Don't know how to solve the number drawer and don't see any letters drawer.

urban im in the same place... but nobody help

ok @ Urban
opened left upper and left bottom door of cb downstairs
no grey thing

where is clue for bottom right drawer
where is wrench??

got 3 tiles

i need the SD helPPPPP


seb 12/12/12 2:02 AM

Mary click sequence button gives this order

9 8 7
2 3 6
1 4 5

@ Unknown
u need all 4 tiles
then apply them into box
then u get a key for upstairs

there i am stuck with 2 new riddles

I have only three I can not find another tile where is it?

1 tile upstairs in cb with the sliders which you can mut up down or middle

i dont get anything at all

none of the clues made sense to me

now i got a machine from öletter puzzle
but now what

hint for sliders?

sorry upstairs in "bulleye" window

i dont understand it

opend 4# puzzle because of spoilers above

no progress at all

ok yellow machine does upstairs in "outlet"

Now i see a clue for sliders: it's in "window"


ok out: okay great game

but I didnt get it at all :))

but still good

Anyone hints for 4 tiles? Haven't seen it above

Its the pic upstairs I only remember

diamond bottom left
heart bottom right

okay after replaying it made more sense but still problem with
red / blue color number hint

even with solution i dont see it :)

bravo in advancefor the 1 who writes the WT:))

Urban - still there? or out?

@sue, still stuck, but I have to leave now. Will continue tomorrow, so I will be glad for hints. Thanks!

Have yellow and white wheel, purple tile, place battery. Stuck. No clues, no keys, been around the room 20 times. Comments are unhelpful, especially the ones declaring this to be the best game ever.

Still stuck. I`ve clicked everywhere, no clues, no keys, no indication what I`m supposed to do next. Read all the comments, no help there.

what a great game! Couldn't have done it without the comments for the "start box" - thanks all

clue for battery machine on backside of tile

so you het 3 numbers for chest on floor

sorry u get 4 numbers for chest

@ Red Snapper
got it?

Thanks but I gave up

Agree with @guru one....the best escape game ever! Please give us more!

I only needed a couple of nudges...they came from @zazie...TY, my friend!!!!

spectacular game


that really was a great game. I needed help to get out, but it was still satisfying. I'll play the others at the link EGWandOUT posted later.

Out with no help. One of the best games EVER!!!

Haretoki games are getting better but easier through time...For start buttons do not overthink by using paper and pen to mark the sequence of the buttons(like i did and i was stuck for at least 5 minutes in front of the drawer lol),just follow the buttons like a snake,after clicking the first two buttons that ''START'' button indicates...

WT...with spoilers...beware!

First, look at everything, see clues and puzzles to solve then go back to start screen!

See machine, click button, needs key
Take white wheel from bin
Take big yellow gear, go right and put it on the machine, push button, something is in the way, need to find a thing that fits in the slot
zoom right floor, open compartment, get battery

Go right, get tile from floor, view and see clue on back, zoom top of cabinet to the right and see machine that goes with hint, needs battery!
Place battery, using clue on tile push buttons to get 4 digit code((((((((7063)))))))))))))

Go right, put code in chest on floor for a big yellow key part

Put it in machine with 2 yellow gears, push button..
compartment opens, get paper clue

Take back the gear, put on other machine, push button..It works, didn't need the key for that afterall!
Seems the room is moving, let's see what has changed...
The peephole above the chest shows 7 symbols....If we apply that to the levers on the door of cabinet...we get an odd key type thing! lol

Oh, look the key that was hanging from ceiling is gone...get it from the floor and find a keyhole that fits!

The water faucet moves to reveal a basement...
Let's Go!

Yea! more puzzles! So, that big key thingy goes in the box...but a connector is missing...

How the heck can we get that SD???

The 2 button door seems to match the paper clue
green /orange..so the larger piece is to click 2 times...(((((((goggoogoo)))))))))))

Get a thing...it looks like the connecter we need
Push plunger and the place to the right opens!
Get tile!

Using clue in opened box....find the same colors from the clue to match the ones in the 4 digit safe/top left cabinet door


Get another tile

The other cabinet is easier than it seems
push start, 2 spots light up,(7&4) when you push the 7 spot, the next one lights up...keep following until you push all the buttons... get a thing!

Put the thing in box left of SD...put white wheel there too...get last tile, and a wrench

We now have all 4 tiles, and clearly they go in the place left of ladder, but what is order?
go upstairs and study the pic with 4 blue blobs on it...this is how you place it, draw it if you must, note holes in the shapes, etc!

((((TL-club TR-spade BR-heart BL-diamond))))))
Get key

Go up and right,Use key and push button!
Yea! 2 more puzzles!

The left one looks like coordinates...we need clues, look around to see what has changed ....OH, the ladder is blocked, use this for your coordinates clue!

Open for a Yellow box...It may fit in the floor below the blue blob pic.....it does! Ha ha ha...an auto drill..the id the SD..how to get it????

OK, there is a color clue, the drill impaled the wall above the bin...there are numbers...put the color order ans use them ....above the bin...get a mechanical arm....where will it fit?

Put it on the drill base, push button...Yes, SD!

Open cabinet that needs SD and get another odd device ...where to put it?

There is a place in the floor, but remove the bolt on it first...That's what the wrench is for,
finally! lol

Push the button....

You know what to do!!!


Alright, here it is, the long version! While nokra's WT should be regarded as a "I've only got 5 mins and I have to run to next meeting so I got to hurry thru the game"-through, whilst mine shall be a "i am a lazy student and when i want to get up at 1 pm I do it"-through. ;) Well, each to its own ...


You find yourself in a very techie-looking, though yet pleasant room with wooden floors and walls, facing a YELLOW COGWHEEL. Try the button with the thick red border around it: the mechanism is stuck somewhere. So take the YELLOW COGWHEEL with you.
There is a WHITE WHEEL (looking like a car steering wheel) inside the wastebasket nearby; take this too. Note (about item view) that there is a SQUARE PIECE protruding from it which means you will have to find a receptacle, i. e. square-shaped notch where you can plug it in.
(HINT: Imagine you're Japanese, but on vacation in Britain and you want to use your personal hairdryer in one of their wall sockets. There is something you will have to accomplish first to get your hair dried. What is that?)

Turn right. Ahah, there is another red button and the mechanism appears stuck, too. Since attaching your (ever portable!) COG WHEEL wouldn't effect in anything either at this stage, don't even bother.
Before zooming out of this scene, take a note of that BIG OPENING WITH BLUE BACKGROUND which looks as if there could be something put in??

But zoom out so that you can get a better overview.
Zooming closer on the right hand side, you can see a FLOOR PANEL with a button that has no effect when pressed...BUT...the tiny compartment in the center part contains a BATTERY! Take it: we will need it in a blink of an eye.
Also, note there is a SILVERY KEY hanging from the ceiling. Hey, a pair of scissors would come in very handy, methinks!

And so we're turning right again, picking up the PIERCED CLUBS TILE on the way (well, why shouldn't we let playing card tiles enjoy some piercings as well, huh? see, some of us do too, so why not take chances...)
LOL...nevermind.--- Next to the tile there is a WALL SOCKET which won't interest us much until we've reached the very end of the game. But still, keeping a mental note of it wouldn't hurt for sure.
Now look at the STRANGE PICTURE on the wall. If you noticed that the color matches EXACTLY with the color of the piece you've already found, then you've already learned a lot.
Next to the wall socket, there is a DEVICE which needs a BATTERY. Luckily we already have one, so just insert it - simple as that! Furthermore, you realize that the number of buttons in white/black will change numbers according to a (to a certain extent) peculiar logic.
Have you already looked at your CLUBS TILE in inventory? Then you should do that now, and solve the first puzzle!
(Solution below.)


Memorize the code number you've just figured out.
Take a second look on that wooden CABINET: left door is bolted and needs a screwdriver to give way to what's inside; right door is a 7-WAY SLIDER PANEL which combination is still to be figured out. (However, it is less difficult than it looks.)

Now turn right.
Open WOODEN CHEST with the code you've sussed out and you will get MACHINE KEY #1. It rather looks like a key part, but don't call it that in order not to confuse yourself. :) Take another mental note of the GLASS "PORTHOLE" above the chest. (At this stage, it doesn't contain any valuable information yet.)

Next to the chest, there is a non-working faucet (intentionally not capitalized as it has no functionality throughout the game, i. e. there won't be any water intake to be "activated" later or anything :))

Turn right TWICE, to the opposite side of the room, back to MACHINE #2.
It was my intention that I called the "THING" with blue background a "big yellow opening with blue background" rather than a "keyhole" to not give too much away in the initial sentence...
But yes, it IS a KEYHOLE! Use MACHINE KEY #1 in KEYHOLE and watch ...

{MACHINE KEY #1 gets plugged inside KEYHOLE}

The item seemingly looking like a key part (which is actually a specially formed key for MACHINE #2) has now UNBLOCKED the mechanism inside!
Press BLUE BUTTON for...


The black GEAR RACK has slid downward and ... also unveiled a little hidden COMPARTMENT with a small SLIP OF PAPER inside. Pick it up, it's a clue!
(HINT: This clue won't be needed at this LEVEL. Also note that the word "level" has double meaning in this case.)

Take back (!) your trusty YELLOW COGWHEEL and for a change, turn left, heading back to MACHINE #1.
Reattach the cogwheel to the machine, press button, and ... this time ... it works!
You can now sit back, watching...


Once more, take back your cogwheel and turn right!


Once more, take back your cogwheel and turn right!
Don't you perceive some change?
False, there's no money here (alas!)
Seriously, the change is that the room shift caused the SILVERY KEY to drop down to the ground because the string got broken in the process! And there it is, behind the FLOOR PANEL with the non-working button.

Now turn right TWICE, again to the opposite side of the room.
Remember that PORTHOLE-like thing in the wall that contained just one uninteresting symbol? So look at it NOW, and for a starter, count the amount of symbols.
Did you get the ... 'click' yet? Not?
(Solution below.)

Pick up the HANDLE from inside the cupboard. (Quite looks like what you'd usually press down firmly with those devices seen in old movies used to carry out blasting, doesn't it? Or perhaps rather like a bicycle tire inflator?)

Whatever, turn right, use your hard-won SILVERY KEY in blue KEYHOLE of brickstone instalment, and watch ...


HEY PRESTO!! That was somewhat cool...now we can go down the ladder to the BASEMENT.

Left of the ladder, there is a BIG FLAT BOX which, however, does not interest us yet at this stage, since there are many more things to do first. Turn left, and you can see:
- left: a stout box with a notch that is formed like the notch from an oversized TORX screw
- center: an oversized lab glass tube with a SCREWDRIVER inside.
This tube might:
- either be filled up with water to get the key out
- be attached to a hose to suck it out of the tube thru the hose

We can't know that at this stage yet. (However, as I gave away that the faucet upstairs is of no use throughout the game, you might guess how we're going to get it out later....Turn left.
You are facing a CABINET with three LOCKED DOORS.
- The upper door is locked by a digital number code.
- The lower left door is locked by a TWO-COLOR code.
- The lower right door is locked by a PANEL CODE.

When I say that you can NOW open two of the three doors, you'd better believe it!
Check your inventory and you should get an idea at least for the lower left one.
No? (Solution below.)


The BL door will enrich your inventory with a PNEUMATIC CABLE WITH CONNECTORS.
(HINT for BR door: push a couple buttons and notice which other buttons highlight on each of your presses. Solution below.)

BR door has now added an ADAPTOR PIECE to your inventory, of which you will notice that it has a TORX-LIKE SHAPE protruding from it on one side, and a SQUARE NOTCH on the other.
Remember the example I gave you with the hairdryer? It's the same principle: the Japanese man/woman would use an adaptor on their hairdryer's plug, so that it match with the shape of British wall sockets.
- Turn right
- COMBINE the adaptor to the WHITE WHEEL (the one you had picked up from the wastebasket) and get yourself a WHITE WHEEL WITH ADAPTOR.
Now set the white wheel's adaptor's TORX plug into the TORX notch of the stout box, and ... open sesame! Pick up a DIAMONDS TILE and a WRENCH.
Now turn left twice, to the opposite side of the basement room.
Insert the HANDLE into the [+]-shaped receptacle, and push it down ... NOTHING. Well, it can't work because you need to lead some pressurized air to the device.
Pneumatic cable...pressurized air, now that makes a perfect match! Hence, plug the two connectors of the PNEUMATIC CABLE into the free holes, push the handle down again and ... hey presto!

The pneumatically-driven box has opened and revealed a SPADES TILE (whilst the last is still to be found somewhere!)
Now the next part may appear a bit TRICKY. Of course, the CLUE PANEL WITH DIGIT BITS you are currently facing will unlock the last remaining door in the basement cabinet, the UPPER LEFT door.

Head to that CABINET again and look at it closely. Interpret the red digit bits as 'red' and the faint digits as 'blue' (this is the tricky part, because the blue color on the clue does NOT match the one on the panel!).
Cycle through the numbers until you find one that matches *BOTH* all red *AND* blue digits. (Solution below.)
FINALLY! There is the HEARTS TILE you were still missing.

Now it *might* get a little tricky once again.:) Head to the opposite side of the room, where the ladder is and look at the BIG FLAT BOX.
Use the FOUR TILES SET with the BOX. Ahah! Not only can you set the tiles deliberately as you wish, you can also twist them around so that they "look" at you from an angle!

So how do you have to place them?
(HINT: Upstairs. Chest.)
Take the GOLD KEY and go upstairs!

Go back to MACHINE #1 (which is NOT the one where found the clue paper) and UNLOCK another function of the machine with your GOLD KEY.
Reinsert your yellow COGWHEEL, press button and watch...


Two more panels! Now you got your warm-up, these should not be a problem should they? The left on is a NUMBER PANEL with numbers above it:

31 . 25 . 34 . 43

No idea? Turn left to the BASIN. Ahah! You can no longer go down into the basement, because a TRAPDOOR has closed, revealing some strange letters, and numbers above them.
(HINT: MATRIX (MATHEMATICAL). Solution below.)

Hack in the FOUR-LETTER-WORD (no, not really a 4-letter word ;)) and get the ELECTRICAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE which looks suspiciously like a vacuum cleaner. However, there is more...
Hah, I've given it all away: ELECTRICAL device. Yes, it IS going to be plugged into the WALL SOCKET left of the WOODEN CABINET. Do that now and press RED BUTTON.
Wow, no pandas this time! (Inside-joke.) Out comes a monstrous MILLING MACHINE that works itself in seconds through the floor down to ... yay, that GLASS TUBE downstairs (with the screwdriver inside).

Wow! Okay, that was an excellent game! Everything made sense and I didn't have to peek at the walkthrough once!
I wish more games were like this one! :)


But still no screwdriver! During the milling/drilling operation, the milling head FLEW OFF and you will find it stuck in the wall right next to the wastebasket on the opposite side of the room! Wait, there is something we could need...colored numbers...
And also take a look ON the machine itself...
(Solution below)

Yay, the last code!

Set it, open the thing an ... get yourself a ROBOTIC ARM.
Attach the ROBOTIC ARM to the MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE, press button, ... and ... yes, now it actually works as a vacuum cleaner!
From the dillhole...er...drillhole, it got you your screwdriver! Whohoo!
Unscrew the left door of WOODEN CABINET - and you have a FOLDED METALLIC LADDER!

Turn left, attach the FOLDED LADDER to the FLOOR PANEL and ...

You're OUT! Congratulations!


WARNING: Tons of spoilers ahead!


View your CLUBS TILE in about item view and FLIP it: you notice that there is a diagram printed on the flip side! It should not be too difficult to figure out that these four sloped squares symbolize the four buttons on the device in pressed/released state.
So, you know what's supposed to be black and what's white.
Order is (arrow!) TL -TR - BR - BL
Numbers you get are 7 - 0 - 6 - 3 = 7063! Memorize this code: you will need it in a minute.


You can see SEVEN symbols in the porthole-like glassy thingy. Surely one will mean "top", one will be "bottom" and the rest is "middle" position, whereby the thick HORIZONTAL bars are the sliders themselves. Always make sure you concentrate on these instead of where the vertical axes point to!

Solution is

Press the wide space-bar-like button to unlock the cabinet door!

This is the easiest (or second easiest?) code in the whole game IMHO.
It's pretty straightforward: normal wide is green, double wide is green two times; same with orange.
So from right to left we get: (GN = GREEN / OR = ORANGE)
GN - OR - GN - GN - OR - OR - GN - OR - OR

And that's it!


This one is not difficult to open, but as usual, you need to know how. Pressing the various buttons should have given you a clue that you have to follow a certain ROUTE around the pads, not leaving any of them untouched but also never pressing any of them twice.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Solution is:
7 - 4 - 5 - 8 - 9 - 6 - 3 - 2 - 1 - TADAA!

NUMBER PANEL (blue/red)

In short, solution is 6-1-2-4


The hint is the DIAGRAM ABOVE CHEST upstairs. Though you can only see fragments of the symbols, you may, if you look closely, figure out that BOTTOM RIGHT cannot contain a CLUBS tile (even though it looks quite like it at first glance, admittedly).

TOP LEFT: CLUBS (top facing about 10 o'clock)
TOP RIGHT: SPADES (tip facing about 8 o'clock)
BOTTOM LEFT: DIAMOND (just leave it the way it's put into the square first time, it's fine)
BOTTOM RIGHT: HEARTS (tip facing about 5 o'clock)


It's actually not that difficult, once you got the hang of it.
0...4. are columns, whilst 0.....4 are rows.
If you don't get it, take a sheet of paper and write down '0 1 2 3 4 5' resp. '0 1 2 3 4' vertically.
A simple mathematical matrix has a ROW and a COLUMN. (Programmers would code it as a 2-dimensional array, a[X][Y]).

So 31 . 25 . 34 . 43 gets us

ROW 3, COL 1 = L
ROW 2, COL 5 = E
ROW 3, COL 4 = T
ROW 4, COL 3 = S



They show:
1 - RED
3 - BLUE

Together with the color schema on the machine itself (BK, RD, GN, BL) you get:

Wow - 2 very different but both excellent WTs from @nokra and @arbeitslooser!! Nice job guys :)

Thanks to Nokra and arbeitslooser for the great WT. Not much to add, just some logical explanation for certain puzzles:

Fish-eye lens: "凸" means the slider is set to bottom(B); "T" means slider on top(T); "十" means middle(M). Thus the solution would be BTMMBTM.

Red-blue lines: If you looked at the top left drawer you will notice the red digital numbers. Use that info to figure out this red-blue hint. If red means it is part of the number, then blue must be the opposite. Therefore, for the first digit, the blue line removed the possibility of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, leaving 5 and 6. Then the red line confirms that the first number is 6 because 5 would not have that line. Do the same reasoning for the rest, and you will get the number 6124.

Tiles: Based on the painitng upstairs. The tile bottom left contains a pointy end with a hole; only the diamond matches the picture so it goes there. Bottom right tile contains m-shaped curve so it could be clover or heart but you can't rotate clover to fit the picture so heart it is. Top right tile has another pointy end, and between spade and clover, I say it's spade. Thus the position is set:
[Clover] [Spade]
[Diamond] [Heart]
Remember to rotate the tiles to match the painint exactly.

Coordinates: The left panel gives a list of numbers: If you look around, you'll find that the stairway is closed, but something is written on the floor. So we have letters with corresponding coordinates, but which is which? The first digit for each number could be either row or column, but when you work on "25" you will find that 5 cannot be row number thus a conclusion is made: For each number, the first digit means row number while the second digit column number. Applying this theory, "31" means third row, first column = "L". Continue for the other coordinates, and you should get "LETS".

really really nice game!! was easy out with no help

Playing very late, but I've got to say, this was an excellent game. I can't wait for the next one :o)

Excelente game, o melhor dos últimos tempos.

@jonatan without this peculiar number code in the basement cabinet I would have, too! grrr

KICK A$$ GAME!!!!!!

One of the best EVER!!
Even late at night, great fuun and exercise for mind!!

Wow!! That was a great one!!

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 6:10 PM  

great game. first post btw, love the site

really fantastic game!

fantastic game

Thank you so much for posting this game. Really good fun to play. 5 stars

beauty of a game
challenge to sd
thanx to all

thank you so much for both walkthoughs - I'd have never made it out without them

What a fantastic game - there are not enough stars to give!

       Anonymous  11/22/18, 12:19 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one due to a suggestion from our staff member, responsible for the replays - thx annaby!

ありがとう for all your creations, Haretoki ☺
& thx nokra & arby for your WTs

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