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Find the Escape-Men 48: Flight Part 3 Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 48: Flight Part 3

Find the Escape-Men 48: Flight Part 3 is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. Find the 10 Escape-Men around the airport, solve some puzzles, and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Goodie another farty game with spicy foods LOL

If I can load it LOL I think site very busy...

Hi Leroy!

Stuck with 5 EM
the guy in the Immigration counter said
Passport , please

but where is it...

got phone working - but dont know code to start escalator

Lottie I will help if it loads LOL

lottie where is hint for escalator pls ?

SwissMiss, switch on the display board~

derr me - thanks - had it on but did not "connect"

haha I banged immigration man with hammer for tissues

btw get key from the poster first

Only just got into game LOL I suppose you lot already escaped?

did all that thank - but only got 4 men
got numbers 8247 - need one more for telephone

still here - hunging for green men

hunging = hunting lol

stuck with phone/camera and only 4 men and tissues

OK im already caught up? LOL

i dont get mobile password

Hello all, i made 6398# on phone, but how to answer the question of the voice ?

use the tissue over the phone
and take a photo of the man statue

I am speaking of the phone at the wall...

Phone is number of loops in numbers.. ie 8247=2010

hello..finally managed to load the game..i wonder if i will catch up lol

password of mobile phone: circles
phone: back of EM

zikra - mobile - just type in any number - then it says wrong - would you like the code or something - then you get a hint
it is how many round things the number has like 1 = zero, 8 = 2, 9 = 1 etc.

I only have 4 escape men - so one short for phone on wall!

got the 5th now - using wrong phone - thanks lottie

thanks swiss

no progress because i'm having my dinner...orz

hab auf smartphone als tip unten 9803 wie ist code? komme nciht drauf helft mal bitte einer

now I have immigration officer there what now?

I am stuck too lol..

marita - die Anzahl von Kreisen 9 = 1, 8 = 2 1 = 0 etc.

solution: 1210

I think we need a passport but I cant find anything - have no items left to use !

And i only have 3 men.

Nice end,

thank you very much dutchie and good for you- this is a great help to us ! why posting if you are not going to help others who are stuck???

zazie - which ones have you got?

danke und beim telefon? hab bisher nur 3 grüne männer und daher zahlen? reisepaß hab ich auch ,wie egths weiter bzw wo sind mnehr männer

thank you and the phone? so far have only 3 green men and therefore pay? Passport I also like egths or more where men are mnehr

where is passport dutchie????

I have one from airplane, one from person and one from tissue ? And now i have another one, but i don´t know where it came from lol.

go back to the beginview a steward will give it to you

Toilet door opened but i can´t go in.

hmm so far i have 3 men..one from the tissues,took them all out.one from the first scenes while looking out the window on a plane and another from some woman who came by in the corridor same area

dont know why but put tissues on phone and can now pay e-money to go into restroom..

Doesn't load at all. I'm using FF and stopped ABP.

have you got the one from mobile phone? use camera mode - put tissue over it and take a photograph of statue

seem to have a bug
restart the game and got the passport from someone
in suit

and another from toilet door..missing one more

It won't load for me :(

one is from the restrooms signs

catqueen I use chrome and it worked no problems

which i can get the EM chain after I got the passport...

Easy and out

Thanks Swiss Miss :)

dutchie-she already gave me escape men,now shes not there anymore

thnx..had clicked a pic but without the tissue..funny game this is :) passport searching time

Thx SM, missed the one from statue.

There are numbers on the back of EM, this is the number for phone on the wall !

hmm hab nur 4 männchen bisher denke mal nr 5 für code fehlt

Still looking for passport..

same here started again and now got pp!

She should give passport and EM, you can use the passport after the phonecall

and out

Ok, so i have to restart :(

But a coffee first.

the game that most of us play is old version
which do not have the passport

super sweeeeeeeeet Ending!!!

and now out - after that it was easy

ALERT - there seems to be a bug

if you encounter the woman in the corridor she talks to you - you should get a Passport as well as a green man - if not - restart!!!

farmcode geht nicht ,müßte doch anhand der 4 koffer sein oder

Hmm, strange. I played a few times (in Chrome)without bugs. Well have a merry X-mas everybody.

ist einer schon vorm exit? ich hab 9 männchen und mir felt der farbcode egal wie ichs eingebe tür bleibt zu

yes Marita - but I think you need to see them all - green, blue, red and white

hast du 9 Männer?

farbcode: dreh unteren 4 EM

This comment has been removed by the author.

for cellphone: count cirkels in numbers

jo-jo look at my comments 4.47 and 4.52

refreshed loads of times cant get it to load where it says start

read all these hints and no one ever answered how to the escalator going.
stuck at the beginning. have phone working but cant figure out which buttons for escalator(people mover) thing.

the sign above escalator has an arrow, copy that to get going.

My problem is that I can't get the tissues. Help??

Ah - hit the baggage man with a hammer

I can't get the game to open. Just ads and a blank white spot in the middle. Anyone have an alternative link?

only have 2 men, see the numbers on the back of them, can't get mobile phone password, am i supposed to only use ones and zeros?

guess i will come back to this later hopefully dam game will work

I can't open this game.

Darn - I can't open this either. It doesn't say 'start' anywhere, and when you press 'skip' it doesn't skip - it goes to the ad.

Same here -- get a box with sponsored link -- but no play button :(

Ok...tried with Chrome and it worked.

Hi @zoe...you still here?

Ha ha ha ...I just figured out the 5 guys I have...are the #'s for the phone to call the passport checker! LOL

And the other 4 get me the exit code!

Awwwww...a Christmas love story! Such fun!

Mine took a long time to load...I just left the window open and after a while it had loaded!

Hi nokra - yep, still here!

I just got out and saw the pretty ending...nice game as always.

Merry Christmas to my EG24 buddies!!!

great as always.
Enjoy the way it's not repeating itself, altough the purpose remains the same


starting the game you already got your handluggage. open it for a hammer
(strange to travel with that!) and look again to find your mobile phone.
Look at the phone - mmh what was the pin again? Well just type any 4 numbers
and it politely asks you if you forgot your numbers. Answer yes and you get a hint.
Work it out and type correct number (solution below)

Now you see the money function and the camera is working

turn right

be VERY patient - ev. a plane comes by - grab your 1st MAN

go right - look under the poster and get a key - to the right of the statue is a
switch - turn it on - it activates the sign above the escalator

go back to escalator - look at the sign - use key to open the pad and type in
what you saw on sign (draw a N) - escalator now active

cross it and turn right - ahh the loo - good idea, but it costs. Activate the
money function on your mobile and click on the sign. The door opens - collect your
2nd GM (green man) - but you cant go in - even if you paid!!

Go to the baggage storage - you have to leave your hammer and get some tissues
instead (was it worth crying over a hammer?) pull all the tissues out until you find your 3rd

Go back via escalator and turn right until you find a very helpful lady. She has your Passport
and if you talk to her more - there you find your 4th GM

Now you have to do a strange thing. Highlight your mobile - go to camera mode and put the tissue over it. Then turn to the statue and with highlighted camera take a picture.
Statue turns green - click on it and bingo - your 5th GM

over along the escalator

go to the handphone and call (solution below) the immigration officer is eating - he will be there in a tick. zoom out and yes - there he is

give him your PP and he stamps it dutyfully - collect your 6th GM - turn left and you
are a bit upset about the mess. Tidy up those trolleys and you are rewarded with your
7th GM

now go search your luggage. Be Patient! Grab your red suitcase - your 8th GM is hiding behind it. But for the fun of it, wait and watch the luggage going past…… and YES
your 9th

mobile phone
you need to count the circles - code is 1210

wall phone
turn over your first 5 men for the number 82471

color code
turn over GM 5 - 9 for ord

So, The plane has finally landed....
The continuing saga moves on in the AIRPORT:

Oh, we have our carry-on bag, let's see what is in it!

A Toy Hammer
A Smartphone...
Open phone
try a password, ERROR
Look at hint...see the numbers that have a 0 is 1, no 0 is 0 and 2 0's is 2.......
Pass is ((((((1210))))))))
See that camera and credit are working

Go right

Nothing to see...or is there?
Wait for it....get EM #1

Go right

And again

See welcome sign and EM Statue
Get key and turn on switch
Take a photo...nothing!

Go right

Key works but what is code?
Back out...look at anything that could fit
That N on the sign should work
Now, to Immigration!

I need to use the restroom...those on the plane were gross! lol
Use smartphone and get EM#2

Talk to person at desk...
Hand over your "weapon" lol
Get tissues! Get EM#3

Go through Immigration...what? I don't have my passport?????
Go back to plane!

Ahhhhh Great!!! Friendly Flight Attendant was waiting! YES! Oh, look! A bonus...Get EM#4

While I'm here...maybe there IS another EM!!!
We have...phone, empty (green) tissue box....
Combine them, take pic of statue again!
Cool! EM#5....and 5 numbers!!!!

Go back to Immigration...Huh? Nobody is there!

Use phone on wall.....you have the 5 numbers....

Get stamped...and EM#6

Now, my bag..it is red...

There it is! EM #7...wait, maybe there is more....
On the conveyor belt... Yep! EM#8

Got to find all the EM before I go!

I'll tidy up those carts...Aha! EM#9

View them and see the last 4 give a clue

And....Exit door needs....lol
EM #10 is a Big Guy!!!

We can leave now....maybe the green guy would look good on top of the Christmas Tree!!!! YES!!!

Watch, Interact and Enjoy the Surprise Love Story Ending!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Yeah, frustrating could not figure out to wait on the plane to appear.

Thanks nokra, still could not understand the cell phone code but once used code you gave everything else fell into place. Nice game as usual.

That was a really lovely ending! :)

can play now but have no green men all i have is a plastic hammer,phone,key ( used ) found switch but cant find it again geeeeeez

can some one explain it better activating the money for de loo.i opened up phone clicked on credit but when i go to click sign for loo to pay phone goes off scren so nothing happens

walk through really helped me get out

Got to the end, exit door needs blue red and white as the order and, there is NOTHING that is blue, red, or white to base that order on. What a waste of time.

green blue red white to exit game

You violent people you!

Thinking that you HIT the baggage man with a hammer. OMG no! (Played the Japanese version, by chance?)

The baggage man asks you KINDLY to please deliver items that may be used for violent purposes (such as a hammer).
You give it to him, and he says "thanks.".

That's about it :)

If you miss one escape man...
did you grab the tricky one from the PLANE that is visible from inside the window (near statue)?

(you need to wait a little)

Wow, splendid outro !!

Including a very j-poppish rendition of "Silent Night". You could actually imagine Kumi Koda squeak the Japanese text to it ;-)

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