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Flash Maze Escape Walkthrough

Flash Maze Escape

Flash Maze Escape is a new point and click type adventure game created by InkaGames. Flash is trapped inside a maze and will have to defeat dangerous enemies if he wants to gain his freedom back! Good luck and have fun!

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Coool another Inka game...

Well got lots of things but what to do LOL

Progress LOL

use hammer on the picture

hhelll it is live! gotta go :)

Somebody come and help me fumble thru this game LOL

n what about mr hulk megi ?? :D

rope+stone head

What hammer? LOL at least I got SD...

oh lol just kicked it away !!

click quickly a chain

Oh that hammer I cant get past hulk LOL

TY Megi

Stupid chain do you click while sliding?

buggy...zoomed in to one of the turtles and when i hit close i go to the painting...close on painting back to turtle...endless loop

just got some bug.. watching the sculpture and clicking the picture won't let you close both things again....

What is the exact trick to the chain?

Leroy wait a second and when Flash is under the chain click it

where did you find hammer?

Hammer is in Hulk scene

ah, click iron boots first, sorry

Sorry Megi I have morning coffee jitters (too much coffee) LOL I cant time it at the moment LOL

i keep meeting hulk's fist. =\

Gotcha TY that was tricky LOL

too bad got to go .. nice game .. good luck all !!

ty megipoland

i feel quite lost with my stuff i got.. can't find a way over the hole, neither i can get this thing Sit is holding...

use infrared goggles on the "map"

there is a red diamond in the flowers in first scene Patty

found a Ruby in flowers...used cloth on hole beneath sloth...then added ruby to get infarred goggles...don't know where to use tho...

how do you get out of the turtle, painting loop?

can't select goggles when zoomed on painting

Use goggles on blank paper LOL I now have board from bench but need to fix it (glue, nails, screws?)in the gap room

restarted Dru

Pats Fun
use goggles on the empty "map" you will see a code

look closely on the painting ;)

LOL out now...

I figured that Megi LOL TY anyway

ANNOYING!!! Cant get past the stupid hulk!! no matter how fast I click on the chain......can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong??

after you use a skate board use paper plane

click iron boots, then, when Flash is under the chain click chain

I like these short inka games! Hope it is a regular occurrence with a few of the long ones thrown in from time to time

what to do after nailing the board...whats with the flip chart and pen...whats with the turtles...so many questions

im kinda too stupid for the short ones. i can get the regular inka games most on my own but those... i miss how to fix the board on the leverthing,,,

what do we do with the turtle head and rope?

use the turtle head and rope to hold down the lever

Does anyone know how to open the metal door? I can't figure out what the pencil and flip book are for.

Dru after fixing plank in room with gap attach it to the lever..

Jorge open picture then flip paper then use pencil gives the code...

it won't let me use it on the lever and I can't secure the board. hmm

look at the arrows and numbers on the paper

never mind

and how do you fix the plank? lol sorry! I need step by step instructions.

use board on the floor then use nails from the picture then use hammer, then head with rope on the lever

thanks Megipoland

thanks Leroy


good night all, it's late in Poland, have to go to sleep, bye :)

oh, ty, ty! i could have sworn i tried using hammer on picture before.

thanks for your help everyone...

Nite megi I enjoy my new post apocalyptic day of sunshine LOL

no one ever said HOW to get turtle head, I have tried everything in my inventory and can't get one.

Finally. The head on the right can be cut off. Out.

Use skateboard and then plane when you're in the air to get past the gargoyle.

WOW! that was a fast bit of game! Went to finish he SD game, come back and a new game WAS live and the GONE! Hope some peeps are still around to answer questions! LOL By the time I get this out, there will probably be a WT! I HOPE! ;)

anybody still around?
Where are pencil and cloth?

That was quite difficult!

Had to peek at the comments but those didn't help as much as they usually do.


There is no cloth!
Use the screwdriver on the podium and then put the ruby into it. You get the pencil from the safe that you open using the infrared glasses with the scrap of paper (just click the glasses and then the paper)

Thnx Momma Cyndi...i saw someone mentioned about cloth *hmm*...btw, where's the sd?

nvm... i got it :) :)

Where are we supposed to fix the board with the nails and hammer? Is there a hotspot where we are supposed to do the repair?

The SD is in the flowers (on the left)

The board and the nails go on the floor where the iron door is

how do I get the nails out of the painting?

Is anybody still here? What do you cut the turtle head off with?

Ah - saw once you are past ogre

finde kein code und keine brille udn kein stift

wo ist der rubin? finde kein und bekomme auch ncihts vom faultier

Marita, bist du noch da?

I guess there is no way out of the statue/pic loop...how the heck did I manage that? Had to restart!

Cute game....thanks for all the comments, as disjointed as they are, I did figure my way out! LOL

how do i open the metal door ihave the code but how do i enter it?

A bit late but a wt for those who get stuck after all.

Turtle scene: pick up ruby from red flowers (right from middle turtle).

Pick up the sd from the left near brown flowers.

Go down and get painting.

Go down and zoom in on gap. Use sd and put ruby in. Get goggles.

Go up twice to turtle scene and go right. Pick up paper/empty map.

Use goggles on empty map and get code.

Use code on keypad to get flipchart paper and pen.

Go right to hulk scene. Click on boots (he will automatically put them on) while sliding to hulk click on chain. Get hammer and saw.

Go left and down and pick up the rope.

Go left and use the saw on the bench.

Go up and use the saw (zoomed in) on the right turtle head.

Go down and right twice to scene with lever.

View painting and use hammer on it (upper right corner) to get screws.

Put board on thing near gap, use screws and hammer.

Combine rope and turtle head and use it on lever.

Go over gap and take wheels.

Zoom in on painting and use the flipchart paper and then the pen to get code for door.

Use the code to open the door.

Combine wheels and skateboard.

Use skateboard and as soon as he jumps from the ramp use paper plane.

And out ;)


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