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Killer Escape Walkthrough

Killer Escape

Killer Escape is another point & click scary escape adventure game developed by PsionicGames. Set in a cold dark cell where a mysterious and twisted serial killer is holding you, you must escape from this place by whatever necessary means. simple as that! Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game may not be suitable for children since it contains mature themes, digital blood and scary moments!

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Killer Escape Walkthrough
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I have been away afc for 4 hours...lol...another live!

let's give this game a try

such a lovely place! where can I put the fuse...or use the key?

Hi, @snugglebunny!
Now, that is a good avatar name! lol

well, I don't think the note from under the brick is any help!

Hmmm game already annoying me LOL

I have 2 keys and 2 note parts where is the fuse?

ohh...still alive?

yep...@leroy..did you get the fuse from spiderweb, key from dogfood...and the notes? I can't do anything!

Yeahh...hi nokra, drops :P , snugglebunny(indeed such a great name <3 ) and avatar !

ALK ALK ALK!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!

Where is the other key please?

Aaaah now SD and crawled thru vent...

OUCHH...my ears =)

Oh....creepy! I hadn't dug into the rat yet! UGGHHHHH

C'mon leroy!!!!! share , please!

OK I'm outta here! BYE!

LOL gday all Im trying to get overload generator to run now...

Nokra upper right in pipes in cell is SD
Left view lower left is vent...

looks like i have to start the game again LOL

hi Leroy

OK deactivated the cooling system (Evil chuckle)

woow..havent play for such a long time an escape...but this game is ..well great ;-)

hi alkmar=)

That was a delightful Christmas-themed escape...if you're Jigsaw.

made the paper...with the "numbermessage"on it...need 9 digit code too

This comment has been removed by the author.

where is SD, all i have is 2 piece of paper and 2 keys

Nasty safe LOL But I just opened it...

Look up in first view for SD.

Snuggles see my earlier comment ..

girls and boys, I have to leave this game...will be back another time (messup in the head ) going first to another game for a warming up . Good luck and see ya XX

ty Jason

LOL OK Alks...
I now have fueled up generator, placed all fuses and key wheel...

Also put torn up note together for a clue... (looks like it might be for the safe...)

Overload generator running now (another evil chuckle)

Hi all - I have red,green,yellow fuses - need one more. Also need the key wheel - anyone remember where those are?

Hmmm stuck now... How to make sure failsafe switches stay off?

where's the key wheel ??

you need the tape for the failsafe switches. I think it was behind the brick in the cell

Annaby keywheel in safe behind girl picture...

Key wheel in safe.

TY Annaby I forgot about that brick LOL very handy SD in this game....

Where is blue fuse?

thanx annaby .. thought it was more complicated :D had the tape from the beginning !!

One fuse was in body hand from locker... I think all others were under spiderwabs

n how do i open the safe ?? :D

thanks - how do you work the safe? I've got everything done except for the overload generator. I have the clue from the pieces of paper

OK 3 dials maxed now

Safe (timing helps..) top light click centre of dial on 6 then 1 and I forget last number (might be 9??)

it's 6 2 1 .... maybe :D

now how to max the pressure ???

How to stabilise?? Grrr

watch where the steam is coming out and click the appropriate wheel (follow the pipes)

still can't find blue fuse :(

Blue fuse in spider web near body.

Have key that doesn't work in either overdrive generator or cell door. Hmmm?

already got whatever was in the 2 webs in the room with the body

Ok worked it out LOL turn valve on each leaky pipe but do it quickly...

finally found blue fuse - missed a web above the cooling system

did it annaby n still cant start the generator !!

Only the other valves to work out now....

Anyone know where the red fuse is located?

You both got the pipe from first room to connect the generator?

Whoo Hoo - I'm out

the red fuse was either in the dead girl's hand or a spider web

Look for more spiderwebs travis...

how to set the individual regulators ??

E-addict - the big individual wheels or the dials on the boiler? The boiler will blow itself up once the overload generator is turned on

big individual wheels LOOL

where's the pipe ?? in the cell ??

@twassel - do you have 2 keys? one key for locker and one for overload generator

E-addict - yes, pipe in cell

yeah the individual wheels !

the big wheels you just have to keep turning (fast if possible) until the switch trips

This was actually a pretty good game - thought it might be too gory for me ...

LOL Too hard for me Annaby I consider myself escaped...

where are you stuck @Leroy? LOL, you need a lot of patience for this game

yeah its working thanx annaby !!

good job @E-addict - too bad there are so many wheels :)

Annaby I lost my patience trying to spin those stupid valve wheels LOL I hate tricks like that...

Have two keys. Missing pipe. Maybe key doesn't work without pipe. Is there a key to the cell to get at the storage bin?

Okay, now I have everything put together, but it's saying I need to check to see if the main pressure valve is maxed. Everything is maxed but failsafes!!! I have no clue what to do now.

ok set all valves but still get the message when trying to turn the main wheel near the generator !!

Ah, that was it. Key doesn't work until pipe is in. Out now. Good game.

E-Addict - you have 4 fuses, pipe, fuel, key?

@Travis - did you tape down the falisafes?

I thought I did! How many failsafes total?

the boiler isnt blowing !!!!

I think 4 - don't forget the one in the cell

E-addict - is there a dial on the boiler not maxed?

yeah annaby n all gauges r now to the max !!!

Okay - I have 3 failsafes taped. 1- The Cell, 2- by the boiler, 3- by the lockers. Am I missing any?

what message are you getting? sounds like you've done everything ...

I thought there were 4 failsafes - don't remember where they all were. But I could be wrong

Argh! Found it in the storage room tucked into a dark corner... and I'm out! Thanks for all the help, guys!

i've done everything .. sure bout it !! tried to take cover back in the cell but didnt work !! :D

congrats @Travis!

@E-Addict - I guess you'll have to consider yourself out then. Unless maybe you missed a failsafe?

i'm out .. thanx annaby for your patience !! :D



I'm a huge horror fan myself, adn I like horror gmaes too; but mostly it's about cheap splatter orgys that 17 year-old whippersnappers might find 'k3wl'...but not me...

But this is really "horror with a brain" (and a great story!)
Congratulations to the maker!

* minus *
1 STAR for the (literally) 'horrible' technique to operate the wheels! This was really "the pure horror" ;)

(otherwise it would've been a 5 star without a doubt)

I guess this game is brutally hard to play on a Thinkpad with their red "control warts" :)
You will probably not get any of those gauges maxes out because when you're finished fiddling, pressure has gone back to 1 or 0...

lol @arbeitslooser - indeed, those wheels were the true horror!

good game. can't believe I was so daft I couldn't figure out to use screwdriver on pipe.

Well, I was enjoying this game and doing quite well until I couldn't find the red fuse. After watching the walkthrough, the red fuse does not seem to exist in my game at all!!! So thumbs down since I wasted a s lot of time and couldn't even finish :(

OK, having spent 10 minutes trying to max the regulators, and only ever making it half way, I'm done.

Need more escape games like this. Multiple rooms, good puzzles that make sense, a decent story and graphics and no mindless clicking just to find the next hotspot.


The red fuse is on the bottom of the door by the boiler

dumbass turny things!
Nice game but I can't turn those wheels to max - I get to about 7 and the darn thing goes straight back to one - maybe this game is just laptop unfriendly

Definitely easier to giggle back and forth with a mouse. Still not easy though.

Would have gotten top marks if it were not for the carpel tunnel syndrome that it induced.

Tried every pixel, still can't find the red fuse?!

The location of the fuses obviously change with every game. Went back in and this time the red fuse is in the web that is in the view of the writing on the wall - in the cell you originally are in

Video Walkthrough:


@Cyndi see? hence my Thinkpad remark above !!
You'd work your ass off on a portable thingy with those stupid wheels!

Unless you connect an external mouse to it...(but then I'd recommend switching the "wart" resp. the touchpad off first! Otherwise there'll be business as usual lol...)

I enjoyed this one and only had to look at the comments once when I couldn't find the pipe.

Finally found my red fuse, in spider web when looking at writing on wall in original cell.


Im a tad late by the dates here.. but this was a good one. My last fail safe was on the left as soon as I walked into the dark storage.. couldnt see it just have to move your mouse around. Good luck! This was one of the better ones Ive played!

where is the fuse?

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