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Locked Around The Clock

[REPLAY] Locked Around The Clock is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by 45rpm. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving the puzzles inside this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Okay, the "numbers in Japan" drawer kinda did me in. Looked up all kinds of stuff online and didn't figure it out. Coming back to that.

Hmmmm Lots and lots of interesting things to play with LOL

numbers in Japan

@MegiPoland: why EWS?

I put wood under tube in right shelves?? But why??

Same here, @Leroy. I also don't know why you can see the left side of the filing cabinet. If there's a pixel there to be clicked, I haven't found it yet.

EWS doesnt work for me..

Using @Megi's EWS clue, I got a red air-blowing thingy. Used it on the top middle square cabinet to get a purple capsule, which has a battery inside. No idea what to do with it.

Aha! Now I know why you can look on the side of the cabinet! Try opening the drawers while you're there.

letters are changing
7= E

click the button on right side of cabinet and take a wood back

use wood to open tha wardrobe

TY that got me a battery LOL

Wow! Roman numeral explosion on the TV.

@Megi: Why do those letters equal those numbers?

don't know, Tallulah Jean

there is a green 1 on the pencil

Do i have to build a pulley system to hold door open?? LOL

I solved clock and got a little pulley looking thingid

On my pencil there's a little green 5.

It seems to me the TV roman numerals must have to do with the shapes in the four boxes on the square bookshelf, but I'm not sure what the sequences are trying to tell me.

Aaaah clue from hanging pulley thingie..

POP on the roman numerals! :D

Hang it in 2 slots above shelves...

How did you fire up the TV?

Okay, where do you find the heart?

Can I get a clue on the clock the draw time/code

@Jorge: if you've got the roman numerals code from the TV, draw a line from each roman numeral to the next in sequence, and it shows you which shapes to use in each box on the shapes code door.

@Leroy: have you figured out the clue from the purple paper you got from the hanging pulley thingy? I'm stuck.

Thanks Tallulah Jean. I need to turn on the TV first though lol

LOL It looks like numbers from the green\white lines as per the 4 digit code box plus values for club heart and spade...
I need to know how to fire up tv...

@Jorge and Leroy: Go to side view of file cabinet and open the drawers...

LOL Ty I missed that view.. I was trying to look on the drawer sides from front on view Grrrr

Thanks again TJ

No problem! Now somebody go find the heart, lol.

OK pulley stretchy thing now.. LOL

My shapes don't work, what am I doing wrong?

Geeze Im dragging my butt in this game LOL

pat draw the shapes using roman numbers on the clock

springy thing has heart on the back....

and number in it....

The heart is on the other side of the pully thing, Just flip it over

@Leroy: does springy thing = pulley stretchy thing? I can't get mine to flip over or open or whatever.

I have done that but it is not working for me, I have diamond, hexagon rectangle and hexagon

Ahh! Success!

sorry the meant the spring thing. I havent been able to get the pully

jorge pulley thing use colour buttons to align all hands at 12 on the other clock

@Pat: I think everyone's clues are different. Mine was triangle six-sided-thingy circle inverted triangle.

Darn, will keep trying

Oo! TWO numbers in pulley/springy thingie, one behind each side.

Im having a hard time working out the 4 digit code...
Mine looks like 5971 for the digits (green\white clue) and 831 for the spade, heart,spade...

meant club heart spade Sorry LOL

thanks Leroy

Hmmm the 2 numbers for heart gives 5 digit number????

@Leroy - do you have 2 numbers in your springy thing, too? If I use both I get 9875 for my club-heart-spade set, which makes any numbers I add to it more than 4 digits, which means I can't plug them into the 4 digit area, which means I'm confused.

What I mean by two number is: I have a 7 under the left side and an 8 under the right.

Yes, you answered as I was trying to write my question. I type slow with a fat-ass cat laying on one arm, lol.

This thing says the game difficulty is medium. If I'm having this much trouble I'd hate to see hard, lol.

I had 53 LOL so final number is 8531 then add 5971 (someone check that?) hence 5 digits

LOL Im lucky cat leaving alone at the moment..

I am confused with the final door code

The thing I figured with the green/white lines was that green lines on the clue show lines that *would* be in the number, and white shows lines that *wouldn't* be in the number (that is, those lines would be white when the number was showing). Is that how you figured yours out too, @Leroy?

Sort of I was flicking thru digits in codebox and comparing whites and greens... If all numbers are green (like codebox) then that would make last one 8?

Yeah, you're doing the same thing I was. Too bad it hasn't helped us figure out the answer, lol. I'm totally stuck!

Isn't the green number code the results of your Club, heart spade with the additions of the lines below? My original four are 9785 which I would think should equal 3926 when the lines at the bottom are added to the top numbers but that won't work. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Why can't I hang my springy thingy on that lever in the closet so I can hold it down and get that cord under the spade picture, lol. It would totally work in real life!

AAHHH! Emily, you're a genius! ::runs off to try::

Emily we all stuck there LOL

I know Leroy - I just don't get why my logic is failing when it seems like that should be the answer. Mind you, I'm not exactly at my sparkling best today!

Worked for me LOL TY Emily

Emily, that totally worked for me! It turned 9875 into 7938 and opened the cabinet! Keep trying, you've figured it out!

LOL now have pulley system hooked up...

Thanks Leroy and Tallulah. Stupid brain can figure it out but I still can't make my own numbers work!

Are we supposed to click the arrows and add up till we reach 1010

Emily draw digital numbers.. Now if white lines take em away from the green if green add em

I don't know, Jorge. I have no idea what the final door code wants. It's been like that all night, lol. Can't brain tonight, I have the dumb.

Hmmm got key for door but another code? LOL will it never end?

Thanks Leroy. That's the exact theory I'm working with but for some reason my numbers won't work. I don't know if it's a bug or my brain. I'll come back later and try again. Best of luck getting out, guys.

I'm pretty sure there's a bug when digits are equal, dunno.... Gunna keep trying I guess

The numbers go through the same sequence no matter what buttons you push, it seems...? So what difference does it make what sequence of buttons you press?

Okay, no matter which door buttons I press, the numbers go:
then if I push again an x appears and I get a buzzer sound. :-/ No idea what this all means.

Think I'll try drawing that on the clock, too, lol.

Funny as lot of used items now in the green bin LOL



1314 *brute forced the first digit

So my advice, determine the ones you can, then brute force any dodgey ones for now

Yeah, rite, woteva, moving on....

I have different series of numbers Tallulah....

Leroy: figures. That's been the way the game works so far.

Yep so must work out the system AGAIN!! Im still wondering about guitar and that woodie thing in lever cupboard...

It just occurred to me to SAVE MY GAME. I'd die if I came this far and my browser crashed or something.

Leroy, what are your numbers?


       Anonymous  12/3/12, 10:54 PM  

Out! Quite a hard game

Im just helping Dark get to where we are and hope she has some insight LOL

tautau last code How?

       Anonymous  12/3/12, 10:59 PM  

The numbers refer to the hands of clock. 725 means 7:25 or an UP arrow

Damn clocks LOL TY Tautau

Out Yippee LOL Jumps around like a loon....

FYI I played again and the safe code worked first time so I think there may be a bug with one of the codes.

How do you get the rope?

Nvm, pop. -_-;

LOL Jenn read comments most answers there...

Wow, that was almost an excellent game, I think, but for that nasty digital code...I had same numbers as GuruOne, and it should have given 314, the 9 at the beginning cancelling out completely--so where'd the initial 1 come from? Either I'm not understanding it or it's a bug, not really in the game but in the programmer's mind

if anyone is still here, what is this springy thing and where did you find it? where is the clue for clock with the colors?
so lost and alone here

never mind see the clue for colored clock, don't know how i missed it. now to get those hands together! this part is hard

Leroy, I have the same numbers for the digitcode: 8531. What will be the digitcode please?

help with the colored clock please, wish i could just grab the hands and put them where they belong

omg finally got the colored clock! yeah!

still can't flip over springy thing if i have the right thing, it is blue

do i hook it on something?

Stuck with the last code (arrows) at the door. HELP please.

that was a really great game... thank you all for the helping comments =)

@Kees: tautau explained it very well: look at the shown number, i.e. 1010 means 10 mins after 10
set clock arrows like this in your mind and you will see an arrow pointing down... continue with the other numbers you'll get...

Sabine & Kees, how did you get the springy thing to flip?

Brin3m, hook it on the lever in the closet.

@brin3m: open it in the about-view and click left beside it... then it will flip on the back side, you'll see a heart, and if you click on it, left and right, it opens and you get numbers

Brin3 if you mean turn it over click slightly above rightside as I recall

thank you so much Sabine! moving on now!

brin3m, try to click near the lower long side. Then the springy thing turns over. After that click once hook and once ring.

LOL Left or right....

Oeps! To late:) Sabine beat me!

oh drops... it flips at the right side for you? LOL... for me it flipped left...

yw brin3m :)

Ha Leroy, you're still here. Can you help me with the arrow code near the door please?

Sorry sleepy i played it ages ago LOL

LOl... its ok Drops... normally I mix up left and right ;-)

LOL Kees see sabine comment re tautau explanation LOL ie 7.25 means clockhands form an arrow upwards etc just use the numbers that show

@Kees: I wrote a comment especially for you after your question!

Quite simple really but fiendish LOL

And kees I only popped in cos I saw more comments had been added LOL

Thanks Sabine, I didn't see your comment and thanks Leroy. (My blond nog naturel haircolour got down in my brains. LOL)

it doesn't matter Kees... we all have our blonde moments... (I have a lot of them ;-) )

Wow! Miracle! I'm out. Thanks for the help!

Maybe I should let my hair turn natural; that supposed to be grey!

gongtats ;-) time for coffee

LOL... grey is supposed to be interesting ;-)

okay i give up can someone explain the clue in more detail for the arrow code and the door. I see all the numbers my alarm clock is driving me crazy
time on clock matches real time. did i miss something?

never mind i think i finally get it!

nope not working......:(

LOL Brin consider where clockhands are attached and think of that as the tip of the arrow

i did that but i must be visualizing wrong :(
trying again

Brin write down the numbers in order (should be 6) and use a clock to work it out or just post the 6 numbers and i will solve it for you

omg i kept clicking up arrow on 1255 instead of down! thanks for the help and patience!

when you see the number 1010 look at a clock... where are the clock hands? right, one at 10 and one at 2, because it is 10 mins past 10
then imagine, that the hands are touching each other at the middle of the clock... that looks like a V
and now, voilà... you have an arrow pointing down

thanks again, still laughing at myself!

LOL... I was too late... but congrats @brin3m ;-)

LOL simple but fiendish

Fiendish is right. That game was exhausting, lol.

Searched the internet, found the reasons for the 7, 13, 17 puzzle answer so thought I'll post the explanation.

The hints to figure out the answer are:
1. "In Japan"
2. That half-globe thing at bottom left of 9-squares shelf
3. The initial letters "S U N"
4. The numbers 7, 13 and 17

Putting together the hints, we get: In Japan, which is located in the northern hemisphere, the relative position of the sun at 7am, 1pm and 5pm respectively. Hence 7 = E, 13 = S, and 17 = W.

Color clock - For easy (but time-consuming) way, click either B/Y or R/Y button until both blue and red hands stack together. Then alternatiely click B/Y and R/Y, making sure blue and red are together while making yellow hand pointing top. Once yellow points top, click B/R to bring all three to top.

I'm having issues with the digital clock thing ... My numbers are 8531 ... I dont't understand which line applies to which numbers (from the pink piece of paper) ? Please help :)

I am lost where EtSola is...And, I guess nobody is coming back! We seem to have lost all the WT makers!
Not everyone plays live, and people seem to have forgotten about the ones who come later!
It is a pretty cool game...now I'll have to search for another site to see how to finish!

Elsewhere, I found where to put the pulley...I thought the spring thing was the pulley and IT wasn't fitting above the shelves....have the paper now....making sense!

YES! It did take me this long to figure out the 4 digit code... I just could not work out where one digit began and one ended! Got my key!

That was a tough game....Loved it!

       Anonymous  8/12/18, 9:28 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, 45rpm ☺

Pixel hunts:
1) when looking at left side of cabinet, open drawers
2) end of green pencil
3) TV remote can open
4) Blue pulley turns around, and then opens two ways

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