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Must Escape the Wizard's Castle Walkthrough

Must Escape the Wizard's Castle

Must Escape the Wizards Castle is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant. The Wizard's Castle is a wonderful place to discover for an adventurer, but has many magic powers that can be dangerous! Once you enter, the door will lock behind you and it will not let you go unless you complete these tasks: Get rid of the spiders, put away the missing books and light all unlit torches. Take a wand into your hand and click on the right spots, find useful items and solve the puzzles to escape the magical castle! Good luck and have fun!

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Must Escape the Wizard's Castle Walkthrough
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got the key from the mousehole

got the silver key - can only light the yellow flame in second room
stars give you numbers

black key in book

lit the blue fire with 4 coins from spiders

here alone sapped spider for coin looking round for key ah found key

got a tool now from lighting green torches - need water

I am missing red fire and water.

got the tub of water - cleaned and removed mirror - need to water the been in the pot - but how?

got water in the tub zazie but how to get it to the pot??

also missing last book and red fire

How did you get the water? I am wandering around trying to hex everything with my wand..

Can´t find the water....how ?

use the wand on the blue fire and point to the tub - then its full

stuck with wand and mirror
need book, red fire and water for the plant

stupid me - same way - use blue flame on wand for water on plant

and out now - book is upstairs

Thx SM !!! have water in bucket now.

Ah up the beanstalk and solve the pedestal puzzle to get the red fire!

I am out too, thx Selfdefiant, this was fun again :)

and you get the final book for the key!

Fun game - thanks SD!

my wand disappeared twice. cam't finish without it


Coins to light blue torch? My coins must be devalued, I cannot light it

Going in

PL - you need 4 coins to put on the scale - then the blue fire ignites in chimney

out! great game!

out! great game!

Loved it! Thanks SD.

TY SwissMiss - conversion of coins went smoothly LOL

And out

Hey, How do you guys solve the final puzzle? Is there a clue somewhere?

AmyH, you have to light the candels according to the metal colour

@Muhne I meant the puzzle up the bean stalk? With the triangles.. I just need red fire again, the other torches are already lit.. =)

Did you use the mirror tolight the room upstairs? If you walk around there, you'l find the clue at the wall

and out.. Thanks Muhne! I forgot about the mirror.. lol

How do I get the mirror off the wall??

Love these, great fun.

got it, now looking for yellow flame to light candle

How do I get the mirror off the wall??

Tami - you have to clean it with a wet sponge and then use the tool

I can't see the 3 digit clue. SwissMiss said something about stars, but I must have missed them :(

Fun! Great game!!!

found it lol

Rachel - there is a window with stars (not the one with the moon) if you mouse over 3 digits come up

This comment has been removed by the author.

look out the window, above the chest

yay! that was fun!

I actually like these a little more than the Sneaky ones. Great fun

got a tool now from lighting green torches
@swissmiss thanx for the clue

Nice game!

Nice game!

why everybody leave,without give us some help???

THANK YOU !!!!!!!

I hate to call an SD game buggy, but torches won't like, even though I have the color flame that should light them. Puzzles don't work, even when I have the answer.

I could restart, but I don't feel like going through all of that again.


Torches do light but you have to keep your wand out. If you put it back into the inventory, it extinguishes the flame.

Great game!
Sometimes, when I was clicking things with an item in my hand, it seemed to disappear....but when I clicked the inventory box, it was there!
No bugs....fun....TY SD!

Do you light the blue flame and use it on pot with dirt to water it? That isn't working for me.


You have to put the seed into the pot first

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nevermind. I thought the seed was a green gem for some reason.

I never would have gotten water without a hint ;)
good one all round

Read note
Cupboard will appear
Open drawer and get wand – read the note
Use the wand on the spider to the left of the pile of straw and take the COIN
Turn around and light wand. Don’t put it back into your inventory or it will extinguish itself. Turn back and poke the lit wand into the mouse hole to find the key.
Turn back to the door and use the key.

Note the various coloured torches and the pot with soil
Light the wand in each of the coloured flames and then light these torches – don’t put the wand back in your inventory when it is lit or it will extinguish itself
The pot on the right can move for a silver key which is used on the left hand door

Zap the spider next to the tub and take the coin
Look out of the window and click on the stars – three numbers should appear
Turn and zap the spider under the bookcase and take the coin
Pick up the blue book on the table and put it on the bookcase
In the bookcase is a black book. Open it to find the black key.

Use the black key on the right hand door

Zap spider under chair and take coin
Take the dry sponge
Take the book on the right hand chair
Put the 4 coins onto the scale and the fireplace lights up with blue fire
Note there is a box that needs a colour code
Turn around and unroll the blue carpet on the right of the door. Note down the colour code.
Turn back towards the fireplace and put the code into the box on the table. Push the button on the middle of where you put the colour code in and the box opens to give you a bean.

Put the bean into the left hand pot
Go back to the fireplace and get blue fire. Water the bean

Use the wand to get green fire from the torches by the door of the fireplace room and light the candles by the tub – a chest appears. Use the 3 number hint from the stars to get a wrench
Use the wand to get blue fire from the fireplace room and use it on the tub to fill it with water - wet the sponge

Use the wet sponge on the mirror then use the wrench on it to remove the mirror

Go up the beanstalk

Take the book on the stool
Turn around and place the mirror on the hook
Turn back to the stool and note down the arrows on the wall
Turn back to where you put the mirror and use the hint on the arrow puzzle. Slide the lever when you are finished and the torches next to the mirror light up with red fire. Take some with your wand

Place the books into the bookcase and a frame appears with a key in it. Take the key – If you don’t take the key it disappears and you can’t get out

When all of the torches are lit with the coloured flames, a door appears, use the key from placing all the books

the same for me =) I went in circles for the water... thought I have to use the wrench somewhere for it... then SwissMiss saved me... thank you... hugs... water with blue fire...
this game was brilliant... thanks SD

oops... the comment above mine disappeared... LOL ... now there is a WT...

Great and different sort of game. Thanks SD!

cute one.. different but cute! thanks!

great game :)

If an item disappears in your hand, click on an empty inventory location and it'll reappear.

thanx SD - one of the best Must Escape games for ages : )

What a great game! Hope we get more of these SD!

the game was great so far, but I can't do anything any more. I have the mirror, I 've put 2 books on bookcase, lighted all torches, except last one and can't get to the attic...

Verry good game passed

Whooo! This was a fun game.

Thanks for ...

- the hot hint how to get the §$&% water (sneaky with that blue flame tssssk!)

Rest I solved on my own.


Superb game as usual; if you'd like to fix a tiny glitch, you should say that the metal is RED not BLUE on the rightmost torch in the main room.
Currently it says BLUE 2 times.
(cut 'n paste error ;))


HINT: Think Jack And The Beanstalk :))))

arbeitslooser, thank you (I just got in again) but I've already thought of that and I can't make the beanstalk grow up...

ok, now I put the wand in water and the bean grew up! I hadn't thought of that... Selfdefiand's games are always the best!

doris, it always makes sense a lot if you tell where EXACTLY you're stuck. I couldn't but make vague assumptions ;)

So short, but fun. The blue fire --> water was a bit of a logical leap, in my opinion, considering that fire colour/element is not used anywhere else in the game.

Thanks for the tip to get the water!

Great game. needed water tip though. Thanks!!

NEVERMIND. The green torches in the room with the water bucket. If you take the green fire from the middle room and then light the torches you will get the tool. The tool will unbolt the mirror. Take the mirror upstairs and light up the room. Then go to the side of the room with the bean stalk and then remember the code and when you are done putting it in the petestool, take the red fire down stairs then take the key you got from the last book, then you are out.

clicked on link and no game

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