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Shakira Monster Mansion Walkthrough

Shakira Monster Mansion

Shakira Monster Mansion is a new point and click type adventure game created by InkaGames. Help Shakira save her boyfriend Pike from the evil Beetlejuice! Good luck and have fun!

Play Shakira Monster Mansion

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Going in and already know I need a lot if help :)

Stuck with 5 items and the dead keep grabbing my legs, hahaha

Picked up the chewing gum, rope, shovel, and map of cemetery. Now what? I can't hook the rope on anything and I keep getting grabbed.

Use odd shape on map.

use something to put on the map

Finally was able to pick up the branch after 5 attempts. Don't know what to do with it, though.

Thanks! Very helpful! Now I can move forward.

used gum with grenade in cave to blow up the scarecrow.

where is granade?

Odin: dig it up at X in the graveyard

dig at x

Tried to tie rope around tree but guess I have to tie up the bat. Kicked the post to wake it up. It flew away and returned but is still upside down. How do I tie up the bat?

help im stuck at the front door i have pumpkin snake branch hook and doorbell

Just wacked the snake in front of the house with shovel. Got doorbell for statue but the rope is in the way. Tried to climb through window but got killed. And union and garlic won't work with me LOL


Zenki: same place as you. When you peek through the window you can throw the stick to the cat, but is says 'something' is missing.

After several attempts, my cowgirl skills finally kicked in and I was able to lasso the bat.

oh wow a live inka game, going in

You can also pick up snake skin.
Hi Bigtank!

Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice, shame on me. Glad I had the shovel. That filthy snake won't be biting me anymore!

Has anyone found a knife?
he skull from the bell obviously goes into the statue and (I presume) the string attaches to the snake and the branch to get rid of the cat

Too bad I broke the shovel. I could use it right about now to help dig up those plants. Guess I'll have to be creative.

Progress! Use skull and rope on the 'knife' (don't know the word) from the statue. Then place the skull.

the scythe of death cuts the string!

Cat eating fish :)

hi catqueen this bat is driving me nuts,wait for him to come back and still can lasso him


Kick the pole and as he takes off throw the rope

Bigtank, kick the tree and quickly grab the rope to catch him.

Finally made it into the house.

great thanks rsa and catqueen

Have pumpkin and sd. Use sd on brick outside.

ok i have map and face curved pumpkin what now? i must do sth to stop that monster which have spinach in its room i have used screwsider to weaken concrete and removed brick

catqueen use sd on pumpkin

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH tie his boots together throug the hole LOL

Now the gang is all here LOL

Thanks Odin!

anyone know how to defeat the dracula

I stole all the things from the troll and read the book. There's a LOT of evil characters. Do we need the garlic for the count?

need garlic but don't know how to open spinach to make myself stronger....

Resilient little South American diva isnt she LOL

Clever Odin :)

i need help to get rid of scarecrow

Use the scythe again for the tin

Use can on scyth! Got me spinache.

Callum: use grenade and gum in cave below.

dont forget to grab the hat from troll

Callum Clarke

From underneath, put the gum on the grenade that you dug up in the cemetery, take the pin out and put it on the X on the ceiling

thanks guys

open spinach by scythe

use the scythe again to open the spinach

You have to drill the coffin and put the garlic in it!

now how to use garlic on dracula xD


Thanks Owen. Use hat on pumpkin and give it to the headless horseman, then give helmet to blue knight for a sword.

You must go to the room with the headless rider and offer him the carved pumpkin with the purple hat.!

You're welcome :)

Give spinache to weak termite. Got killed by the giant spider.:(

how to open that chest in spider room?

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soak rag with tears of one eye monster, than squeeze the rag in the bucket, and use it to kill spider...

The book says that the spider can only be overcome with the one eyed monster's tears. Termite eats wooden block, use the red rubber band and the onion and shoot the red monster.

Don't have tears yet but managed to pass the chessbord floor near frankenstein. (use picture)

shame, caught Thing using the watch and the mouse trap

I don't know, how get garlic and onion...:( Can anyone help me? :(

must find matches i believe they are in the chest

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Thx Cyndi and Pamarina. Now I need a train for little Caspar ghost.

Callum: first beat the cat. Combine stick, rope and snakeskin.

Ateneartemi: use spinache to get stronger.


Get the spinach and eat it (use) and you will be strong enough to pull up the garlic and the onion

how do u make him cry

Callum: onions make me cry....

Beethoven fixed my voilin. So many places to go and to do.

what to do with the guy who transforms in a werewolf?

i need help with the red monster

callum clark you have to make a slingshot to fire the onion to make hime cry, use the wood and termite

Where is the violin?

ohhhh you must give the man the umbrella and then ask him to stand into the circle...

Used wrecking ball and battery to knock down the skeleton with machine. I didn't do the werewolff yet.

And again, where's the umbrella?

that book is mighty handy

what do you have to do with the green skeleton?

I need the umbrella to and haven't managed to open the chest.

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Owen: attack him in the back with battery, ball and machine in the other room.

wheres the umbrella

Catqueen: Thanks! The umbrella is in the room next to the room with the 2 ghosts.

Catqeen, yes but then we have to defeat evil witch and I don't have the violin...

Thx Owen. I haven't opened that door yet. Gave Caspar the train but the uncl keeps scaring me.

does anybody know the code

you have to ask gaspar if he will call his uncle, then the uncle goes to the other picture and you must be very fast and pick up the paper on the chair.

Pamarina: I'm so sorry but I can't remember where the violin was. Be sure to get a thread from the spiders web to fix the violin. (once you've found it)

nearly won i have map mike wazowsky paper plane loaded blowgun pencil paper with code note painting violin bucket picture drill rag and book

i must find her secret i think that bird knows it but i cant get it from him anybody help?


how to kill the cat? /window/- i dont know....

violin repaired with web strand... But I lagging behind badly LOL I just threw the onion in the one eyed monster and became his bride?

@Leroy LOL!
I have 4 masks from the chest. Let's put them in the frames.

HOW TO KILL THE CAT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what to do with the phantom of the opera?

Don't shout Jan, it's in the comments above.
Use branch, rope an snakeskin on fishbowl.

jan kowalski

Skull in statue, move statue
String, stick, hook and snake combined.
Catch fish from window where statue was
Dangle fish out of window that statue wasn't.
Cat eaten by fish

This comment has been removed by the author.

give him copy of 5th symphony

Owen: I'm with you right there. Use paper with holes on paper on the wall, but do'nt know what to do with that clue.

Did anyone see the hint of how to place the masks?

Who can translate this : la fuente de su energia y magia se la otorga su peine dorado ?

im stuck at the green skeleton

Catqueen; I already did that too, but I don't know what to do now..

Thought I could use the battery for light to get the train but no luck. Guess I have to open the chest. Tried using the drill but it doesn't work.
A little help, please.

Odin: ofcourse....I wondered why I had empty paper and pen. :)

RSA ; the hints are in the red book.

Beethoven is a very handy guy. Combined the paper and the pen and he wrote me some music. Still wondering around looking for how to place the masks

Tarisa: when you enter the room, look at footprints. After the light is out, follow that path to get the train.

wheres the pen#

Thanks Owen, is it the 1243?

catqueen move paper with holes until you find 4 digits - code for room before beetlejuice


CATQUEEN; OOOOH I'VE GOT IT ! you must give the pencil and paper to beethoven and he's gonna write something on it, then you must give it to the phantom!

dumassery is me ! Read the text

I'm tryiing to play the piano, but no luck so far.

RSA; no, above the 1243 thing is a story about the emotions and you have to put it in the correct order.

odin: it translates to "the source of their power and magic gives it its golden comb"

Thank you Catqueen. I thought I tried that but I will give it a try again.

does anyone know where the pen/pencil is for beetle juice to write the music

I am stuck on last room i used mike wazowsky to distract her and used loaded blowgun with antidote on him but i still need to get rid of her but i dont know how

Note@myself: read the book for piano.

im stuck in the plants how can i get the plants

Shakira does Mozart? LOL album for the Xmas stocking.....

OOH i must grab her golden comb but i dont know how lol

i can't do it :(

im stuck i need to find something to write with


anyone knows the answer to the plants?

use the spinache

click on the painting and remove the part with x

where can i get it

Odin; how do you have to get the golden comb?

who need help i won already

jan kowalski
Are you still trying to get past the cat?

i need help with finding the pen/pencil

I WON ! =)

Got a code using the paper and the stencil but have no idea where to use it.

you need mike wazowsky to distract her, loaded blowgun with antidote cherry to cure him, letter with la fuente de su energia y magia se la otorga su peine dorado written on it changed to plane to throw it to him to control him to grab comb

Can't get the green potion in the blowgun. When I enter beetlejuice room her squeezes me. Still have many things in inventory and no idea about a golden comb.

odin can u tell me where the pen/pencil is for beethoven

which x im stock

rsa where do i use the stencil just going round in circles, and sorry for my lack of help i can not remember where anything that i have found was lol


Green potion goes on the cherry and then combines with the blowgun

Now I can't get past the mean ghost. I read the comment about having him call his uncle but I can't talk to him because "it is too dangerous". What am I doing wrong?

Catqueen: I just needed a little patience to get past the prankster. Thank you, again.

yes i finish it thanks odin


That one I do remember :) on the wall when you give the phantom the Beethoven symphony.

what do i make to get the plants out

tarisa i went to the door first and then back to casper to speak to him

you must aproach greenjuice from room with bird and pen is in next room to beethowen if i remember right on the place where you defeated the monster fell out the pen


Walk around the red part on the floor

i am stuck at the piano i cant get past door


Eat spinach

oh not got in that room yet, needed a clue for the masks, but i saw a comment earlier will look back thanks

rigg eat spinach

Tarisa: be quick. As soon as Caspar has called his uncle, click the paper on the chair in the left painting.

Thx Cyndi! I've put the green guy through the window and use blowgun on guy behind beetlejuice.

tank read the book it has clues

Callum Clarke

by the phantom?
You have to get the symphony from Beethoven to give to him

Callum: read the book for piano clue.

but i dont have any spinache

i do it, and what now? :)

how do u get the 5th symthany

The spider web strand dissapeared when i killed the spider, did that happen to anybody else???

give paper and pencil to beethoven

does anyone know where to use the code from the paper? The O3YH clue?

how can i get trough the monster whit the violet hat

i cant find the pencil

rigg you must get inside first
callum give beethowen paper with pen

I can't believe I got stuck in the ghost room! That was so simple! I didn't think I could walk to the door without getting rid of the mean ghost.
Glad you guys are here to help! Thanks!

how do u get the pen

Odin: you speak about a letter to throw folded as a plane. But I only have the paper with the scroller.


Get rid of the cat
Use the screwdriver on the brick,
Tie the guy's shoes
Go back in and open the door on your left
then you can get the spinach

but i cant remove the stone that is on the wall outside the house

the which keeps getting me

Rigg: after the fish ate the cat get the SD and use it on the brick.
I don't remember where i found the pen.

Same question as Callum has asked over and over... where to find the pencil? Oh and how to get past the witch? I play that violin like crazy and still get taken.

it has en error because i dont have an scrow driver it deasapiert when i used in the pumpkin

Use the screwdriver on it first

its behind the witch but i dont know how to do that

ok well i gues i have to start over

Terry Jackson

You have to get Beethoven to tune it first

done it

Callum: fix violin with string from spidersweb and then let Beethoven tune it first. Then play it for the witch.

I hope Odin is so quiet due to frantic walkthrough writing :)
I'm stuck like glue

Where r u stuck Cyndi?

It seems I need a letter with 'la fuente de su energia y magia se la otorga su peine dorado' written on it.

I've got Mike, the loaded peashooter and a paper with a code on it. Not sure where to use the code. There is something else that needs doing after Mike makes him laugh and you shoot your boyfriend

how to get gold comb

Cyndi: I'm in exact the same spot as you. Didn't use the paper and ruler clue yet and no paper to fold a plane. Running around like mad now.

how can i open the spinache can

Rigg: use it on the scyth from statue.

thanks :)

Me ook Catqueen.
the only place I can think of where I can't remember putting in any numbers was where the Audrey plant picture was.

I´m in front of Beetlejuice. How to defeat him?

The letter is in the wall safe behind where the flower picture was. When you have the code paper with the decoder, you need to move the decoder around until you see a four digit number. Use that number on the keypad to open the safe for the letter.

golden comb anybody

how can i get rid of the dracula

garlic and the dril

i have no idea how to get the golden comb from beetlejuice

Got it: In the room with the plant picture, use the code from paper and ruler.

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