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Shinobi's Hall

Nifty - Shinobi's Hall Escape is another Japanese point and click adventure game developed by Nifty. Try to escape this place by finding items and solving puzzles. There are at least 5 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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A bit of a language barrier. Loads of items (candle, throwing stars, and several clues that need translating including one under the mat on opening scene

The wrench in upper right corner leads to a save game icon (the one on left)
Also have found Incense Burner, Sword and scroll

Found all the same things as you, but can't figure out the clues. Trying to brute force the drawer. I'm pretty sure there's a mountain, the swirly symbol on the lamp, and the trees under the bird thing, but I don't know 4th symbol (fire maybe?) or the order. I put candle on the candle holder, but nothing to light it.

you can put incense burner back down, but I bet it needs to be lit first.

Oh--just used sword to get under floor boards in different spot. looks like we need 4 throwing stars

Put candle on burner (black thing) use lantern to light candle

Red box is mountain, flame, tree, water.

Holes in the scroll if you click it twice. They look like they might reveal a code, but where to use?

LOL I thought the trees were chicken feet TY for order

Red box is mountain, flame, tree, water.

Thank you, sleepystudent! But now what?

Put candle on candle holder and use on glowing box in first scene to light candle.

I was unable to BF the 2 digit code between yellow/green doors
Best I can tell the sign above reads F 8 F 4

I can't brute force them either... I'm guessing that the 4 F 8 F would equal something which we need to put into the door to open it.

So stuck. I do not know where to use any items or how to get the key out of the grate on the wall

It's a 4digit code guys ;)

Hint for the green/yellow door is the brown door. Count the lines of 4 parts and choose them on g/y door.

@guruone, we realize that, but we don't know the code! Were you able to get in?

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Progress! Now need the last star before i go out! Found a stick somewhere on top of the doors!

Guys what's the code?

3 5 4 1

三 五 四 一

Go to where you got a star off the wall. Make a crank out of the stick and put it in the hole. Get something from the first view.

Thanks moRyEL_!!!!!!
Urm, stupid question, how do I get the rest of the screen to open up? I can only see the 41 part.

nm, found the stick :)

Got key :)

okay, I'm not seeing a two digit code. Wait! Have you opened both doors yet?

there's a bendable stick holding the left door shut

Stuck on star order...the sign on the writing not working. :(

2 different endings so far... gotta figure out ninja star!

match the symbols to those above the doors

Stick is a crank.

Brute forced the Ninja starzzz.... SPOILER...................


has anyone got the key from the grate yet? or found the fourth star?

Got the scroll overlap but i don't get what it's saying. :( Help??

Yay! use wood from stick in incense pot then light on fire and put pot back in place, then turn fully around the room and get ninja star hint!

Got out with 2 stars.

Key clue.. see scroll

and out :)

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My wood piece is stuck in the star hole as a crank

Thanks for the hint! Got all 3 endings! Yeah!! :D

Where is the 4th star? Is this a clock hand? Where to use it?

Found 4th star and out.

for the 4 symbols
check the tatami on the floor which wrote
花(flower)鳥(bird)風(wind)月(moon) from right to left so you got the pw for the red box

shuriken order (star swords order)
check the poster above the incense burner after you put a lighted wood in
but the order is 1 4 3 2 from top to bottom by the Hiragana on the poster

I have left by a door, a window?, a floor trap door, But...did not get the key from round vent, nor have I opened the red box that needs a key.
Where is the incense stick, please?
What to do with the movable armor????

Used wood flake from door and candle to fire up the incense pot, got three 'suriken' and came out of big barred and padlocked door, only to be set on by ninja. Congrats to mel and others who made it out,I've just got to go to bed. Thanks for all tips, much appreciated. Good game, I think!

POP...gave the armor the sword, right wall opens, put yin/yang and the key is released!

TY @mik6...got the wood piece using short blade...I thought it was a symbol...lol

Found 3 endings, but I think there's one more; I haven't figured out what to do with the scrolls or candle. The scrolls say something about a lucky cat (neko koban, or ねこ こばん), but I'm not sure what the kanji means...

what symbols do we use behind yellow/green doors. Nothing seems to work

evans - the code behind the green/yellow doors is based off of the bottom half of the doors with the 4 symbols (moon on the far right) and is


At starting scene, notice the four shapes on doors. Count the number of strokes for each (by moRyEL_). Tatami on floor can be lifted to reveal another set of hints: 花(flower), 鳥(bird), 風(wind) and 月(moon), from right to left (by Shuchun).

Turning left, we see two sliding doors but the left one is stuck. Click somewhere top left of left door (you'll notice an extra brown line there) to find a foldable stick. Now you can open both doors to input the code 三五四一, thus unlocking the hidden room.

To explore the hidden room, we need some lighting. Pick up the candle stand on the table, turn left, click on the sliding drawer near bottom right of scene to find candle, combine them together, then use on the ground lantern to light up the candle.

In hidden room, solve the sliding puzzle on left of wall to reveal an exit. Click on exit for one of the endings. Else, find a shuriken in top left sliding drawer and turn back for now.

In hidden entrance scene, pick up another shuriken from left black opening, then use the folded stick as a crank. A kunai drops, so we pick it up.

Another left (or right from starting scene), we find lots of drawers and a hanged scroll. Click around for items: Red scroll, katana, shuriken, incense pot. Use kunai on panel behind hanged scroll, and pull that ring.

Remember the tatami hint? You use the answer on the red chest puzzle. By now you have access to all four objects, thus the corresponding symbols: Flower (lantern) = Waves; Bird (table) = Trees; Wind (kanji) = Fire; Moon (door) = Mountain. Receive yin-yang ball from clearing this puzzle.

Back to starting scene, you find a rope hanging. Pull it to find a key, which is for the lock in front of you. Unlocking it drops the last shuriken, pick it up unless you plan to go out for another ending.

Use kunai on the object on leftmost door, receive piece of wood, place it in incense pot, and use candle to burn it. Place the pot below hanged scroll, go to another scene then come back to find hints.

Notice the shapes resemble the ones on the shurikens. Order from top to bottom: ひよみふ = 1432 (by Shuchun). Now go to table scene, lift up the right tatami, and place the shurikens in correct order. From left to right the slots are 四三二一 = 4321. Open the hatch and go down for an ending, else turn back to find the rest of items.

Red scroll gives hints on how to arrange the suit of armor (with katana), doing so reveals an opening where you place the yin-yang ball. Now you can take the key for red box, which in turn gives you a green scroll.

If you go down the hatch holding two scrolls, you get one ending, whereas you get another if you combine both scrolls.

List of endings:
- Amusement park
- Caught in action
- Failed master ninja test
- Passed master ninja test
- Defeated the corrupted officer

Interesting enough (if I'm not mistaken), the symbols for red drawer, from right to left can be interpret as Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain or 風林火山, a battle tactic used during sengoku period.

Its time I learn Japaneses. A crash course for escape enthusiasts: numbers, letters,year symbols, and "excuse me where is the bathroom please" in case I ever make it to Japan in person. Lovely game. Thanks!

where is the last shuriken? the one with drop sign? I found 3 of them... one from drawer, one from the left black hole and the 3rd from below the armor guard statue in most left door of the cupboard...pls tell me where is the 4th one?

Sam, it is on the ground, 1st vieuw after you pulle the cord ;)

Sam, it is on the ground, 1st vieuw after you pulle the cord ;)

Sam, it is on the ground, 1st vieuw after you pulle the cord ;)

Hmmm, no rope for me. How do you trigger it?

POP Ahhh now I know why my kunai is still available!! (keyword 'gobelin' ;))

       Anonymous  2/19/18, 5:34 AM  

caught this one from the random section

had to rely on the Japanese speaking ppl - thx

thx for creating this game, Nifty ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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