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Sneaky Escape

Sneaky Escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yizzim and Melting-Mindz.com. You are known all over the city as the best escape artist there ever was. This doesn't sit well with the other escapers out there. They all want to be the best. You were taken to this strange place by a few masked men. The anual escapathon is being held this weekend and you might not make it if you don't find a way out of here. Do whatever it takes to escape! Good luck and have fun playing!

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brick with silver key in the area with door furthest to the right

Yes!!! I've been waiting for a Sneaky Game. Thank you SD!

stuck with lighter, handtruck and hammer. need 5 letter box clue

move file cabinet with handtruck to get sd

Hi use SD on back of radio for cable for TV

Enter number of cabinet into TV for codeword.

Pretty straightforward, couple of annoying hotspots to find. Out in 16 minutes.

Anagram it and get blue key.

Got water turned on and now stuck...

How did you open the wallpanel ? My grey key is in the hole but nothing happens.

Go left, water is coming out of hole in wall.

zazie, did you get the ladder yet? You need it to go down the hole

POP got it !

Yes water is running, now what ?

I took the ladder back...

Ahh the hole !

I will go on tomorrow, it is too late already !!
Bedtime for me.

Thx Self for the new game, like it....

hint on how to open the door with the arrows?

What I do with ladder again?

Use under vent (need screwdriver), then pick it back up and use it on hole in the floor.

the hole and the vent

is there a color code hint somewhere for the arrows?

I don't know what to do with the colored triangles found in the hole... I'm lost!

I believe they are for the last door but I stuck with the order

Which door is that? I'm staring at a door with lions on it. But no matter where I click, nothing happens...

ok! I finished! thanks!

How do you fix the tire on the handtruck?

With pump. Think it was in the locker where you get the TV code?

the door with the lions has arrows pointing to the lions. I am thinking that you have to click them in a certain order but I cant figure it out

can't find a place to enter the coloured triangle code. i'm at the final huge door...

Yeah there's a few of us stuck there... Everyone who got out abandoned us!

look for a room that has nothing in it, there is a loose floor board.

thanks deni

you are very welcome...i didn't want to leave you all hanging :(

checked the room before, but only the walls...

Thank you, thank you, Deni! Finally out!

I'm still stuck on lion door. I did everthing else. how to get out?

thanks for the floorboard hint. I can't seem to point the triangles in the right directions. help

A late Sneaky, that's just, well, sneaky!

Yay!!! I was having Sneaky withdrawal - lol!

Wow....love the music!!!!

where is the radio?? anybody there to help!!

Radio is in bottom right box on shelf.

i'm stuck too,can't find silver key,got lighter,pump and hammer

Use pump on handcart. Take handcart and move filing cabinet.

where is handcart,please ?

I'm stuck at the gold key. It doesn't seem to go in the gold key hole of the first room.

I have hit those boards every way. can someone please help me? Thanks

so have i,kmoorer,think everyone has gone,no one to help us

Kmoorer, in the room with the thing that holds water, there is a loose board on the far left side of the room.

I'm sorry Suzanne but i have tried all the boards and they want move. I'm in the second room with the boards on the table that you hit with a hammer.


Move right twice, click on a brick to the left of the door for the LIGHTER.
Go back to first view, use LIGHTER on candles for BLACK KEY.
Move right twice again, use BLACK KEY on door.
Go through door, move left, open second drawer of filing cabinet for HAMMER.
Move right twice, note drawing on the wall and a vent that you can’t reach.
Move left once, go forward through door, notice TV isn’t plugged in.
Go left twice, open locker, see hint and pick up PUMP.
Go back to very first view. Use HAMMER on blocks to match drawing on wall from other room. Solve puzzle to get RED KEY.
Move left, use RED KEY on door.
Use PUMP on HANDCART to put it in inventory.
Go back to the room with the filing cabinet, use HANDCART on filing cabinet to move it. Pick up SCREWDRIVER.
Go back to room with the boxes and open bottom right box to view radio. Turn it over, open with SCREWDRIVER to get PLUG.
Go back to room with TV, use PLUG to turn on TV. Move nobs to right position using code from locker, get five-letter hint.
Go back to room with boxes, open middle box with blue tag. Enter anagram from TV to get BLUE KEY.
Go back up to room with TV, the left once. Open door with BLUE KEY.
Go forward through another door and then left to get LADDER. Also while you’re here, notice loose floorboard and open it with HAMMER.
GO right twice and notice place on wall for water.
Go back to room with vent you couldn’t reach, put LADDER under it and use SCREWDRIVER to open for SILVER KEY.
Go back to view with hole in the ground, use SILVER KEY on wall panel. Put LADDER in hole and go down to view triangle code and pick up BOTTLE from the floor.
Go up and left twice, fill BOTTLE with water.
Go back to the loose floor boards and enter triangle code for GOLD KEY.
Go right twice fill the well on the wall with water from BOTTLE, which unlocks door to the left.
Go through door, unlock next door with GOLD KEY.

Hope that helps... loose floorboard was in room where you picked up the ladder. Need to use hammer on it.

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you meant the floorboard that comes later. Those boards correspond to the picture of the wall of the second room. If you count the number of blue squares in each column, you can hit the corresponding board that many times.

If you aren't in the second room yet, you get the key by lighting the candles with the lighter hidden in one of the bricks on the far right side of the first room.

thanks so much sunlightandshade,for the walkthru,i just had to hit the blocks one more time each,and got red key

Thanks for the game, Sneaky! I've been waiting. :)

if you hit all the blocks until they are flush with the bench, you can't get them up again! You just get "Now what?" pffft.
If I'm missing something, someone please tell me. Starting over now.

Doh! You just click on the block without using the hammer! I'll leave my post up in case anyone else is as thick-headed as I am :o{

Even after i see the triangle clue. I can't get it right. so very poorly drawn.. def not one of the better games

Even after i see the triangle clue. I can't get it right. so very poorly drawn.. def not one of the better games

Triangle clue d l r d

Triangle clue d l r d

wie lautet das codewort,zimgo = gozim oder mogzi oder wi? ich versuche allerlei aber ncihts paßt

Enjoyed this game very much SD!


Makes a nice change SD, but I still prefer the glamourous holiday and asylum type games. 8 rooms was good too, although wanted it longer! Your games are the best.

Marita - it's gizmo - as the in the name of the creature in the film gremlins.

cannot get the water to run - the key is in there - do I have to leave the ladder down the hole?

ahh - was looking at the wrong well!!!!

Err...cant figure the blocks out?! How many times do we hit each one?

I clicked every brick to the left of the door on the right and can find no lighter. None of them have a hot spot. None of them open. Can someone tell me, exactly, which brick I'm supposed to click?

Never mind. The lighter is the fifth row from the bottom, third brick to the RIGHT of the door on the right.

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Never gave me a red key and am stuck w/a lighter, hammer and pump.

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