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Spark Maze Escape Walkthrough

Spark Maze Escape

Spark Maze Escape is a new point and click type adventure game created by InkaGames. Spark has woke up locked up inside a maze and will have to escape if he wants to see his friends again. Watch out for the mutant plants and toxic gases! Good luck and have fun!

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Coool see how far I go on my own?

I am out, this was fun.

Put the magic crystal on the mirror and than there is the clue for unlocking the metal door

yay a live inka , i will be of no help to you either leroy


stuck with boomerang,note and gem and weird button.

boomerang just bounces off exit sign and bucket is empty. ??

How did Zazie get out?

@evans, I think your next step is to put the gem on the goat´s eye.

can not even get the crystal on the mirror as instructed by tasastef lol


Hi folks, I'm here stuck with you too. Got boomerang, gem, weird sphere and a note.

ah talk first then crystal

first put powder on mirror big tank

Ah, thanks Edgar!

LOL TY Edgar Im out now very short

Thanks edgar. used red sphere on plant room but how do I get key, note says use pill but it wont take it.

I put fertiliser in pot and stuck

evans - put the pill in the bucket with water

tasastef - add water too

Oh duh, what do you do with any pill? take it with water of course.
Out, thanks for all the help.

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Im out

I grew plant and gave it to the goat and nothing happened. What now?

I have bucket of water, note, sphere, and boomerang. Stuck.

Ugh - got it - throw boomerang at round thing above exit sign.

how u get water got evertything but keeps sayin bucket empty

PheaterXS, you've got to ût the gem on the goat, then water will fill the well

Love Inka games, so here's a WT
Take magic crystal on floor

Go up, then left
Take gem on floor
Put talc on mirror
Look at mirror
Put magic crystal on mirror
See hint for plates
Zoom out
Press plates in right order (varies from game to game)
Metal door opens
Take sphere behind mirror

Go right, then up
Take and read note on wall
Note gives 3 hints (pill, sphere and bloodshot eyes)
Put gem in goat's eye
Well fills with water

Go down, then right
Take boomerang behind well
Fill bucket with water and take it
Put fertilizer then water in flower pot
Take and eat (use) spinach

Go left, then down
Shoot boomerang at blue button
Take pill on floor
Throw sphere through the door
Noxious gas disappears

Go right
Combine pill and water
Water plant with sleeping pill
Take key on floor
Use key on door
And you're out :)

thanks Escapista . From the note, I knew I needed a pill but I must have walked past it a half dozen times before reading your walkthrough!

Love inkagames, short (too short) but sweet.

Hope to see a new full game soon.

That was overly easy - only died twice :)

Short for Inka game, but still just as fun! Sometimes it's nice to have short and sweet!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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