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Terror House Escape Walkthrough

Terror House Escape

EG24 - Terror House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Escape Games 24. In this game, you are locked in a terror house and you try to escape the terror house by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Terror House Escape Walkthrough
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Eyeballs, worms and disembodied hands - aaaargh!

Found a few hotspots and picked up some bones so far.

Ugh! I'm in!

Pictures are clue for colour puzzle on table.

Got bones, stick and duster

Get rid of those cobwebs.

Hi Nini - good to have some company!

Used bones as levers, got key. Opened door and got torch


Got potion as well

Bones make levers!

Use potion on cauldron

Pick up sword from wall!

Where to use torch?

Stuck xD
Need 1 button code and 2 4-dig codes

Haven't used it yet @Clodagh
Still got sword and torch

'A dust'?

Dust from skeleton.

Progress! "dust" from beside chair

Ah - dust + cauldron.

Put in cauldron and light it!
Got candle!

code for chest is numbers of eyes, ears, fingers etc .. from book.

bone levers = position of big stars on flags

@elgmd book??

And out. Everything is easy after I guessed the cabinet order.

Good for u.. now.. care to help?

Where's the book?

Bruteforced button code.
Got wick and book hint

I thought candle would go onto the candle-holder-like thing on the shelf above the cat but no.

Got a stick from under the cat.

Good evening,
the dust goes into cauldron and after lighting the fire there is a candle

Sorry I can't spoil button code cuz I simply don't know it! Just clicked randomly till it openned.

The button click order is from the holes in the curtain.
The biggest hole is 2nd from left, so click 2nd button first etc

Thx for the explanation Ellie :)
I'm leaving then. See u all.

Thanks Ellie - a good hint at last!

All right, you have to attach the wick to the candle before placing it on the shelf, then light it with the torch.

look at the windown, from biggest hole to smalest, as button hint ;)

The book you are asking about is inside the "click buttons in order cupboard". You get the wick for the candle from inside the same cupboard.

I'm not getting the 'eye finger ear worm' numbers right. I've counted and tried 3432 for the code, but it isn't working. Where am I going wrong?

and out

@clodagh, add a finger and an ear.

@Nini Sorry, I didn't know what i clicked. I think it's 12341.

there is an ear in one of the pictures and a finger ist hidden over one of the hanging flags - i think

Can someone give me a hint for the other 4 dig code (next to paintings) please :)

Jo.C, you need to light the candle

Ohhh yeah! Thanks for that :)

Just seen I had to attach the wick to the candle, not the other way round lol.

Thanks for the extra finger and ear Ellie and Muhne Urgh!

Thanks Ellie, missed one ear on a pic and a finger on a flag :)

Move right
Take STICK#1 from behind the back left leg of the left chair (with the cat on top).
Take DUST from right side of the right chair legs (the one with the skeleton).
Note the holes in the curtain.
Move right.
Note the stars on the banners.
Move right.
Take a SWORD from the right shield on the wall.
Move right.
Take the BONES from right of the skull in the shelf.
Note the colors of the faces on the wall paintings.
Move right.
Change the colors of the 4 buttons in the cupboard right of the door.
Click the buttons on the left cupboard in the correct order.
Get a WICK from the green book in middle shelf.
Click the top left book to read a hint.
Go right.
Place the 4 bones in the chest below the window.
Click them to move them to correct positions and get a KEY.
Go right twice.
Use the key in the door to open and get a TORCH.
Enter the correct 4 digit code in the chest.
Get a RING.
Go right.
Use the duster on the spider web on top shelf.
Take the green bottle to get a POTION.
Go left twice.
Place the ring on the trap door in the floor and get STICK#2.
Put the potion and the dust in the cauldron.
Use the torch on the logs under it.
Take a CANDLE from inside the cauldron.
Go left.
Combine your wick with the candle in inventory.
Place it on the holder in top left shelf (above the cat).
Light the candle with the torch to see a 4 digit number.
Go left twice.
Use the 4 digits to open the cupboard.
Use the sword on the cheese inside the cupboard to take a PIECE OF CHEESE.
Go left twice.
Give the cheese to the mouse and take STICK#3 from inside the mouse hole.
Go left twice and place the 3 sticks right of the door.
Click them all to move them to down-position.

Color buttons
Use the colors from the faces on the 4 paintings on the wall, from left to right.
Answer: green, white, yellow, pink

Use the size of the holes in the curtain from biggest to smallest.
Click buttons number: 2341 (from left)

Look at the positions of the biggest stars in the colored wall hangings.
Solution: down, middle, up, down

Chest 4 digit code
Read the book to see:
1. eye
2. finger
3. ear
4. worm
Count the amount of each of these items in the room.
Code: 3542
Click here to see the items.

4 digit cupboard
See the number after placing your candle+wick and use torch on it.
Answer: 7259

Yea!! Hi @Ellie!!!
....so strange, I was just replaying some old games and was thinking how much I miss your Walkthroughs!!!!

Great to see you!!! Happy Christmas!!!!

Happy Christmas to you too @nokra!!! I try to be around every now and then, and it's fun to write :) See you in another game, hopefully live!

Easy and out



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