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Ubooly & Friends Walkthrough

Ubooly & Friends

Ubooly and Friends is another cute point and click adventure game for kids developed by beardshakergames. Find Ubooly’s twelve wacky friends on their Caribbean Island! Good luck and have fun!

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Snails doing "Harrrr" LOL.
Maybe it's a kids game but I've lots of stuff and don't know for half of it where it belongs.
Already ask the telephone hintline ;)

Found 4 so far
Singing snails have markings
Totems can see juggler
Pirate Parrots
Puzzle by color
Now stuck... Can mostly make out Yellow snail clue except unsure of last word

Last word is sail

Thanks Cyberjar

I am so lost...

@kathie Read the clues next to Tiko Tiko...use the arrows to scroll thru them. Read the hints above also

I must be a big kid, this was not as simple as it seemed LOL

cant figure out tail kail

Just missing 2 pieces of the stone puzzle, and the frame is now off so I can no longer see the lower portion of each scene.

missing two stones and stuck with key??

Kathie, the key goes to the giant turtle. Look very carefully at his shell.

Totally confused, where does yellow snail go?

@cartmansis on the red sail where the parrots are. Dont forget to read the rest of the riddle. Now where are the two stones?

There's 9 scenes, so from what I remember, 1 stone per scene.

@ Mikers thanks..

stone necklace locations:

bottom right corner of porch
under circular wooden step
on top of green archway above platypus
on top of turtle's head
inside statue's ear
next to stone tiki's eye
attached to globe on ship
on wooden mast under parrots
on green pillow under lizard

I really need a third item to hit a drum. The bat, the antenna and what am I overlooking? And where does the fan tickle (or not) what nose?

Okay, that's one nose solved. Not the fan but the feather to open the treasure. Still don't know who'se fan it is.

POP always works. I just tried to use the fan about 50 times before I hit the right pixel. Now for the food in the tummies to solve the last puzzle.

banana and lollypop are easy. Peper is for red tummy, Bread tells a story and the others I found by trial and error.

pirate parrot?

@Helen The hint tells you about the left parrot, the rest comes from the riddle. Need more help?

which order to click the snails ? anyone please

start with the middle boy (blue text) then girl, boy, girl, boy. Not sure wicht order but that leaves only four after you've found out about the girls and boys (pink and blue)

yes christina, I need more help for parrots pirates, thanks

still cant get the snails in the right order anymore help

i don´t understand the snails, neither

i´ve got the pirates parrots, thanks

parrots: Hook, saw, mirror, leg

snails: middle blue, top pink, left blue, left pink, right blue, If you're colourblind, the 3 on the dek are blue, the two on the hull are pink.

like painting snails? I have only orange crayon and red paintbrush, golden key, rusty nail and ginger ale.
sorry for my English, I'm Spanish

no do not paint them. Paint coconuts!

Just click the 5 snails in the right order to make them sing. Look at the color of their text to see if they are boy or girl, or listen if you've got sound.

I use ginger ale and rusty nail. Only I have the key, orange crayon and red paintbrush, where use is???

nail and ginger ail go on red sail, along with a yellow anail you find somewhere. And your English is just fine ;-)

key goes on turtle

Pardon my language:

Encuentre un ojo de la cerradura en el escudo de la tortuga.

Y pintar los cocos con el lápiz y el pincel.

(Y no, mi español no es tan bueno, se trata de una traducción automática)

For the right snail order, look at their shells. The patterns are not random...

million thanks christina, you have infinite patience with me, I'll see if I can get it from snails, only I have the key that is not where use

The key goes on the turtle/tortoise/tortuga. Look very closely.
Thanks Richard, never noticed that, even when I was looking for numbers.

Thanks Richard, I did not realize I forms in the shells of snails. I can not with the key that bad, jajajaj

I finished it, well, thanks to Christina, Richard.

this is not a childs game, i am just wandering round aimlessly lol

The key goes in the keyhole on the turtle shell.

Took me the longest time to figure out the wolf-like thing in the middle was also a totem that needed some food thing.

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 2:48 PM  

Yeah, kids game my butt! LOL Where is the clue for which crab gets what?

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 2:55 PM  

HA! Look at the pattern in the clue and the drum tops!

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 3:06 PM  

Okay, I only have Hums left, Clue: I guard your treasure with a grin. A doughnut, a brick, a lemon and a rose. ????? I have nothing in my inventory.

       Anonymous  12/12/12, 3:22 PM  

Okay, feather from left parrot in treasure chest for the last one.

games got a bug my tiki figures get stuck in my items panel. still can't figure out what i am looking for but trying

i'm giving up. game doesn't make sense to me at all

Very cute game....takes a while to get used to the style and riddles....but with all the great clues...I finally finished! :D

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Got the food things:
Monkey: banana
Middle one: lolly
Right one: coffee
One screen up with colorthing: coffee
Totem near turtle: cookie
Upper screen with boat: pepper

I can make the star in the puzzle for 1 yellow light. But that's it. :(

POP finally got the snails to sing in the right order. Their shells have shapes about first letter of the names. PGDPJ starting with Peter in the middle and then girl, boy, girl, boy.

I've got all the triangles , but where do I put them? it's the only thing I can't solve....
9 X 3...

I've got all the triangles , but where do I put them? it's the only thing I can't solve....
9 X 3...

       Anonymous  12/13/12, 8:04 AM  


Patricia, I have 8 triangles so think I need to find another before I can try and help where to put it lol. But it is the only thing I have left to do know :)

Found it. Once you have all the triangles, just put it onto statue necklace.

Out now :)

(Cute, but wouldn't call it easy lol)

@Patricia van der Sluis

Put it on the blue statue that is on the Monkey Stone scene

aaaaah, im missing one (the leaf) that's why.

I cant find the cone to put the ice cream on, and no one has mentioned it in the posts above, its the last thing i need. help anyone?

NVM after just posting got it! placed it
by the two lizards

where's the feather or whatever to tickle with? that's all i need to finish.

omgosh that was obvious. never mind.

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