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Yoshida in the Toilet Walkthrough

Yoshida in the Toilet

Yoshida in the Toilet Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Ancho. In this game, you try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Yoshida in the Toilet

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Major language barrier...

Usually I can figure these out but this one is impossible without knowing how to read Japanese.

Bottom of toilet - clicked on ufo. It fell off and I can see a red star.

Left of toilet - pushed UFO button and the UFO flew in but didnt give me anything and didn't stay. How rude!

LOL I give it a go..

I tried matching symbols from the bottom of the toilet to the lid so I could open it but am not having any luck.

How do you pass the first screen ? (with the writings)

Ohh you can go down lol...

you can stop the ufo and man falls off to reveal symbol

Hmm i don´t understand a word.

I meant from the "back" of the toilet - not from the bottom buttons.

@Leroy - Are you having any luck?

I also wondered about the path the ufo takes...

Here we go, another one... I see some names here I've seen a few minutes before in another game... ;-)

Nah Im also wondering about the red star and those 4 symbols.. 2 relate to top of the toilet..

Anybody know what a plus sign above a square means in Japanese? That symbol is everywhere in this game (except on the lid, of course).

Geeze why are passing the time escaping a toilet when we could be passing other things? LOL

Anybody want to try drawing freehand symbols??? http://japanese.nciku.com/

Leroy: LOL! But I must admit: I was always fascinated by those high tech japanese toilets, so I can't let go of this one here. :-)

吉 good luck good fortune

heated seats and all LOL

Need a coffee....

@Zazie: Good idea, I will prepare a espresso, maybe it helps!

I am back with my espresso, but out of ideas :)

I might grab a good book and sit on my own porcelain throne and wait for enlightenment to strike me LOL

Im also still playing around in that link I posted..

Ohh i really need a good game now...once i have time, nothing is around :(

Megi, have mercy lol....

for the symbols, hint is on back of toilet

when you write it in hiragana it's よいよしだ

田 rice field\paddy (From behind toilet...)

following are from toilet lid.... All seem to be particles and a verb??

Shuchun help (pretty please) LOL

@Leroy: I'm drawing Kanji and Katakana as wild too, thanks for the link!! But I didn't get any clear result.

NVM Shuchun and TY Jed LOL lid off now

吉田 seems to be Yoshida (as in the game title), but that is all I got. :-(

On second thoughts? SHUCHUN Help LOL now we got a left\right puzzle..

Thanks jednorogini!!

How did you get the lid off ?

I think yoshida might be trapped inside the toilet LOL

Zazie see Jeds post and press the corners according to the translated symbols

ラブ seems to mean 'love', and よしだ is 'yoshida' again. :-(

Thx Leroy, got it off...

よしだ Hiragana

ヨシダ Katakana

Spells yoshida as per the Kana tables on the link..

I have a 3# code box in the water container now.

It was a 3 sign box in fact, solved it now...

わるい吉田 seems to be 'Yoshida bad'?!?

Green 吉, red star and blue 田.

I am out. The little man fell out of the tube onto the WC lid and end...

Zazie, how? I see a blue box like thing, but I can't do anything with it...

LOL Yippee.... Sigh....

Escapism, do you have the 3 sign box in the water tank ?

To get this you must empty the tank by using the arrows on the side.

Ah! POP! I didn't let the UFO stop in mid air until now with the second button beside the toilet! You have to do that to be able to change the buttons!

I should have looked in cistern again shouldnt I LOL I hate Yoshida cos he is a bad boy...
Never ever let kids drink out of the toilet bowl LOL leave it to your pets..

That 'Yoshida' from Kanji into hiragana was sneaky, the rest was solveable, even without knowledge of japanese, so it wasn't that bad.

True escapism but that site I linked helps a lot LOL I hope you bookmarked it..

There is also a chinese site as well

@Leroy: yes, I really bookmarked it immediately. That was something I definitely was looking for since I started playing escape games and did hit that language barrier, so thanks heaps for that link!! And it was actually a lot of fun drawing that characters and fiddling around with them. :-)

No worries.. LOL I now return to my Friday night libations...

now im not afraid to go in space anymore,a toilet will be there for me :D

Found two ways to free Yoshida, depending on how you flush the water.

Choosing left (大) flushes all water in one go, making Yoshida speechless. Later Yoshida escapes through a water slider.

Choosing right (小) flushes half the amount, so you need to do the flushing twice. Yoshida will escape normally, being blown up by a water fountain(?).

Shunko, help us out, please!

Who the heck is this Yoshida buddy? Seems it's some comic strip figure (??) known in Japan, but could be somebody completely else...

Well, I checked out the creator's page, and traced back to the first of this Yoshida series.

He wrote that he created the Yoshida escape to join the 5th "ahoge" (idiotic game) event, where each participant is required to create a game within 24 hours based on a theme. And the theme was, you guessed it, "Yoshida".

By the way, yoshida is a family name, which is quite commonly seen (around 865000 person) in Japan.

Thanks! Better some sparse info than none at all.
So Yoshida is his creation? Well, my question was for a reason: it hasn't happened to rarely that Japanese game authors conceived games with characters which allude to characters existing in reality.

(so as if a French or Belgian author made a game that resembles the Marsupilami, or maybe Rantanplan the dog :))

(Uh, I should have said, in "comic reality".)

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