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Bad Memory Escape - Zero Walkthrough

Bad Memory Escape - Zero

Bad Memory Escape - Zero is point and click room escape game created by Ainars. Find eleven pieces of code, six golden medals and complete colour puzzle in order to unlock door-lock and escapefrom house. Then search for code decryption device and enter back in to the house to solve rest of the puzzles and get van keys. Use van keys to start van engine and drive away. Good Luck!

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Goodie a no brainer game TY

A live Ainars? Going in!

Went though the room a couple of times. Missing one horse, have four of each switch, many code cards, and the gear is still in my inventory after using it twice.

Help! On the Van Gogh painting to the right of the door, I moved the top center cover 1st. THEN I found the one of the left side of the painting and can't see behind the middle cover. Is there anything there I need to be concerned about?

The Van Gogh painting has the spinner puzzle, a letter and and gear switch.

Anyone know where the green pepper medal goes?

possible bug? Cant decript the last microchip - the phone stays stuck in my inventory :(

Still stuck on the green pepper medal.

Green pepper goes in A1

Green pepper goes in A1

Thanks Lori! I thought I searched that room like mad.

@Cameron: That is a bug. It happened to me too. I had to start over.

Have 1 microchip in A2. is that where the others are supposed to go because mine won't.

I found a bug. I got the phone and into A2. I didnt have to take the phone to the code, I got the noise that a door was opening. And now said door wont open.

Yep I get bug as well trying to place visa card....

@Peggy: Nope. Nothing is behind the left panel. I thought there might be as well but when I had to start over, I double-checked it.

Thanks Almega.

i must be blind. Where did you find a phone?

Congtats! Finally after restarting, although in B2 I got the phone stuck, clicked on teh phone and it worked as it was supposed to.

Nup bugged out in A2 again I exit now...


Not like Ainers at all so I forgive ya LOL

I can't place the top card ...got middle one in but the other one won't move from inventory in zoomed view! please fix this, Ainars!

Yeah, first time ever that I can remember a bug in an Anairs game

In A2, if you keep clicking and dragging the items (phone, cards), it will make its way there click by click. Takes a minute and is annoying, but eventually the item gets there and works.

anyone figured out the spinner puzzle? Can't find a clue.

Hi, sorry for bug,
I am trying to get it, in zoomed view or in usual view, dragging items haoticaly around, noone of them stucks for me.
May I ask to give me more details on this bug?

@aitch, I went back to A1 and there was a new paper in the gear box. I used that and the directions of the spin switches.

@Ainars, I restarted 3 times. It worked for me if I made sure I had all cards in inventory before even opening the cover in A2.

ainers I only had bug in A2. I had already placed 2 cards and then it wouldnt allow me to drag the microchip.. I ran mouse over the item and name flashed up and as quickly disappeared... I also noted I couldnt drag any other item while in that view.. Hope that helps

Ainars, same problem in A2. Have all three items in inventory, but cannot drag/click any to their position.

@Peggy, i found the square with the three openings for the spinner puzzle, but still don't have the directions for the arrows.

@aitch, look around the rooms. Some spin switches are pointed in different directions. Some are high on the wall and some are on the ground. I used the proximity of locations and directions.

Very nice Ainars game with clever twists! A play much needed before Monday's work!!!

@ainars I had the same bug, exactly as Meryl described at 3:02 - I use Firefox and I managed to bring the decryption device to the encrypted spot by first right-clicking to get the "parameter" menu, after what it was possible to move the device out of the tool zone and towards teh encrypted spot. I repated twice the right-clicking to move all the way to the crypted spot. Don't know if it helps.

btw, love the new feature, note-taking and number of switches appearing on the notebook :-)

thank you Peggy. That worked. All I have left now is the pink apple/pepper, and the three problem cards. Am assuming one of those gives the #4 letter.

I'm replaying the game and I got the same bug I originally reported without having the phone in the inventory. Went back there to place the key cards.

And now the key cards wont leave my inventory.

Also had a problem moving the phone in A2. I found that by clicking/dragging I could inch it up a few pixels at a time until it finally touched the safe. Pain in the yaya but easier than replaying from the beginning.

I don't want to restart a 4th time. I found all switches my 2nd round, but can't find 7th switch for last code. Can anyone tell me what 5= what number?

I can't click and drag anything when I'm in the A2 screen. And it repeats the sound of something opening over and over.

Thank you for bug reports,
I have played this game in chrome and firefox, cannot see any bugs, everything works for me :(.
But maybe try to set low quality, I am using different graphic effects, that can slow down everything.
Epic fail this time for me.

@peggy: telling you the number won't help - you need it in inventory!

Thanks Ainars! Bugs seem to be worked out now. Great game, great way to start the week!

Well, I am sorry to report, I have played again...and I still cannot move the cards from inventory when zoomed in to F-A2...and that is the place to put them! I also cannot move anything in the inventory when I am zoomed there, but they move in the other fields!
That is disappointing!

Still not working for me , I blame Leroy (no-brainer) lol I restarted 3 times :(

can't find the card for the first #

Can't find the pink apple either.

I have the same bug in A2 where I can't take the phone up to the card.

Bugs must be fixed now,
I have found and fixed A2.
Very sorry for unpleasant experience!

I played once more in Chrome instead of FF.
Ha! 3 times a charm!
See how much I love these games? :)

It did work now , Thanks Ainars . I hated not finishing the game. Happy New Year Ainars :-)

If you didn't get it yet the first slot is the gold chip not a card :)

We love you anyway, Ainars!

Is there actually a phone, or just the phone cards?

Anyone find the pink apple?


You get the phone outside and that will lead to getting the pink apple so open the door and you're almost done

We love Ainars!!!!!!!!!!!!No need to ever apologize to us cause we are very grateful for your games!!!Love to u!!!


Thanks, Clee. Still missing some codes to get door....had dinner and now hoping to finish this!

Ah, sneaky switch in field C at bottom of fridge led me to all the things that I was missing--yeah! My dark screen makes things tough sometimes....

I just noticed that the game has a choice of light or dark screen....Sure made a difference for me when I clicked the BRIGHT on top right of game !

I am just wondering if I was the only one who dragged the red ball through the maze....when you actually don't have to ...just move it across the screen! LMAO!

I have found 12 cards, 6 medals, 6 tiles, all switches, 4 gears and 4 horses.
I cannot figure the colour puzzle for the life of me and my door does not open automatically.
Can anyone help, please?

Also found 2 cards and microchip, 5 apples (not pink)and 4 places to put cards.

This is my 4th attempt at the game and still stuck! stuck! stuck!

For puzzle you just have to find a paper to put on and click on 3 arrows which appear
for pink apple, first you have to find phone, outside when door opened

phone goes on 4 place where is written "protected by encrypted key code"

A hint for where to find this paper. please? I am sure that I have looked everywhere.

Gongtats at last! I had the paper all the time and did not realise that it needed to be used twice.
Thanks so much seb for your help.
Thank you Anairs for a frustrating but enjoyable game.

sorry I don't remember but I think I got it by placing a gear or an apple in A1

I cant find card 5 to left side door code

anyone just playing, i am looking for door code card 5, runing in circles

Found it in A, left painting

Can anyone help? Can't find the code card for the number 4 letter card.

Clod do what your cat avatar says LOL JK

Or tell me? I made notes... so which letter colour?

Or just look extra careful in zoomed and unzoomed scenes

Thanks Leroy - my cat looks wise but has no answers! (Typical). I'm looking for the fourth letter-code paper, and also somewhere to put the black apple!

LOL lots of thing hidden just look carefully for patches that dont quite fit?

My cat is shedding like crazy here...

OK - I'll go round in circles again! PS - 'Clod' over here means 'Thicko' - oh wait...

I remember one code was hidden in plain sight upper left in a zoomed view and black apple ws behind a patch

Same here LOl so where is that? Im A thicko Aussie

Yeah - your prompting helped Leroy! I found a place for the nasty black apple!

Bowl of fruit had a few things...

Thicko in England - 'clod' short for 'clod-hopper' or country bumpkin! Snowing here now - very pretty! Back to the game...

LOL can I swap cats with you? Mine is old and stuck in her ways....

heres her famous pic http://www.catsdo.com/black-vampire-cat/

Hooray - black apple safe was all I needed for everything else! It was in that zoomed-in chair view. Thanks!

Sorry for the snow where you live LOL But Lump my cat is shedding huge in the southern hemisphere here.. Damn Summer!!

No worries Im glad I turned the soil with you clod
Take care

Wow - a famous cat! Mine's just a humble small-town boy who likes staring into ponds - and lying on sofas that camouflage him. Off to play in the snow now - thanks and byeee!

GREAT AINARS! I was so stuck with the blue apple... this panel was really well hidden =)

YAY - played and no bugs at all.
LOVE AINARS!!! (Always will!!!)

where does the green apple go, i can't find it anywhere...

where does the green apple go, i can't find it anywhere...



green item goes in a1 kerzman

im going round in circles need no 5 number so i can get out side any one help me please

where is code paper num#5 ?anyone ..

im feeling so bad im quiting ANIRAS game cant believe it ..cant find paper 5 ...


First time through:

A: Blue pepper safe, red pepper safe, rotating switch
A1: X on blue background, gold medal, green switch, pink pepper safe, green pepper safe, gear safe, microchip card
A2: Place to put microchips, encrypted safe
A3: number card 6, black pepper safe, horse (goes in top right slot)
A4: Z on black background, letter card 5, rotating switch

B: gear safe, arrow safe, gold medal
B1: number card 3
B2: purple pepper, rotating switch
B4: number card 4, P on green background, gold medal, encrypted safe
B5: marble maze (gives gold medal)

C: rotating switch, two color switches, purple pepper safe, Y on green background, encrypted safe
C1: place to put horses, color switch
C2: M on blue background, microchip card, red pepper, horse (goes in lower right slot)
C3: encrypted safe
C4: gear safe, black pepper

D: gold medal, color switch
D4: gear, gear safe, rotating switch, purple pepper (in gear safe)
D5: color switch, Q on black background, funky color puzzle

Second time through:

A: red pepper safe gives letter card 6 and, blue pepper safe gives rotating switch
A1: gear safe gives you hint for funky color puzzle and green pepper, green pepper safe gives you letter card 3
A3: black pepper safe gives microchip
A2: microchips give letter card 4

B: gear safe gives number card 1, now available from picture safe is number card 2

C: now available from picture safe is rotating switch, purple pepper safe gives horse (goes in top left slot)
C6: gear safe gives letter card 1

D: now available from picture safe is horse (goes in bottom left slot)
D5: use picture hint from A1 and click to change colors in indicated places to get gold medal

Last 2 cards:
C1: put in horses to get letter card 2
A: number card 5 now available from picture safe

D: click center of door for lock. Enter codes and gold medals

Go outside, click van, get decryption device (looks like a phone). click back twice to go back inside.

Decrypt safes in A2, B4, C3, and C.

Open pink pepper safe in A1

Put arrows in arrow safe in B/B3 (you have to click the floor, there isn’t an arrow for B3)

take key, start van. Gongtats!

thanks for walk through now but im still missing a rotating switch and i bet behind the pic is my missing paper no 5 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

finerly found it,rasti move red box one on the left on field c it under table but dont zoom in

finerly out

I cant find the purple safe,help please if anyone is still here

@sherry12 purple safe in C under right pic

Thanks seb, now to see if I can get out Thanks

i need the bottom left horse, does anyone remember where it is. I cant seem to find anything.And I also need one more switch on both switches. please

Buggy, I didn't have all the medals nor did I have the color codes when I tried the door the first time and when I went back I put it all in, I couldn't get it to work, no matter what the door wouldn't open. I restarted and was able to complete the game. I still love Ainars games.

Buggy, I didn't have all the medals nor did I have the color codes when I tried the door the first time and when I went back I put it all in, I couldn't get it to work, no matter what the door wouldn't open. I restarted and was able to complete the game. I still love Ainars games.

i read the walk thru ..but i think there is bug i pressed all the 7 rotating switches but painting still not moved ..

Just played this through again - not buggy at all for me and worked like a dream on FF. Thanks again Ainars. I especially like the fact that the music goes off by itself after a short time and we're left with the lovely clicks and whirrs you've added!

i need rooms for the rotating switch and color switch, I have 6 rotatingg sw. and 5 color sw. I been playing this game for about 6 times I love these games, Can someone name the rooms, so I can see what i am doing wrong please, I need help bad, I like to finish the game thanks

nvm, finally found them. This was a tough one, but a great game, Ainar, mine wasnt bugged, it was me , as usually, Keep them coming I love your games.
@Lsquared thanks for the WT good job and thank all above for the hints,

Thank you Ainars! I love your games. I always get that 'yippee' feeling when I see one I haven't done. I too love the whirring and grinding noises.

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