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Colorful Living Room Escape Walkthrough

Colorful Living Room Escape

Gamershood - Colorful Living Room Escape is another point and click type escape game developed by Gamershood. Your goal is to gather items and solve different puzzles to get out of the room. Good luck and have fun!

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same game, different day

In and out, boring...

I really don't know why I'm playing these at all...
2 stars, just because there are no bugs.

The gray "paper" on the bookshelf is a metal plate -- use the SD for yellow key

For the newbies and the ‘how did I miss that’ friends

Puzzle locks – on bottom pink draw

Red key – in green drawer – clue on tablet above drawers (push the button) – gives screwdriver

Green key – on top of TV – clue on two sets of cups next to the door – gives pliers

Blue key – on top of coloured drawers – clue is strange ornaments to right of TV – gives knife

Yellow key – screwdriver used on top shelf next to door – clue is the vases next to the couch – gives rust remover

Orange key – knife used on pink chair – clue is the stars on the candles – gives cloth

Purple key – by the plant to left of the TV - clue is above the couch (push button) – gives exit door key

They've got far too easy. I used to prefer them when there were puzzles.

that was really a so colourful room .i love it ..:D

can someone help me with the red key im lost

@moshy: between islands choose which has colder (small star) or warmer (big star)

I also do not understand red key

tks Urban. out

I always enjoy these....like an old friend!

wow. easy.

Good game as always.

I find it hard to have any enthusiasm to play these games, they are so easy now Boring and predictable.

can some one help me with the red key please, I cant get it

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nvm I just clicked anything and got it by accident

If you're still here, on top of the colorful drawers there is a digital frame. Press the button for temps of different places. To answer the puzzle, comparing the temps listed, the place with the warmer temp should display the larger sun icon.

No challenge at all! Just a hidden object style game. AGAIN

OMG I wish they would change their music! MUTE!

im not getting the green puzzle ive seen letters on cups to me red is t yellow n green a and blue o but nope

it ok i got it put 2 letters round wrong way geeeeeeeez

this one boring give up

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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