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Empty Asylum Walkthrough

Empty Asylum

Empty Asylum is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz! You love exploring dark places and the empty asylum has always been hot on your list. You were finally talked into going in by your close friend. After a few moments of exploration you realize that your friend is nowhere to be found. It appears that you are all alone but the echoes of lost souls still haunt the halls of the asylum. Search around and see what you can find, and try to escape! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Oh my gosh....shut the front door...a LIVE SD! Yeah!

I am the first one here? Hello hello hello. Thanks Selfdefiant now I got something to do. & good luck all

sacred jar: go left 2x and 1x up

My fist online game !!!! yay!!!

Orb jar....2 over 1 up.

use wrench on bathtubs red key and jade (sorry, I have no map yet)

HELLO! JUST LOADING!!! I LOVE SD!!! What a great way to start of a Monday!!

blue jewel from safe on the very left (use expire date from tincups)

Blue key from table with junk.

White gem in room with skeletal arm...

I found the screwdriver!!! Room with the old bed!

wrench in can room

jade stone in twin bathtub room

Gold key in a book upstairs in cb.

wow 2 live games in a row for me

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry...rusty key...not red

SD in next room left from where orbs jar is

just joining hope i can catch up

Rusty key in room with colored chairs.

OK - people asked for Zombies and SD obliged!!!

lol, i had to kill the zombie with the gun! .. bought gun and map.

Yeah...stuff being thrown around and thingys watchin me! Love it!

use rusty key to open the locked door- the first room we were in

where is the wrench?

anyone find a map yet?

anyone figured out the piano clue from book yet?

also looking for last jade

What is that creepy shadow thing in the room with stairs?

Map you can buy in the right room in starting scene, use rusty key to enter.

got wrench - under cans


I baught the map and then wanted to buy the crystal, but it says that i have to get a map before buying the crystal. Bug ?

Lighter in drawer in N after shooting zombie.

@Zazie: no, that's because you need the map to click the rooms you want to go to

Torch in Z

Casual, i just could not buy the crystal until now, i have already the map.

Guess my screwdriver isn't good enough anymore to open drains. Blaghhh. It always was before!

purple key and magic wand in Y

Purple key in Y

I have over 50 orbs and still can't buy the crystal? it's probably 75

Interesting how the moon is creepy and it's dark outside, but elsewhere in the mansion it's daylight.

Nope @Trig...you need the wrench.

Use magic wand on pool for green key.

found book with jade stone in O

Gold key in book as well.

silver key in S (use lighter - trial and error)

I have 55 orbs left but still can´t get the crystal.

purple gem in T (use flashlight)

my favorite kind of game, live!

like I guessed, you need 75 ORBS for the crystal ball

I can't find the blue key in junk room!!

Red gem in O in a book to the right.

susan - right hand side - half way up - I think - search there

Susan in the middle of table under a paper.

@Susan: click bottom left paper box

@Susan....click on front of the table, in that area under the junk.

Thought piano clue was in book, but not finding it.

I don´t get the piano hint

i still cannot find the rusty key lol

Hey....my zombie was keeping a pretty good beat....too bad I had to shoot him. lol

also in L... you get last jade from bracelet you get by matching the colors on the podiums on the left...

place all jade stones and you get the green gem in H

C'mon....Math??? that's worse then Zombies....

orange gem from X (piano) - combine math hint with book

How to match the colours in L ?

@JEB5JD: what to do with the colors in L? I can't change them...

flashlight in Z

where's the darn wrench?

POP! in L are two columns!

Wrench is under the shelf with the many cans.

1 podium you can not change.. only look at the colors... blue, red, green, yellow... the other podium you can click on the circles and change the colors to match the other one

Thx got bracelet now, and still missing a jade stone.

must be missing a room - can't find any cans!!

LNS they are in A

jade stones..... 1 in book (q), from bracelet from (L)- and 1 in drain in (I )

ty ty - I had totally missed that room!

Can´t find jade stone in O

completely stuck now with 5 gems (purple, blue, white, orange & green). been everywhere, used flashlight in every room and can't find anything else to open...

Okay... i am totally clueless on the Piano clue.. use book clue with match clue... and i must be really dumb... can anyone help?

I don't think there was a jade in O

@zazie... there is not a jade stone in O... only the red gem

I didn't find a jade stone in the book...

I find more orbs when I use the torch (flashlight)

but, I found the red gem in O (book on right side)

anyone know the combo for the safe in C?

Red gem was in book in O, but i can´t find jade stone in Q either ...

yellow gem is in U. I can't figure out the piano!

its in the book from Q---

@tanz16: what's the square root of 16?

Sorry @zazie. I meant q not o...darn eyes!

Any help with the box in U ? 7 numbers.

how do you get the safe to open? i have the exp. date but i cant get it to work...

where is the hint for box with yellow gem (7 digits)

POP figured out the piano! I was using that math for the clue in U, not thinking it applied to the piano.

Ohh thanks for the book hint !!!

fallingangel88 start turning wheel to the left side.

use the clues on the board, same thing as the piano but with the word math.

are the 7 digits connected to the 1st sentence in book (in the beginning...)?

Finally caught a game on the day it posts! YAY!

and out! crap notes on this one though so I don't know if I can be much help!

Still don´t get piano ...

Just now going in! Ive played MANY MANY of these, but have never posted

Thank you Zazie!!!

thanks @tanz16! out now too

Fixed the crystal bug, sorry about that I know most people want to use it!

found the jade in the book - duh! (slaps forehead)
It's sticking out between the pages. It's not "in" the book...

@Zazie: square root of 16 is 4. so, A=4, B=5, etc...

Thx Selfdefiant !!!

I wonder was the skeltons arm was about :)

can anyone tell me were the elusive gold key is ? LOL

Zazie - if A ==4, then B = 5 etc translate numbers in book this way and play the notes.

Casual, thank you very much, got it now...

Gold key was in book in inventory.

And thx LNS !!

Now stuck on box in U.Where is the hint ?

Thank you Zasie !!

gold key is in the book i think... keep turning pages

book were is that book, I dont find one?

the book in on a shelf in Q

zazie, its on the chalk board.

book was on a shelf in Q I believe.

i still dont have the map. i'm missing keys and cants find the last jade stone... any help?

Where is the Red key?

@Casual....I think I know the square root, but don't understand how to combine with book clue. There are several in there. lol

And out, will try to help if possible but going on memory, did not take many notes

thks guys that dang book was alfull small!!

use RUSTY key from E- was in jammed drawer to open locked door in H--- to buy map, gun, crystal

Where was the safe? - I didn't write it done and been searching cans for ages then realised date at bottom of screen !!!

lamb777 use the number in the book clue as a guide for the notes on the piano, using a= 4 as a guide

Red key was in drain in I

orange gem from piano

safe in C

trawling every available room for orbs but still only have 66 so can't buy crystal ball : (

also can't crack safe or piano - don't get the hint in the book...

have only white gem & 2 jades - used torch in every room but no more gems or jewels...

falling angel -use rusty key on right door in start screen for shop

Thanks everyone for your help x

Thanks Casual and LNS - got the orange gem! Now for the safe in C and the number in U

I am back and still don´t get the box in U, math doesn´t work when i change letters into numbers.

I cant find the Red Key... anyone?

souless - it was abug that SD has now fixed, but you can finish the game without it - like me!!
re piano - see my post to Zaxie at 8.39 and there are other hints close by that one

zazie - first number is 16

thanks for the piano hint beaker - now have orange gem

Souless Minion the safe opens when you apply the expiring date of cans in A, the date is written under screen. Start turning safe wheel to the left.

Cant crack the safe!

Dezarie - it's in the bathroom in room I - you need a wrench from A

and thanks LNS! (sorry, didn't refresh...)

Thanks Zoe!

and finally out

never was able to but the crystal

This damn box is driving me crazy....i tried 1316208 etc, nope...

thanks for the safe hint Zazie -was using the right numbers but in the wrong direction!

Dezaire - check both plug holes - assuming you found A which I completely missed!

Thanks Zazie just seen your post re safe

Zazie -- if A is 4 then b is 5. m is 16 and so forth

I missed it too.. thats when I was running around without a map.. lol

Zazie - like the piano - If A is 4 them M is 16

Hey Dezarie - that makes me feel better!!!

Philomena wasn´t this for the piano ??
I am completely troubled with this 7 # box.

where do i get rusty key?

Spell math: m= 16
a=4 t=23 h=11

It was for both Zazie

in this game, A=4 for both clues

Finally got the box open....this was sneaky !

Wow that was tough... esp finding all those orbs!
Thanks for the hint of the cans - totally missed that one!

I guess the A=4 hint is used more than once...

for the 7# box in U

Thx Philomena and LNS !! Never thought that the hint was for both riddles.

does the word math have any meaning anywhere? I can't find anywhere to enter the numbers....

Zazie, it's for both

This comment has been removed by the author.

oops - its for the box also in U - blind today!

Thanks @Beaker and @JEB5JD.

@Zoe... its the expiration date from the Cans in A


OUT - Found Zazie's hint!!!

Finally out !
This was heavier as usual for me, in any case the box in U lol.
Thx Selfdefiant !!!

Thanks JEB5JD!!

The price was also messed up for the crystal so if you refresh it should be fixed and saved.

Can´t i keep some orbs to use them in the next game ? haha...

Okay...I'm blind too...what box in U? All I've found is the blackboard with the math hint on it.

lamb the box is on the left windowsill !

And out.. Thanks for the help.. the Red key had me going and I didn't even see the box in U! Cant wait for the next one.

I used up all my orbs. Had a hard time finding #75!

box in u on windowsill to the left

These games are so much FUN!!!

Thanks once again, SD!

Thanks Zazie...oh my! and I wear glasses! lol

@lamb777, me too...but it doesn´t help always :)

I have to prepare supper now, hopefully everybody escaped. CU later.

Thanks so much SD!!! you are the best!!!

Can't get the red gem out of the book! Anyone left?

Great game SD. What a pleasure to play it live. Thanks for all the help everyone!

ok - refreshed, got the orb and did a alphabetical room by room search - only turned up one more gem - purple in T. Any hints to the other (2?) gems or any more jade pieces.? or where they all go?


@Susan. you need to click each side in a certain order and they will stay lit. I think it was right, left, but don't remember if it was up or down next.

@ susan... you have to hit the squares.. they turn green.. in the correct order... you start on the right i believe


JEB5JD 1/7/13 8:25 AM

jade stones..... 1 in book (q), from bracelet from (L)- and 1 in drain in (I )

Nice - thanks for the help!

Thanks JEBJD - just figured it out

and Lamb777 - and out

thanks for that Jeb - missed that post!

but still can#t find bracelet in L - there is a plinth thing with coloured baubles on it but can't do anything with it....will try all my items on it again just in case....

@ souless

JEB5JD 1/7/13 8:20 AM

1 podium you can not change.. only look at the colors... blue, red, green, yellow... the other podium you can click on the circles and change the colors to match the other one

above is how you get the bracelet

where is the flash light. the purple key and the rusty key? i cant find any and still no map.

aha - found the other plinth - changed the colours and got the last jade - but where to use it?

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