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Escape New Year 2013 Walkthrough

Escape New Year 2013

MixGames1 - Escape New Year 2013 is another point and click room escape game from Mix Games 1. In this game, you try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape New Year 2013

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so far 2 christmas balls & half piece of ornament..

hav weight put it on window get 1 more ball

This is irritating - things keep moving back over the item you want to pick up!
Have 3 balls, need one more and probably a knife for the couch.

combined two broken ornaments and put on box. Two balls and stuck.

the other half of the ornament is under something - hard to see and harder to get!

where is other half of ornament ?

check the knob on the rocking chair! have blue ball and knife now

dont know where to put weight.

and out throught the window - only half open at that!!

ok one ball is from box

1 is from num# cabinet

1 is from window

kathe - look for the 'hook' top right of a window and put weight there

These itsy bitsy micro games that cannot be enlarged are just a pain, Do they pay per square millimeter for game space?

Have green, red and yellow ornaments. Cant find another. Any hints?

raasti - use the knob from the rocking chair on the cupboard

Red ball is from behind teddy
Green ball is from putting the weight on the hook by the curtain
Yellow ball is from the cupboard (945)

thanx LNS for blue ball ....im out but still hav that half piece of ornament with me ..

aah thanks LNS
Blue ball from cuboard

cupboard number comes from placing both halves of ornament on brown box - I combined in the inventory

raasti check under everthything - not sure I can bear to replay to find out where!

OK - i pressed replay and there is nothing under the teddy or behind the yellow truck!!

One half of the ornament was on the shield on the wall and the other was under the handsoap by the bathroom sink

total restart - ornament - on shield and under pink soap dispenser.
everyone out now?

Jinx RSA!!!


You went back in? That is brave!

I got out with only 1 half of the ornament.

where is weight, please?

What do you do with the knife, have tried everywhere.

Oh the brown couch

What do you do with the knife, have tried everywhere.

which knife??? help! ;-)

forget it, I was blind, out now. :-)

out good game ps put knife on side of brown couch there is a little black line there,

nice game =)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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