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Find Out Escape is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. One day, the pet dog has gone missing. Let's solve some puzzles and go searching the dog! Good luck and have fun!

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pleasepleaseplease how can I start the game?

Hi Sabine, click on the link below just under mission. Then click the game in the new window. It will load again.

ok... my working solution: open it in Opera... Chrome and FF not working for me

now it works also in Chrome... LOL
@Emmes: the link below mission opens the solutions in japanese or comments or smth for me

AdBlock Plus usually makes problems on this authors page

I can't open the game me too :(
tries what Emmes says but nothing !

I use Chrome, and I got it to work once I paused my adblocker.

using Chrome, and opened just fine. Am stuck on scene with red wheel on pole left side and fire danger on right. help please?

and out... sweet game, but very short
did anybody need help or can't you still play it?

Seb, it opened as I said in FF. Once you have clicked the image of the game, it reloads with an ad. Just click next to the ad and the game opens.
Also stuck with the red wheel and Mr. Flame.

@Luin: look above, there are arrows showing you how to turn the wheel... look close at the top of the poles

Note arrows on ceiling and metal bars. Turn wheel accoringly.

Thanks Emmes, retry

Where is the key in the final stage? It looks like guy won't climb if there is no key

@Urban: look behind the blocks

Password is obious. Out, nice little game.

Thanks @sabine

Nice little game.

I couldn't run it in Firefox (even with Adblock Plus paused) - I had to use IE.

Can't get that wheel thing... help!

Oh must have accidentally hit the right ones - my light has gone green.

Stuck now - maybe I threw my stone too soon in the fire guard scene. He came back and even with hint helps here I can;t get any further!

sorry, I was at the phone... MaryD... the guard is coming back, thats right, but you got the wheel before he was coming back?
then place the wheel and look above the poles, there are arrows, one showing right, the other turn around back... look at the diagonal metal bars at the top of the poles...

Thanks Sabine - I had the wheel and tried turning it as indicated on the poles above, but nothing happened :o(.
Will restart and try again!

Nope still not happening for me. Wonder what I am doing wrong. Two turns to right, one to left, one to right?

Hi all,

i´m also stuck on the wheel.

I tried turning forward, forward, backward, forward

and then

backward, backward, forward, backward...

both times without success.

solution for wheel:


thx Sabine, got it.
Thought in the wrong direction.

Oh thank you Sabine! Was frustrated there!

Can't play :(
Has anyone got a direct link?

Help...I can't find my way past the first scene! LOL
POP..I found the other hotspot....
Love that second stage! LMAO!!!

Stage 3 is a mystery...Mary seems to have bf'ed it , but I have no idea what to do...making no sense!

Can't load at all. Tried all the suggestions above. Glad some of you are having fun at least.

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In case anyone needs help on the part with the boxes:

Move all the boxes to see the place to input code to unlock the cage.

Change letters to unlock. Hint: Think about what you need to unlock something.

Then make the steps and go up.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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