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Kamo Escape 12 Walkthrough

Kamo Escape 12

Kamo Escape 12  is another point and click room escape game by Kamotokamotokamo. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Hi! Am I first? Anyway, I'm stuck!

Stuck at upper left triangle code.

230 not working on triangle drawer??

meant to say 238 not working

Why 178 ?
Stuck again with right code.

178 is answer with bottom left door closed. muat have gotten it out of order?

to open two doors orange and pink and on a short flight of stairs to go down from ABC

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sorry its

put in pics, opened door with symbols code.

where to put pics ?

953 doesn´t work for me, i don´t understand why it is this number...

and out

CBA with all doors open... I think it was 025.

Then put in pics, close doors to see order to open or close doors to get out.

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look down the abc columns and you get that number

025 worked, i have no idea why, this game is not for me lol....

What about the circle code?

Pretty please?

try 350 ?

Ohhhhhh...those darn ghostlegs!!!!!
Good game, even though I had to peek at some spoilers... then I understood the answer ...was forgetting some steps.

I don't understand 178 :(

OK, found why 178, only orange and pink door must be opened

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I hate those ghostleg things, but I got out thanks to all the help.

help please, dont understand the ghost leg. got the pink and orange door open

sherry try 178...?

@ting ting how do I try 178 all my doors are opened

which code is it that you need the one on the farthest right ??

for 178 triangle code~leave the pink and orange doors open as the pic looks in the square/star box and do a ghost leg for each letter
(the pic is of the cabinets with the pink and orange doors open)
ghost leg~follow the line under the letter and whenever it intersects another horizontal line take that route, then go down again till u intersect another horizontal line,and repeat till u get to the bottom

sherry, shut the others doors, only orange and pink must be opened

I got all the doors open dont need a # how do I go out. As Larue said to leave the pink and orange door open. I used the #178 dont need the ghost, it saids to do the ghost leg. Im stunned

sorry I ment I dont need the number, just how do I go out

when all doors are shut you should see symbols follow the shapes and colours of the symbols hope that helps
i might be wrong but i wrote this down you can only try

@ting ting thanks so much, I could not have done it without your help. The ending was cute with the chickens. Thanks again for your help Now I can close the game

i would have NEVER known i had to follow the lines !! not bad !

I don't have a clue what ghost legs are and what symbols I'm meant to be seeing.

Thanks for the warning nokra. I'm quitting this...no ghostlegs for me. I will never get this crap...maybe in a second life ;)

this has a nice example to the right


Fantastic game, 5 stars!!! Ghost legs are easy: keep moving down, when you can turn left or right you must do so and then continue down at the next opportunity, repeat until you reach the bottom.

Understand your concept of ghost legs but following that theory I get something like 557. Will look for a better game.

       Anonymous  1/28/13, 6:43 PM  

@arbeitslooser Ya crack me up! LOL You hack games and such but can't or won't do the ghost leg puzzie!

@Gayle Good point ;-P That's because I found no good explanation in the net! All of them think that some things were self-explanatory, but I will surely have at least 5 questions to each step (which I can't ask there). So I called it quits...until someone comes along who can do it better (you? ;))

ok here is an attempt~someone(not specific, but maybe easy on the eyes lol) gave you a map and said start at the top and make your way down, BUT if you come across a road you HAVE to take it till you get to the bottom.

This game is based on Ghost leg puzzles. They have been explained in many other games, as well as in the comments above, but since someone might face such a puzzle for the first time in this game (going directly to the walkthrough without reading any comments), here goes again:

The point of a “ghost leg” puzzle is to connect two sides of a line.
- Pick a line and follow it from top, downwards.
- When you reach a horizontal bar, coming out of your line (going left or right), you have to follow that bar (makes you turn left or right).
- Once your horizontal bar hits another vertical line, move down along the new vertical line towards the bottom.
-Every time you meet a new horizontal line you have to go left or right until the next vertical line.

WARNING, spoilers inside the walkthrough!

Bottom right cupboard (filled circle).
Click to open.

Top right cupboard (filled triangle).
Use the screwdriver to open it.
Don’t click exactly on the screw, but anywhere else on the door.
Get TILE #1.
See a clue: Empty circle = green ABC

Lower left cupboard (empty circle).
The clue in top right cupboard tells you to figure out A, B and C when the green cupboard is open (but no other cupboards), using the Ghost leg puzzle method.
A and B are straightforward:
Follow the lines from top to bottom and get A=3 and B=5.
To solve C, you need to use the new lines you see when the green door is open.
Move down along “line 9” until it hits the horizontal bar turning right.
Follow that bar until it meets a new vertical line, “line 0”, and follow it to the end (no more horizontal bars there).
Hence, C=0
Click here to see a picture of the solution.
Open lower left cupboard with ABC=350
Get TILE #2.

Middle left cupboard (empty square).
Use the clue from lower left cupboard (1 filled star, followed by 3 empty stars).
Click the stars on the middle left cupboard as the clue shows: right, left, left, left.
Get TILE #3.

Top left cupboard (empty triangle).
The clue inside middle left cupboard shows which doors need to be open to solve ABC for the top left cupboard.
Open only the middle left door (orange) and the bottom right door (pink).
A: go down along “line 3” until you meet a horizontal bar. Follow it leftwards, to the next vertical line, “line 2”. Move down along line 2 until next horizontal bar. Follow that one leftwards until next vertical line, line 1, which you can follow to the end.
B: Start on “line 5”. The first horizontal bar takes you right, to “line 6”. Go down along this line until the next horizontal bar takes you further right, to “line 7”. Move to the end.
C: Go down along “line 9” until the bar that takes you right, to “line 0”. You will soon meet another bar from “line 0” which takes you left, back to “line 9”. Move a short step downwards on line 9, before you meet a new horizontal bar going left to “line 8”, which you can follow to the end.
Click here to see a picture of the solution.
Open top left cupboard with ABC=178
Get a KEY.

Middle right cupboard (filled square).
Use the key to open.
Get TILE #4.

Place the tiles.
You have to solve the very right puzzle, CBA, before you can place the tiles.
To solve this, find out C, B and A with all doors open (as the colors above “CBA” shows).
If you got this far, you either understand the Ghost leg method, or you are not interested, and only going for the answers, so I’ll explain them quicker this time.
C: Down on line 9 until you move right to line 0.
Down on line 0 until you move left, back to line 9.
Down on line 9 until, again, you move right, to line 0.
In the pink area you once again have to move left to line 9, and back right, to line 0.
Finally, go to the end on line 0.
B: Start on line 5 and go down until you need to go left to line 4.
Go down to the next bar which takes you left to line 3.
In the orange field, you move left to line 2, then left to line 1.
Go down along line 1 until you finally move right to line 2, and go to the end.
A: Down on line 3, then right to line 4.
Down on line 4, then left to line 3.
Down on line 3, left to line 2.
Down on line 2, right to line 3.
Down on line 3, right to line 4.
Down on line 4, right to line 5 and follow it to the end.
Click here to see a picture of the solution.
Enter CBA = 025 to get a place for your tiles.
Put the tiles to make a shape, like the 2 pink “birds” (penguins?).
Click here to see a picture of the solution.

Open the exit door.
After the tiles are placed correctly, close all doors to see a clue what to do.
You need to click the doors in the order you see in the clue:
Empty triangle (top left door)
Empty square (middle left door)
Orange (middle left door)
Filled circle (bottom right door)
Blue (top left door)
Filled triangle (top right door)
Green (top right door)
Pink (bottom right door)
At the end, all doors should be closed, and the exit open.
Click to escape.

Thank you Ellie. Had no idea what a ghostleg was till I read your walkthrough. Learning all the time!

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