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Lonely Asylum Walkthrough

Lonely Asylum

Lonely Asylum is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com! The lonely asylum holds many secrets. You decided to go inside and search around to see what you can find. Maybe you will be clever enough to find the secrets that lie within the old place. Good luck and have fun!

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Am I first?

Wow! Really a big game day today!

I'm here too!

Yay SD game!

OOOH - a live SD

Book in G with nothing in it yet!!

Sacred jar 2 rooms right.

Map is in opening scene on the bottom left

White gem in guitar in X.

thank you Selfdefiant!

Screwdriver in W.

Red key in Q, use screwdriver.

Blue key in Z

Blue key in Z, pull chord.

Blue key in Z

White gem in x

Knife in D.

Red gem in R. Use knife.

SD in w

Wrench in C.

Purple gem in Q. Use cat statue.

Red Key in Q

Flashlight in window in L.

Colour code in L

Flashlight in L

FLight L

Purple key from piano.

Think we are all running round together - haven't bumped in to any of you in the rooms Ha ha

my favorite part of the week!

Lighter from sink in V. Use wrench,

need a crowbar for floorboards in M

green key in B, use flashlight

Where is piano clue plse?

Where's the hint for the piano?

silver key is in book!

Chrystal ball from L when levers are down.

Piano clue from book. use lemon on one page so you can convert numbers to piano keys.

crowbar in P

Well you can convert them anyway. A=1 etc.

Use lemon on book

Orb on mantel in Q that you cannot pick up, SD

crowbar in P, use it on loose boards in M

Lighter in V, use wrench.

where is purple key?

Green gem in K. Use lighter.

my crowbara does'nt work on boards!

sorry, crowbar

I have a problem using the Crowbar....

When I select it, it just stays in the middle
of the screen.

So I can't use it.

Btw, thanks Selfdefiant!

I have GEBFCDBE for piano, is that right? still need purple key


Can't open the box in O.
Using letters as numbers as in book doesn't work and also not when anagramed to NEWEST.

please someone spoil piano for me?

I thought the anagram was events

crowbar when selected just stays in the center of my screen.


Your piano is right

GEBFCDBE should be correct.

Evans, your piano notes are correct.

I thougt the anagram was Steven, but where does it go?

Evans...convert the roman numerals to letters..1=a,2=b, ect ect

Nice shinny new corkscrew in O but haven't found where to use it, the letters or where the numbers could be

Still need to use cork screw. Doens't work on any bottles in O

Its Steven

Piano was : GEBFCDBE

dsl corkscrew works on box in U

steven or 125455 goes in box in room with bottles (behind them on shelf)

I am puzzled by the numbers box in O.

Where is gold key please?

Now that was quick

Why is there a cross over W on the map?

Thanks for the bottles. Have Yellow gem now. Somehow I saw a W and not the V.

There is a number box in O but none of the anagrams I have tried work there

Morgan, the same happens to me too (with crowbar)

Thanks, didn't see that box until now

Have only white, green, red and yellow gem. And cat statue and corkscrew not used yet.

And out.

Out !!

Thx Selfdefiant !!! This was fun :)

Where in U is box - can't see it.

Got it on mantle

What is the lemon/book trick? Cut the lemon first? But how? Lemon by itself won't work on book.

Use cat statue in Q and corkscrew in U.

Never would have thought to use that anagram seemed to obvious

Use cat statue in Q to get purple gem.

wow... I'm out

suddenly, this time the crowbar worked! I thin Selfdefiant is watching the comments, and is fixing the bugs...

Don´t cut lemon, use it after having turned several pages.

Thanks for cat staute Peke. But can't find something in U to use corkscrrew on.

Out finally, after 8 tries the piano just worked "magically".

box on mantel in U for corkscrew

Thanks for the box in U :)
Only missing the blue gem now

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gold key was under the floor boards in M need crowbar

Still looking for GOLD key...

Never ssaw that box in U. Thanks Evans (and Peke).

Oh where is the crowbar then? Thanks :)

How do you use cat = nothing happening

Thanks, Zazie!
Clearly I wasn't clicking enough to change the pages!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Susan, left side of mantle.

The only problem with this wonderful SD game is that all the other games today seem very little and boring.
Thanks again SD for an awesome game.

On the left side of the mantle on the weight thingy

found crowbar.

the numbers of box, corresponds with the hint from book in combination with bottles. The anagram gives a name. Combines with numbers on book

... and finally out

crowbar is in P

anyone remember where the blue gem was?

Have 7 gems. What to do with them?

I´ve just notice that cristal ball is for travelling trough the map. Great detail!

Blue gem was in B (somewhere right).

Thank you :)

Nvm. When you have all 7 gems. Places to put them are in different rooms.

Great game as always, Self Defiant, even if I couldn't get that darn orb off the mantle. Happy Thursday everyone! :)

great game, as always!

Great game, thank you Self Defiant

ha! I found the magic crystal as I was on my way out! oh well...

Played again to find the orbs.
Found only 99. Is that because of the orb you can't take in Q.

Here is the gems placement order:

Red Gem in Y
Purple Gem in P
Orange Gem in T
Green Gem in L
Yellow Gem in D
Blue Gem in F
White Gem in H

please I can't find cat statue?

Cat statue in big tank in A.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ domzodom thanks a lot

This comment has been removed by the author.

I cannot find the Orange or Yellow gems, and no clue where Steven goes or how to open the box in the bottle room??? HELP PLEASE!!

@Akasha- Bellydance
Read the comments. They should be enough to help you. If you have a particular question, I'll check this site now and then and I maybe able to help.

Excellent, Thank You SD.

Shante, the yellow gem you get from that box in the bottle room you open with steven. Make steven numbers. Look in book what letter is what number.
Forgot where the orange gem was :(

use steven with the clue from the book and put it in the safe where the bottles are

Same here out with 99 orbs because I couldnt get the one of the mantle! :(

So, "events" is not the anagram in O... I don't like when proper nouns are used in anagrams.

How to get cat statue in A ?

BTW, is it related to the portrait in W ? I definitely DON'T know this guy...

For those who are still looking for orange gem as I did. It's in room U. You need to use the corkscrew on the box there, which I really overlooked.
Thanks to all for your help!! ;) I needed it this time... :P

Can someone tell me how to get the cat statue in A? Must be missing some tool to get it?

Great game again SD!! THX
But has anyone found out why there was a big black X on the map over the W room??

@ linda_r_1957
no you don't need anything, just click the darker circle and it reveals itself

Where is the orange gem?

Oh for God's sake!! Thank you zuzanna!

it's in U. Use the corkscrew on the box there.
Use 'ctrl F' it's for looking some words up. It's very useful in finding clues.

I am always a bit late :-( Going in now. Asylum's are my favourite

Thanks Zuzana142 :)

Me a bit late too - Going well but cannot find piano clue and refuse to use the spoilers which give it but not how to get it.....


Use the book and the lemon
Page through the book until one page has a comment saying it is different, Use the lemon on it.

When I flipped the last switch I could use the crowbar

Mystery solved !

Clicked that book a million times! thank you RSA.... hopefully out soon.... Pleased to have an SD finally - don't normally need help but this was different!

WALKTHRU including 99 ORBS (1 will not leave mantel)

F - get MAP; note X on room W; flip LEVER#1




B - 4ORBS; move GAS MASK, get BLUE GEM




I - 4ORBS; note ORGAN that sounds like PIANO; note UNSAFE TORCHES



R - 4ORBS; note RIP on CHAIR

Q - 3ORBS (4th ORB refuses to be picked up); set STRANGE CAT STATUE on STRANGE PEDESTAL, get PURPLE GEM; note LOOSE MIRROR

S - 4ORBS; flip LEVER#2

T - 4ORBS; get OLD LEMON, squeeze on FUNNY PAGE in BOOK, note ALPHACODE



Z - 4ORBS; pull TASSEL, get BLUE KEY





return to B, use FLASHLIGHT, get GREEN KEY
return to Q, pry LOOSE MIRROR, get RED KEY


D - 4ORBS; get KNIFE

C - flip LEVER#4; get WRENCH

return to I, play ORGAN using ROMAN NUMERAL CLUE from BOOK (75263425) combined with ALPHACODE from T (GEBFCDBE), get PURPLE KEY
return to R, cut RIP in CHAIR, get RED GEM

V - 4ORBS; flip LEVER#5; open DRAIN w/ WRENCH, get LIGHTER

return to L, get CRYSTAL BALL
return to M, pry FLOORBOARDS, get GOLD KEY



return to U, use CORKSCREW on PLAIN BOX, get ORANGE GEM
return to Y, place RED GEM
return to T, place ORANGE GEM
return to P, place PURPLE GEM
return to F, place BLUE GEM
return to D, place YELLOW GEM
return to H, place WHITE GEM
return to L, place GREEN GEM
return to F, open DOOR, ESCAPE!

Nice WT.
Still wondering about that one orb.
Maybe It's intentional and we must find a way to get it.
Usually SD corrects bugs but now nothing has happened.

No music this time...maybe to make us feel lonely. Steven, not noticing when pages tunred in the book and the blue gem held me up a lot today. Thx for the great game SD.

Thanks everyone!

Hilarious that all us SD afficiandos HATE coming out with 99!

Hmmmm that's odd. At the end of the game and after using the WT EXACTLY, I had 101 orbs !?!?

But I saw the 101 orbs by clicking on the orb meter at the bottom and not by counting them. Maybe when we click on the one that doesn't disappear, it get's counted??

Anyway - fantastic game as always and thanks SD!!

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I'm going through fixing things, thanks!

Please explain how STEVEN relates to 125455 from book alphacode.... not even the letters. I'm very confused.

All I have in my book is roman numerals.

@Amber use lemon on book to see letters and numbers
read comm RSA Momma cyndi 10.48 AM

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Thanks@seb. I tried that hundreds of times. Even after your post directly above. Nothing. Was just about to close out the game and decided, one more try. And there they were........Maybe it had something to do with SD updating the game, I don't know. But I did it the same way as before.

where's the walkthrough guys, i'm lost. all i can do is collecting orbs, i got 47 so far..... now what!!!

@sarah, the walkthrough is in the comments above your post, from LaChatonFou at 1/31/13, 11:03 AM

My book doesn't work. Can't flip pages, no number, no key, no nothing. Have refreshed and everything. Stupid game.

Book does flip pages. You just have to do it a lot of times. With most pages you don't see a change and you don't see the pages flip. But somewhere you see stains, there you use the lemon and after going on with flipping you'll find the other things like the silver key.

TY @domzodom. I don't see any stains but at least I see the number and got the key.

Out with 100 orbs. Great game!

Sad to say I've developed carpal tunnel from so much damn clicking. I have never clicked so much as I have in this game. Had to give up, got so confusing and my wrist is sore.

lemon won't work, cat won't work, no numbers in the game that I could find. I am frustrated with this

I have 101 orbs so far, but it looks like the meter isn't yet full

click top right of the book to flip page

maybe hidden object game rather than escape.. Too much clicking .. Seriously? like 20 pages to the key? Sorry I didn't finish. Looking for brain stimulation, not worn out mouse.

i love this game, but i have a problem. i get a long ways into it and my computer crashes. i have re-started it 4 times now. i updated flash and set it to allow 10 mg. this is the first time i have had this happen and it only happens when i'm playing this game. does anybody have an idea about this?

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gas masks... are you my mommy?

Where is the PLAIN BOX in U?

@vivimim LOL thought the same thing.

How do get the green key if you don't have the crowbar? I thought you get the green key form the room M? HELP ME!!!!!!

thta's okay i found the way to do it. BTW love the penguin pic for Jasmine!!! So cool!

When I tried putting the old lemon on the book in the room where you find the purple key, under the light, the words and letter still didn't show! Why is it not showing? >.<

I can't really find the orange gem..

Never mind huhuhu passed it! Amazing game...

Very nice game I just finished it here. Is there a 2nd version of the game?

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