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Mouse of the Moving Castle Walkthrough

Mouse of the Moving Castle

Mouse of the Moving Castle Escape is another Japanese point and click adventure game developed by Sakura. Try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay, Sakura! Its been a long time since the last game.

Good luck and have fun...

I still hang with leader, cheese and fishing rod

Cheese comes to the house behind the cow, gives mouse

You can use the ladder for a pick axe in one of the pictures to the right and the fishing rodin the picture next to that on the right after using pickaxe.

Mouse comes completely left to the Wettrennen.Mystery End.Ich has the ladder still.

When running property I a while ago the Mohre on the way put, the hare stops and turtle wins Fahne.Die comes with pin and flower pot completely right.

thx friwi

Put flag, box, pencil and wheel in last scene, but stuck with mouse. Didn´t sole ve ram scene yet.

Fishing rod used i cave


I got out with normal end, doing like Roberto said. Never saw a mouse and did not use cheese. Great game. I love Sakura`s fantasy.

Love these! Three endings - special end, mystery end and normal end.

Mouse on cow

Out with special end. :)

Out with mystery end

Yeah, a Sakura!

Whether I can solve it myself outfind I must.

(LOL I sound like Yoda from Star Wars)

@admin can we please get this 'Alternative Link' removed? It's the japanese version! Once you use the alt link and click on English Version, you get directed back to the dojin site! (which is near-unreachable at the moment)

The normal link doesn't work for me either....

I know ... it's overloaded.

sakura is back!!!!!

Normal end...

Is there a key for drawer in pet shop?

This comment has been removed by the author.

In the forest scene with the pickaxe, there is another view to the back. That's where the key is.

how "special" end please?

found, same thing that normal but put mouse too

Good game, my mouse flew, got the mystery end

Minoto and Sakura, woooow! I love both your games. Thank you so much.

I loved the scenery! I got out with normal end. Going back to see if I can get a different ending. Hoping someone will post how to find the 2 special endings :)

I'm stuck with cheese and carrot. I tried to put cheese in the house behind cow, but it doesn't work.

POP. Finally found the spot for carrot on the path and got the flag.

Normal end. I guess that means the cheese is for a different end.

I got the normal ending the first time - overlooked mouse on cow. Added cheese at the end & big mouse appeared to take cart

To get special end you use cheese to get mouse off of back of cow.

I wonder what escape girl did differently to get mystery ending ...

I got special end, but now I can't load the game to try for others. Anyway, for SPECIAL END, put box, cup, wheel, pencil and flag in last scene on the right and put the mouse on top. He then rolls along to a final scene. It's the second Magritte-like final scene I've encountered in two days (first in the my888 game).

@CrowsCountCoup, I love your avatar. Be on the lookout for Rookwings - she rehabs crows in the UK.

For normal end same thing that special end but don't put mouse on the top

for mistery end, click with mouse on rabbit and turtle

Thanks Zoz :) I will watch for her. Checked out your blog (love it) - quite a zoo you have! Read several posts- heartwarming, distressing, and very interesting! "It's Just Fine" is a pet peeve of mine as well. Laughed at the wild goose chase, but saddened by the ending

I got the special ending again so I admit defeat. Might check back to see if anyone explains route to mystery ending :)

Thanks seb!

Love the this game... I did get a special ending when I set the mouse down with the rabbit and turtle.

Would like to know where to find the pencil and cup?
Where do you use the shears/scissors?

use scissors on house roof to take a green branch and give it at koala on tree

for cup put dog on sheep and click on plant

@seb... thank you... I saw the green thing above the Koala and didn't know how to get to it... thanks.

Can't take the dog... is there something I need to do first?

I am guessing we need a bone or food to get the dog?


Although the rat thought that
he would invade an empty country,
has realized that oneself is lack of
ability too much.


It was a very Moving Castle that the Mouse Walked Through

The young rat of a country of a rat had ambition.
It should have its own castle.
And the time of beginning to move came now.

(You will click a doubtful point on the screen.)

Enter the cabin and take the SHOVEL (clicking anywhere else will reveal that, especially, there is no doubtful point. And we have been specifically instructed to "click a doubtful point on the screen.")

Go Left to see a COW with a MOUSE on its back, and a FISHING POLE at its feet. Take the FISHING POLE.
Click on the door of the house behind the cow and take the MEAT.

Go Left to find the TORTOISE and the HARE. Click on either to see that the HARE is the clear winner. For now.

Go Right three times and take the LADDER.

Go Right again and enter the store on the right. You will need a key. Exit the Store and give the MEAT to the DOG.

And then your game crashes and you have to try to get back in again. At least, in my case that's what happened. More to come, I hope!

AHA! Back in the game!
As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, give the DOG the MEAT, and you get the DOG, who happens to be a SHEEP DOG.

Go Left and unleash the SHEEP DOG, who will herd the SHEEP, who will eat the plant so that you can take the CUP.

Go Right twice and use the SHOVEL to dig up the CARROT.
This leaves a hole, which you can fit through to get the SCISSORS in the cavern below.

Go back up, then all the way to the left. Put the CARROT on the racecourse of the TORTOISE and the HARE. Now let's see what happens... Hah! Not so fast when he has a carrot to eat! Take the FLAG that the TORTOISE knocked over in its excitement over winning.

Go Right back to the cabin, and use the SCISSORS to get the GRASS from the roof (it's to the left of the cabin door).

Go Right to the KOALA scene and give the GRASS to the KOALA so that he climbs the tree and knocks down the PENCIL (which looked like bamboo to me, but I guess that was a doubtful point).

Go Right and use the LADDER to get the PICK. Then, click on the end of the path through the woods to get to a beautiful meadow, which just happens to have a KEY lying in the rode. Take the KEY.

Go Left twice and enter the Store. Use the KEY on the drawer and take the CHEESE.

Now go left until you find the COW again, and use the CHEESE to get the MOUSE down.

Go Right to the mountains and use the PICK on the mound of stones so you may take the BOX and then enter the cave. In the cave, use the FISHING POLE to take the TIRE. The game specifies that this is only 1 TIRE. Are there others???

You now have everything you need for the SPECIAL END.
Go Right to the last scene and stack the BOX, then the CUP, then add the FLAG, PENCIL, and the WHEEL. Lastly, place the MOUSE on top of the chariot you have built and sit back for the SPECIAL END.

According to seb, posting at 10:20

"For normal end same thing that special end but don't put mouse on the top

for mistery end, click with mouse on rabbit and turtle".

I have absolutely no reason to mistrust seb, so there you have the 3 ends!
(Thanks, @seb!)

I could not help myself and returned to check out the mystery ending. I let the mouse run with the tortoise and the hare and he/she flew away, but instead of fireworks I got ... "Service Temporarily Unavailable"
Life is so unfair ;)

Had to leave the chariot incomplete

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