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Obama and the Mayan Prophecy Walkthrough

Obama and the Mayan Prophecy

InkaGames - Obama and the Mayan Prophecy is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inka Games. Help Obama save the planet from a terrible menace! Good luck and have fun!

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no one here yet


Stuck in first scene already, i can´t do anything.

Ahh didn´t see the map.

I still can't see the map!

Nor can I. Can you tell us where it is, @Zazie?

I didin't have map and book at the beginning, but when I load game secod time it's in item.

Try to skip the beginnig!

When I load game and watch intro the game loads with bug!
When I skip intro it's OK!

Great. That worked. Thank you.

Thanks Jed !
That would explain why watching the intro twice didn't give me a clue how to get into the space ship!

Sorry i did not look here, the map was in inventory.

I always skip the intros :)

this game is long.....

I am stuck with string, flowers from man on easter island, wet suit, metal rod, leaf, branch, oar and vessel. I need something to do with the metal rod first to free the big head under water.

leaf + branch - use it on the iguana and get passport

Now i got sunglasses and camera from the man after giving him the passport back.

how to get rid of the crab?

How did you pass the jaguar ???

Does anybody know how to unstuck the underwater Moay at Easter Islnad? I've put the floating vest, inflate it, but when i try using the metal rod with the stone it says that i need to do something more..

For the crab you need to put rock at the crab's cave

Give the flowers to the girl on easter island to get a flower necklace.

Okay to get the passport, get some leaves from the bush to the right of the piramid and put it on the stick you got from the beach where the flower seller is.

Added the container from the ancient basket ball court with the string from the beach with the fingers standing up and put it on the tree. The righ answer gets you past the alien from the dustbin

Irina P you need triangle rock

What rock ?

Oh, you are all so much further than me! I'll just let you guys go for it :)

@Zazie: At Punta del Este, if you use the wetsuit in the sea, you'll get a rock. Then somehow( i still don't know ) you have to shape it as i traingle..

Take a foto of hieroglyphs and get translation from old mayan, then get knife for tree with bowl.

anyone in the volcano?

Thx for the rock Irina !

Triangle rock? How? used the rock to plug the hole with the crab...

Ok, got the triangle rock. I don't wanna spoil the fun, but as a hint, first you have to take the shell at Easter Island..

Thank you RSA Momma Cyndi

In tikal i used the pill to shrink then used the hook (from paperclip) with string on small window to climb out.

Anyone got to the rubber ball part yet? I'm stuck on that

cool got it. Thanks!

Found a plumber in water by easter island.

Put the safety swim thing (Yellow) on the staute under water

I did that but i still have to do something more to move the rock, but what ?

You can put the necklace on the big faces.

@Zazie: First you use the stone with the crab to get the shell. Then u take the shell to Punta del Este and use it on the hand on the beach.You get a triangle stone from there. You use the stone on the X spot at Easter Island (underwater) , inflate the vest and use the traingle rock.

@Zazie: * use the stone & metal rod

Ok, put the shell on the red cross on beach for the triangle stone...

anyone know how to get rid of the dinosaur?

Has anyone been able to use the rubber ball for anything?

Put the necklace on new head on pedestral.

@Priya: not yet :)
Does anyone know how to fix the accoridion?

How did you get gem from the dragon

oooh a live inka going in

@Barhas: If u're talking about the gem on Galapagos you need to talk to the stone in the scene with the fruit.

Does anyone know how to become heavier at the last point of the game? In the mothership.

       Anonymous  1/20/13, 3:58 AM  

get ladder and take fruit give turtle sunglasses mix fruit and grass from turtle and give dragon

@Andrzej Umcy what did you do inside the volcano?

       Anonymous  1/20/13, 4:00 AM  

how to take gem from dinosaur and snake? i got golden table but dinosaur smash me :/

@Priya: Use ladder with vulcano

can you help me with the ball game im stuck

@Irina P but once inside the volcano, I have no clue what to do

In the volcano you have to use the Gem Detector, but I don't remebmer where I found it.

Anyone there

The thing is in the shape of a keyhole and u use it all around in the volcano and the light becomes green and there you have to dig.

Messi scores!

Give the broken accordeon to the passport man, he will fix it, then give it back to the player and after the dance you get Messi :)

       Anonymous  1/20/13, 4:04 AM  

andrzej how to get gem from dinosaur

Please with the accordion, someone :)
@Priya: As Andrzej said, u need a gem detector to see where is the spot to dig (with the shovell). But I don;t have the detector yet

I was talked the stone that was turtle

@Zazie: 10x

You have to get two broken pieces of a golden table in Machu Picchu and put then in the hole in the stone. But before dig in the place of the cross in the same scene. After you put the table in place jump into the hole to avoid being killed by the dinosaur.

Messi does the ball game.

Where is the detector

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  1/20/13, 4:09 AM  

thx :)

@barhas : Disnosaur Alley

How to inflate the west? Still can get the big headed sculpture from the sea?

To inflate the west you have to pull the string to the left.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pull the ring on the vest :D

Finally got the diamond by the seamonster. Combine gun with rope and plunger.

Thanks for the string on the west...Didn't see that at all..

How does i get the gem from the sea monster?

@barhas: Dinosau Valley, sorry.

Maybe I'm not that far behind everyone.

For the lake monster, use the gun that was behind the statue head (once getting it up) combine it with the plunger (also from the ocean - I think where the head was) and the rope from where the 'large rock' that turned out to be a tortoise was

I'm stuck in a cave after taking gem. Got a bend paperclip but no idea how to get out. I can't use the map in here.

I cant find the plunger o.O

Thx too previous post from Zazie i got out.


Bend the paperclip and add the string. Then take the blue tablet and climb up

Out of the cave I mean, not out of the game :)

       Anonymous  1/20/13, 4:23 AM  

yeaaa end!!!!! woooooooohoooooooo

Catqueen read my comment at 3:39

I seem to be missing something as I can't open the last 4 areas but I can't find what I haven't done.

@Catqueen i'm sorry i'm bad to english
you need to combine string with paperclip, hang them to the hole and eat the small blue thing

How do we make the suns ray longer?

I'm supposed to bee invisible when i'm inside the volcano? Is it a bug?

Michał, how to become heavier in the last part?

where is idol to be placed on sun clock?

still can't figure out how to open another scene! The only places where there are things to do is Argentina, the volcano and Mexico and none of those can be done if I don't open a different level.

@Priya: use rope & stick & magnifing glass with sun

@RSA : u have to get messi from Argentina to help u with the ball game in Mexic. U have to fix the accordion from the singer.

@Irina P Thanks :), now I dont know what to do with the sun clock

Thx momma cindy and others for the help in the cave. The battery of my mouse is empty, so I have to play with touchpad and I'm NOT good with that. :(

i just started the game, and i'm stuck with metal rod, boat oar, branch, leaf, vessel, floating vest, wetsuit, stone and a string. i need help!

Irina P

Yes, but I presume that I have to find the fixer of accordions in Argentina but that scene isn't open for me to go to

Has anyone finished the game? Please, give me advice on the motherships last scenes.

@RSA: the tourist does a fine job in repairing accordions :-)

       Anonymous  1/20/13, 4:40 AM  

andrzej wez buty od ufolca przy dinozaurze i uzyj jak wejdziesz potem lusterko po 3 razach przeladuje pilka w dziwgnie znow lusterko i mlotek w ziomka

How do i deffeat the icemonsterthing ?

@RSA: Go to Mexic, to the tourist that gave u the glasses and the camera and give him the accordion to fix it. Then go back to Argentina, give the fixed accordion to the singer and atfer they danced, you can take messi with you


Oh bless you! He is probably the only character that I hadn't tried to give it to!

stuck in patagonia help

I am stuck with icemonster and in vulcano, can´t dig without being burned.

firewod in sled

@Priya: Figured out the sun clock? I haven't yet :(

solar clock anyone?

@ Irina P unfortunately no, I am lost.

How do you get the gem out of the ice?

Patagonia: use sled & firewood. Then user maginfing glass & stick&rope with sun to fire the firewood. The icemonster will melt. After that, you use maginfing glass with sun on gem behind ice, on the left.
Vulcano: use the gem detector on the ground. Somewhere on the middle left the gem detector will go green. There you have to dig.

where is teh plunger. cant find it

to be heavier take a shoes from alien have been trampled by dinosaur

and for deafeat the boss take a shoes use mirror use a ball for clever take off shoes kill bos with a hammer

How take out blue gem from stone board under dinosaur? Thanks

How take out blue gem from stone board under dinosaur? Thanks

alien code?

sorry i mean lever not clever

my english so bad sorry

What is 'sled' and where do i find it? o.O

@yulius ari help out with the solar clock please.

@Pryia: Yey, got the idol. In Machu Pichu,i have to go up to the building with the drawing of the solar clock (the one where u need coca leaves). Use the solar scepter with sun, and the idol will appear

Is there a bug in scene in volcano??? I used the ladder, but i don't see Obama anywhere inside the volcano! Then I used the metal detector, it lit up, I used the shovel where I was supposed and there's a message "we have already dug there", but I dont see a hole anywhere!!!

oh nvm its in the easter island west beach

@Irina P Thanks a ton

Where do i get the sled???? qq

anyone here???

@frederik you can find sled in angel fallen use a boat u got from dinosaur valley and paddle for down teh river

@priya use a solar scepter from dinosaur valley to a sun in machu picchu
you will get a totem put the totem in solar clock and you will get a gem

How do I get the Vicuna off the tree? Tried ladder, shooting it down with the plunger thrower, nada.


Rudi give it some fresh gras from right of stairs of the solar clock pyramid

@Rudi: I'm also stuck with the vicuna in the tree.

       Anonymous  1/20/13, 5:01 AM  

Where is the maginfing glass? I didn't find it.

Zazie thanks, didn't see that!

Zazie is saving us ;) Thx!

please tell me if i have a bug in volcano scene! i don't see obama, don't see holes from the shovel and can't take what is in left scene, on top of sign

How to disguise the vomit gras ?

I want gem from dinaosaur :( How, pleaseeeee? :(

Eva it must be a bug.
I can dig there but i am always getting burned, How to avoid this ?

For the ice monster, you have to use the magnifier on stick twice !

Thanks Zazie. Now i can stop trying...

I an sorry for you Eva, this is bad.

Just starting. Where is the rock that is used to get by the crab?

the snake how to kill it?

Thanks for your help always.

Put the somniferus on the meat.

Hey, those aliens look like taken straight from the movie Mars attacks :-)

How to get the fruit off the tree by turtle ?

Zazie, there's a fruit in the turtle scene, top left. Use the ladder

what meat?

Ohh the ladder, thx Rudi, i will try this.

umm how to get rid the T-rex?

What to do with the Alien with the Lasergun Room? I ged dead every time ...don`t know what to do

Alvin the meat was behind the saurier when he went away.

woot a solar scepter

Dig a hole on cross and then put golden plate on the stone, then quickly jump into the hole.

the T-rex is tha problem

wow, finally its over...

Usually I find things right after I post, but still hunting for the rock to get me past the crab....anyone?

@Isiprincess: put the heavy shoes on. Use the mirror 3 times, when the alien shoots at you. When he's realoding the gun, use the ball on the lever behind him. Then take the shoes off and use the mallet on him.

u can find meat in dinosaur valley put a golden table to make a dinosaur move u will get a mirror and meat

@Caroline: use wetsuit on sea at Punta del Este. You'll find rock there.

Dont have any heavy shoes. i think I forgot them anywhere??

he keep stepin on me

Can anybody tell me how to dig in the volcano without being burned ?

please, where is the shoes? In MOTHERSHIP? :)

Bummer. I don't have the heavy shoes and I can't teleport back to earth. Guess that's it :-(

Thank you Irina P!

@Isiprincess: In the previous room, where you finished the alien with the dinosaur, you can get the shoes from the dead alien.

@Zazie: Use the detector on the ground. Somewhere in the bottom, middle-left the detector will go green. When it does, look at the red cross on the detector and that's the spot you have to dig.

@zazie i use the detector first then dig when the detector found the diamond

please i need last gem, it was under the dinosaur and i dont know how get out it from stone board under dinosaur.

the T-rex keep stepin on me cant get the meet

dinosour BRASIL- help

Ell.: first put that plate in the recess in the wall, the, when the dinosaur moves jump into the hole. If there's no hole you'll have to dig it first.

i cant place the dino in the first Alien-room! is there a trick? a special hotspot?


I have not a dead Allien :( And the Lasergun Allien wil not go dead with the Dinosaur . Im so lost :`(

i think the T-rex idea was from the night at the museum

Rudi: I know it, but now there is a gem and i cant it get out

Struggling a bit with the door opening device in the mothership. I thought it was to do with the book, but apparently not.

same here, isiprincess :((( we need help!!

Thx Irina and Alvin, finally have all gems.

For saurier read my comment at 5:15


Which room are you in?
If you are hiding in the spaceship then quickly press the red button so a hole appears then go into the hole until he goes away again

still stuck at the beggining, does anyone knows what to do?


Press in that order the shapes:


Can someone help me with the Dino - Alien- problem?

an intruder MSG_ENGLISH

Yes I do that and now I`m out and one left ..pass the Door with the colour things and there is the Allien with the Laser gun


Stuck in the room with the Alien. (First room after door with colored -shapes- lock) NEED HELP....!!!

RSA: thank you! I didn't see the red button and was about to quit the game!


Restart and skip the intro. There will be a map and a book in your inventory.

how to defeat the ice giant?

SNAKE AND BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teh color door it makes me confuse. alvin hit himself


Thanks Ann but that doesn't seem to be working

i Pressed pink,green,darkblue lightblue?? Is that the difference? But the door opened.

jan kowalski

Give the snake the meat with the somniferous

KURWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! SNAKE AND BRASIL!!!

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