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Gotmail - Pierrota Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to search the room for items to find the way of escape. Good luck and have fun!

Note: To play use this game, use these login details:
Email: escapetheroomgotmail@gmail.com
Pass: escaperoom

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Oh well...it is 1 o'clock in the morning so I guess I'll just play the Archery escape.... save this for tomorrow! :)

It' s just in japanese again...

Lately I cant get into these games, for one thing the link takes you to a page which is a puzzle in its self, can someone please tell me what link on the page I should click to get to the actual game?!

@allyson you gotta enter the stuff Schuchun posted above - then you get right in

thanks but I tried that to no avail, I'm just getting a mostly solid black page,I even tried Google translate and still don't see anything with the game name or that looks familiar, I used to be able to get in.....oh well thanks anyway

I got 2 clowns, a dismantled umbrella, a plate, a white ball, a SD, a stick and a book which doesn't open but since I dont understand anything of the text I shall wait for the english version - good luck

Aw SwissMiss I was counting on you to get me out of here ;)

the unicycle has 26 spokes, so I'm thinking alphabet, but don't know how to use it

Found a pearl by the hearth
and I put it on a plate
Just about then
I was feeling great!
Looked around the room
for something else to do
Now I've got dem
language-barrier blues

so far I have opened the "joker" box using cards on floor (clown nose gives clue to order), giving hourglass. Sand from hourglass goes on sunspot on floor with plate and ball. Don't know why

ARGH just shut game down by accident. Should have saved. Start again.......

the SD is right side behind the cb with the glass doors
good morning =)

@Fudge can you hint me what cards you used? I've been trying the cards to the left of the jokers to no avail. And is it 6 #s or 4?

Find a lot of items (8x), but now I'm stuck.
How to continue??

having just started again, you have to click to have seen all the cards on the floor before it works. Just take the place where joker is, ie hearts is 5

now the ball had disappeared from the plate on the floor and I can take the plate back

By the Hearts cards is a light coming down you can click the floor on it ?

the sun must have melted the ball and now i can glue the umbrella handle back on - i wish i knew why though

the white ball goes on the plate

umbrella now goes onto thing on clowns back

use clown to light fire - this is surreal

I can't open the joker box?

also use clown under shelf with the cylinder

Clee, make sure you have seen all the cards and use the joker placement - in the hearts row the joker is card number 5. clue for order is clown's nose and ball on floor

You start from the striped ball, go around to the left...how do you get 6 numners from 4 jokers? I'm still muddled here.

you only need 5 numbers.

hot cylinder gives red ball which combines with stick. Now pictures on wall active (from lighting fire?). Can click to open new window as usual with gotmail but cannot see clue in new window

Just got it, it's 5 numbers - start with 10! Thanks Fudge

I don't understand why heart is 5? Help me I'm slow ;)

clee - the hearts joker is the fifth card from the left, spades is 7

use red ball/stick on porthole. have I broken the glass or where do the stars come from and why?

totally stuck

@Fudge, what clown under which shelf am I supposed to use?

Clee, it's the position of the joker in each suit - count from left to right, but go counterclockwise from the striped ball

Peggy, once you have turned the clown doll (not the head) into a "lighter" use it underneath the shelf with the cylinder on it (the one with the red ball on top)

has anybody done anything with the book - like open it? Fish, hook, switch by wheel and hole in side of clock I have no idea what to do with. My porthole now has some weird stars but no other effect. I have number clue from left picture and opened new gotmail window - no idea what to do with either....

Any further ideas?????????

OOOOOhhhhhh. I read your statement several times and kept thinking I had to look for a clown under a shelf and use it. Thanks for clearing that up.

Heat up ze book ;)

Hi all:
Book goes in fire gives a silver thingie

Thank you!

Ok, so now what do we do with the silver thingie?

using numbers from left picture I have tried all the card suits, but to no avail. Really frustrating

seems to be a faint 'club' on silverthing...dunno why

What about the silver thing? I can't get it to do anything

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 12:40 AM  

Started and got bunch of stuff and didn't know what to do with it.. NOW, after I read all what Fudge has done, I have to pick my jaw up from the floor... I am amazed

Luin - catch up fast please, we need another brain

Did everyone give up and go away?

Peggy - still here and scratching head

Usually the gotmail link is a clue I can't find one in it , and why the clown in the clock?

still here, too, and getting pretty farfetched...just tried 'N' shape w/ #s on cards
(doesn't work)

the password MUST have something to do with the cards on the floor and I still want to know the point of having those stars in the porthole

do stars give values for green & red hearts?

just1 - what? you think it has something to do with the costume? Explain please. At this point anything can help

upper star=7
lower star=8
so, green heart 8, red heart 7, then look at unicycle maybe, red is 2 or B green's 9 or I
maybe, maybe, but what it means I can't tell you

'scuse me I meant to say
lower star=6 (the points)

green would be 7, red 6
my brain's getting scrambled

hm, anything is worth a try. No japanese speakers here? would like to know what the text in black box in gotmail window means. There is usually a clue there

trying to correlate clown colors with unicycle

I think I must be missing sth obvious

It's just a click fest right now , I need sleep. Thanks for all the help :)

I went to an italian page and until now I read they found at the extern link behind the right upper edge of this pic gets down and there is an equation with the colors of the wheel...
sorry, I'm so stuck with you all, I desperately went there...

This comment has been removed by the author.

sabine - great, something new to work on! How did I miss that?????????????

do we use numbers 1-26? That gives an enormous equation. That can't be right

I also was clicking all around there... but only know I've seen it...
I started with one at the top and I started with one right beside the top... noone of my solutions are working... :(

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 1:25 AM  

Hopelessly stuck but faintly pursuing - got so much stuff but not much action. Wasn't helped by starting to read the SD game walkthrough in error at first - to be honest, it wasn't a lot of help LOL. Thanks to those posting useful stuff here - will struggle on!

I get either 2025 or 2613 depending on if you count clockwise or ccw. Neither of which work.

Fudge, I get 42 x 41, if red=2. My number doesn't work though

btw thanks Sabine!

@Fudge: by using 1-26 I got once 2025 and starting exactly on top: 1722
nothing works...

stupid me! Forgot about the plus sign and was multiplying the actual numbers..... yes, 1722 but nothing works

I can't get plate/ball to it on the sand in the sun.
Wondering what it is I haven't seen or done yet ...

Stepped back and then was able to place it ...

You probably have to back out and try again.

this game is turning into an obsession. No work at all done today so far

Got the safe open:
7 3 5 4 6 10 =

groan.......... well done Anja

lol... @Fudge... exaclty because of this I have to go now... have to go shopping... if I do not, no lunch today ;-)
I hope you get somewhere until I'm back =)
good luck!

With a lot help from all :)

That doesn't seem to work for me :(

Now we can take the stick from fireplace, red is turning red and the thing in fishtank is shining

check checkers board in clock again!!

I used the silver thing on the stick from fireplace

Those are the #s on the left picture. I tried them a long time ago and they didn't work. Still don't for me. What am I missing?

The safe isn't opening for me...

have mould of letter P (?) and put it all back in fire.

peggy - anja's post re numbers and colours should solve the safe.

now have string and either key or letter p from fire

This is nuts , what did you do with the things in safe? I can't take that blue stick by the fire?

@Fudge: where got you the mould from?

I have no idea how those numbers relate to colors. Any hints?

mould was from fishtank i think

clee - safe just needs to be open, I couldn't take blue stick either first time. Go round again and try again

Could the numbers on the green "painting" be the numbers for the colored balls? ... An odd coincidence that there's 6 of each.

Thanks Fudge that did it :) Blue stick with a little gray on one end

am able to cover mould again with "silver coin" but my fire has gone out. Does it make other part of key?

Okay Fudge: but how???
Have "fire" clown, head of clown, stick from fireplace, silver thingie and a handle. The clown in clock will not give me knife :)

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 1:57 AM  

Acmer Ignore the numbers of the spokes on the bike, just see the order of the colors. R O G Y B P
then number them with the picture numbers. R=7 O=3 G=5 etc.. then plug the numbers into the equation on the add of the other picture..

Puzzle - again see Anja's comment at 1.25


hadn't even seen that. close door on clown again and get handle

Scary clown cut my string lol

POP - got the mould and the string

i am sure that stick thingy with silver on end got the thing from fish tank

knife (still in clown hand) cuts string

String with hook on that green Hook

Oops -- I see Anja already did that -- but I can't enter anything in the safe to test!

For some reason can't see my own posts, but can't see the "equation on the add of the other picture" either. All's in japanese.

That P-outside of mold looks like a little key? it didn't go in door

acmer - click top right corner to reveal equation

did the string on hook do anything?

things seem to take time in this game. String has now attached itself to wheel

Put string with handle on green hook on wall and have it still in inventory.

ah- highlighted the string in inventory and click than on wheel

Acmer click near the top right corner - equation is behind

Sorry guys -- I'm having trouble with refresh.
Do you see numbers when you push the buttons? (I just have a black box).

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 2:11 AM  

where is the string? and I dip the stick in the silver, but it does nothing, like get the mold from the tank, what am I missing there too?

puzzle - which box do you mean? if you mean the safe, just enter the number and ignore the 3 buttons

@Puzzled the buttons do nothing but maybe tell you you need 3 digits - click on black space to enter #

@Puzzledin: Do you mean the safe? You don't need to push the button just click in black box and write the numbers

the p is only one half of a winding key for the clock I think. The question is how to get the other part from the mould now that the fire is gone.. the sun isn't working either..

@Luin you have to back out once to get the mold

luin - it seems to take some time. The stick with silver will eventually get the mould from fishtank. then cover it with silver coin and put in fire. string is from box in fire after another wander around the room

@Luin: click on fishtank but don't zoom than try the stick

@Luin in the fire is a box that is the string

@Fudge, thanks!

stuck again. Have the hanging stars any purpose? no joy relighting the fire

I found a view looking up at that sun spot but the new mold won't go up in it

silver coin now just a wiggle when double clicking it. Just an observation, no further forward though

I've opened the safe, but I'm still not able to take the blue stick from the fireplace.

So no stick means stuck !

hang clown head from string!

poppy - give it time. go back and try again

Wow, you have to take a look at the fish tank showing the red hotspot before being able to take the blue stick !
Now I've got it.

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 2:29 AM  

I fail.. QQ stick dipped in the silver will not get the glowing red mold and fire still burns so I can't get the string. I missed something 4sure. guess I wait for WT or more likely see on youtube, since your perfect explanations breeze over me.

Brilliant Fudge that did something :)

Fire again :)

Thanxs fudge!! Out!!

Luin, click top of fish tank with stick not mold.

Thanks Fudge I'M FREE!!!!

Great Fudge - now we can turn the wheel

when clown on string, click middle of wheel several times. will move switch, gives new wood in fireplace.

@Luin, click on fish tank, highlight the blue stick, then click on the top metal part on top of the tank.

Thanks Fudge, but you visibly need to watch the place (fish tank) you'll have to use it before taking the blue stick. I've spent 5 minutes wandering and clicking around but no way to take the stick until I took a look at the fish tank and then was able to take the stick.

I'm out too
Great game!

And the stars didn't do anything, lol

Thank you all

Nice game, thanks for all the hints.

Hmm I hung string/hook on wall hook, but it's still in inventory. Can't seem to attach clown head to either one.

Phew! Still want to know what the porthole stars did though.......

Puzzle - everything takes time in this game. Go around the room and the string will have attached itself to wheel.

Puzzle, highlight string-hook again in inventory and then click the wheel.

Puzzled keep clicking, backing out and clicking again - after a while it'll all work
I think you need to click near the center of the wheel

stars and colored hearts just decoration I guess

Thanks @Emme -- that did it for me!

not even going to check for other games! MUST do some work.......... bye for now and thanks for the company

Give me please the numbers for jokerbox.

Some tricky bits in that game!
Did you notice that face of the clown in the clock changed between 1st and 2nd time you used it?
And what was with the light above the clock changing color?

@lotjemar: number for jokerbox:


Thank you Anja !

I will attempt a WT - unless somebody else has already done it. First time for everything.

Why can't i not place Sand from hourglass and plate and ballon on sunspot floor ? Don't know why ?

walkthrough Part 1

opening scene click on fireplace and notice stuck blue bar and unlit fire. Click to right of fire and take white ball.

Next examine clock and notice box with joker symbol. On left side of clock round opening. On we go...

On floor there are playing cards (left and right). Note down all cards - you will need that later.

Turn left. Examine cylinder and note the view of "under shelf" as well as see the red ball on top.

There is something in the fist tank, but no luck at taking that either.

3 stars hanging up - ok, pretty but that's all they are good for. The pictures on the left are black for the moment, but take the bar on the left picture.

The unicycle has some colours on it - maybe that will come in handy later too.

Again, examine and note down cards on floor.

Turn left and have a look at the ball on floor.
Have a look at the hook and also the handle, neither of which do anything. Take clown from cupboard and examine him - aha, something goes in there! Open left side of cupboard and take plate. Zoom in twice on right side and discover - yes it is - a screwdriver (surely all is well now!) Don't forget the cards on the floor again.

Turn left - pretty clown costume with umbrella in pocket. Examine umbrella more closely to remove handle - hmmmmm.

The porthole has a dim light, there is a safe which is not yet responsive. On the floor, open jack-in-the-box and take jack (clown head) and book. Last set of cards to note down.

Have a good look at everything in the inventory and let's get on with solving some puzzles.


Fudge, Thank you so much for the WT, and you have a nice dog also.

Look at the rows of cards you wrote down and count the placement of the joker in each row from the left, so the joker in the row of hearts is the 5th card from the left and so on. For the order in which to enter the numbers, the jack's (clown head)nose is a clue. So, ccw from the ball on the floor, the order is clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds. This will only work if you have actually clicked all the cards on the floor. Answer: 10 5 7 5

The clock face now opens. In the checkerbox on the right, take the hourglass from the second clown. Examine the hourglass, open it with your SD (knew it would come in handy) and take the powder.

Go to the light spot on the floor (which i should have mentioned earlier) in front of the costume and place the powder there. Combine the plate and white ball and place on top. You may have to zoom out after placing the powder and zoom back in for it to work. Zoom out and in again and take the plate back with some melted stuff on it. Combine the plate with the umbrella and you now have a complete umbrella again. Combine the umbrella with the clown doll and you now have a lighter.

Light the fire now. Remember the view of the shelf underneath the cyclinder? Well, light that as well and you now can take the red ball from the top of the cylinder.

Combine the stick (from the picture) with the red ball and tap the porthole. I never did figure out why we did this, but it seems necessary for the game to progress.

Now that the fire is lit, the pictures are active. Jot down the numbers from the left picture and click on the right picture to open the ever present gotmail "new window" where we should find a clue.

In the new window click the top right corner to reveal an equation (thanks to Sabine for this).
The letters relate to the colours on the unicyle, but how? Remember the numbers from the left picture? Apply those to the position of the colours, giving R=7, O=3, etc (thank you Anja!).

So, B+O+Y = 13 x G+O+R+P=25. This number (325) then opens the safe. Don't worry that you can't do anything with the buttons inside the safe.

Have a wander around the room and notice that the item in the fishtank is now glowing red. Once you have seen this, take the blue bar from the fireplace.

You can now also put the book in the fireplace (make sure you had examined it in inventory view before!) and take it back.



examin the book again and take the "silver coin". Combine the blue bar with the coin and take the item from the fish tank by clicking on the top of the tank (don't zoom in too far). You now have a mould.

Combine the mould and the silver coin and place it in the fire. Have a wander around the room and go back to the fire, which has now gone out. Take back the mould but keep clicking in the embers to find and take a box. Open the box to get the string and examine your mould to take a "P". The mould is still active, so fill it with some more "silver coin". But the fire is now out - what to do? Just hang on to it for the moment, we have other fish to fry....

Go back to the checkered box in the clock and have another look at the clown. He is now holding tightly onto his knife but he will give us the handle. What good is a knife that he won't give us? He will let us cut the string though.

Combine string and handle and hang that from the hook on the wall between the ball and the wheel. Have another wander around the room and when you get back, the other end of the string will have attached itself to the wheel (you may have to click it, not sure).

Now hang the clown head onto the string and click on the clown head a few times to make him "go round" the wheel. I had to zoom and and back in for this to work. Anyhow, it has moved the handle on the wall - I wonder why.

Strangely enough, it seems to have put some more wood into the fireplace..... Oh well, let's light it with our clown doll lighter and pop the mould back onto the fire before it goes out.

Time for more room wandering before going back to retrieve our mould. Examine your mould to extracate the other "P" which now looks like something to wind a clock with.... stick it together with what is left of the silver coin.

Back to the clock on the wall and that little hole on the left. Wind the clock up and by some strange mechanism, it has OPENED THE DOOR.

that one is not "silver coin"
it is a white clay...

@ Lottie - silver coin just used to describe it better visually for those whose first language is not English. I actually thought is was soldering metal, so I have learned something again ;-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I can't get in to play this game. I don't understand how people are getting in. There's a thing to but in an email address.In the early section of comments Allyson said she couldn't get in & she was referred to a post by Schuchun, but I can't find that post :(

to play this game
Email: escapetheroomgotmail@gmail.com
Pass: escaperoom

Good WT Fudge. (Whereas I wouldn't have "woven" the plain solutions in the prose, but well, everybody to their own ;))

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 5:43 AM  

i cant make the second half of the key; the silver wont go into the mould again; i have lit the fire for a second time but no way

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 6:19 AM  

Must be a bug, i give up

No bug Blom, verry good game.

       Anonymous  1/25/13, 6:49 AM  

All I get is a black screen with a small header. Nothing else. No fields to enter data can be seen

@Fudge - You were brilliant throughout this game - you are VERY clever!!!

Excellent WT, as well - I couldn't have played this without your hints at first, and then the WT. Thanks for all your help!!!!

Fun game, though logically challenged in some parts, imho.

Going in

@Zoe - every dog has its day. I am normally so far behind I rely on everybody else's comments. Without Sabine's and Anja's hints however, I would also have been totally stuck. Cooperation is everything.

After starting again I give in - somehow the game does not seem to refresh. Before, the string never attached itself to the wheel, now I amall dizzy from running around the room waiting to pick up the blue bar.
Pity, it' s a very interesting game with great riddles. Without your clues I wouldn't have been able to go very far.. Sometimes I didnot even understand your clues [blush]

@Ringo maybe you have a blocker active that keeps those annoying scriptlets off your back?
I use NoScript and I can't imagine a day without it anymore ;P e. g. for one of the game makers, I think it's Gamershood (?) I need to allow playwire.com even though the games are not hosted there. it's just that you need the ad played on playwire so that the (internal (!)) game launcher works.

For GOTMAIL, you will have to allow


to run javascript, otherwise you won't see the login pane.

Fudge -- wonderful wt! Thanks.

For me, Emmes' comment worked to attach the string to the wheel which I quote here:
Emmes 1/25/13, 2:37 AM

Puzzle, highlight string-hook again in inventory and then click the wheel.

I will add I did get bugged out LOL I didnt pick up box from assh first time... I had placed solder (or whatever) in mould but when I went back to get box mould was back in fireplace... So took mould then box.. I then found I couldnt place solder in mould again.... So couldnt complete the game... Dont make my idiot mistake LOL

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