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Romeu Escape Walkthrough

Romeu Escape

Coolescapers - Romeu Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Cool Escapers. In this game, you are locked in a place and you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Romeu Escape
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New game and first again LOL

Leroy we're behind you 100 percent!

What is that thing from the drawer?

solve grid, get ladder to come down - got 500g weight now

You can look up in all the scenes...but need a grabber of some kind for out the window and up!

Stuck as LOL

Where is CLUE for grid, please?

How to solve grid? from the upper windows?


OK , it is a magnet....what to do with it?

for grid look behind window - on the ground

look out window to bathroom - clue is on wall

Opened colour code drawer LOL turn over colour clue

black,white, green,blue yellow

TY Megi...I was focused on the things inside! LOL

weight, string, magnet - use to take a code box

TY @leroy...I didn't see it could turn over!

got green box from outside window...

code for green box has me bemused at the moment..

And how do i figure the 17 for the colours on the wall??

lol I see now that it's not a bathroom - it's looking down past another floor

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 3:40 PM  

box code from colors

This comment has been removed by the author.

How Dr Lee? Ive tried a few things there...

its ok just1 looked like a bathtub to me too

17 is a bit misleading, aim for 20 (edges) ;)

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 3:43 PM  

leroy....go by colors of polygons on the card (count corners)

i'm in the next room...

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 3:43 PM  

first is a heptagon leroy (i thought pentagon first)

Yeah I got 7643

thanks GuruOne that 17 would have kept me locked up all day

Finally LOL got it.. TY all

LOL I been doing too many riddles LOL now stuck on door code...

Can't figure out second room at all

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 3:54 PM  

me neither jenn

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 3:55 PM  

found out i could go to first room and attach fuse to weight...

Cheat me to second room or I will throw a tantrum LOL


Re-use yer codes and tack on 17 ;)

Next room is weird, tried EVERY combo of chess... sheesh

After some random clicking on fuse attached to weight and placing it and removing it from first fuse box the first door has closed and I am stuck in second room. Hmm...

Nothing is working in second room. Cannot remove fuse from weight to use in fuse box.

Hi! I've attached weight to string but cannot add

Methinks ya need to remove yer card first... DAMN

Well, I could! put it under the weight not in the string!

Then again, maybe chess thing gives new card?

I feel that tantrum coming along LOL 473617 dont work?? Numbers colour ordered with 17 tacked on??

numbers order are from pic Leroy, not from card.

I'm in 2nd room w/ card and it's not making any difference that I see

Wait... N is Knight meebe?

can't put card nor fuse anywhere (yet)

don't get the code to open door...


Tried (K)NIGHT
QRBKK (from other wall clue)

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 4:11 PM  

got it

go to first room, put fuse tied to weight in fuse box, look up and throw weight through hole and retrieve in 2nd room

Thanks, MegiPoland!

I am locked out then now DrLee?

Annnnnnnnnd Out....... For final, include BOTH player's pieces

Not too shabby this time, Cool.

RIP to yer pops

NOT starting over! Bye.

TY I was so close LOL

No need to restart, Jenn, ya get NEW card

Check my clues

Final hint: Note the image of the Knight ;)

How do you get to next room.. my passcard isn't working and cant make the codebox working...????

GuruOne please help

GuruOne, I seriously don´t understand your chess hints

Could somebody explain to me how to get to next room??? I got green box, I got pascard, got paperclue etc.... need to open greenbox, cant figure out the colors on the wall... please and thnk you!

Q=queen, R=rook/castle, B=bishop, K=king, N=knight/horse

KNBRQ under the horse

red lines are moves of chess figures

Got it. First of all, they spell knight without a K (night), Secondly they are put in






please somebody????

to open green box click color dots on the wall

I can't go back to previous room because I have fuse attached to weight and cannot separate fuse.

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 4:30 PM  

thanks guru

since when does knight begin with an N?

Megi, I'm trying but I cant understand what to do???

look at the paper with color figures
click yellow button 7 times
green button 6 times
blue 4 times
red 3 times

How did you enter second room without put fuse in box marijo?

How to get the fuse and string/weight parted again so that the fuse can be used in the last door??

N=Knight in chess notation.
K for King
N for Knight.

Megi, thnks so much... I was trying and went wrong with blue and red.... got it now..thnks again.

Tullemor - This fuse and weight you have you got from throwing the weight to 2nd room?

I tied the fuse and weight after entering the second room and the door is locked now. Can't separate them.

for last code (card clue)
pawns 16/2 etc

How did you enter second room with the fuse? You need to put it in box to open the door.

put fuse in fusebox in first room
click up, near ceiling and click a weight then click a small window

Roberto. No that was the problem. Started all over, and when yoy throw the weight over the door through the holes it can now be separated :-)
Thank you for the tip !

Can't go back to first room. Door is locked.

at MegiPoland. I dont get your clue... that would give at 7 digitnumber and ther is only room for 5..?

last code

Marijo... why you want to go back to other room??
I'm stuck with last door code... thought it was 8171144 but thats to long

Ok Restarted and did as you said. Now could separate them.

@Testsite, to throw the weight through the hole and be able to saparate fuse, but had to restart.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you Megi!!! Still don't understand since I also had 8171144 but now I am out and have peace :-)

A virtual hug to the maker of the game.... I feel for you as I know how it is to loose your father.

we have to count how many figures are on chessboard and do the math ;) like on card clue

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 5:09 PM  

look at the paper with color figures
click yellow button 7 times
green button 6 times
blue 4 times
red 3 times*

Megi, can you please explain how my simple mind should know this? The passcard just has a 17 on it. How are we supposed to know how many times we are to press each color?

Thanks for the hint! Very much appreciated!

we have a card with figures and arrow on them
yellow has 7 coners
gren has 6 corners
blue has 4 (square)
red has 3 (tringle)

Great game Coolescapers , Condolences on losing your Father . The chess had me worried but the clues were good to get out :)

I`m very sorry. The game had a bug (fixed already) allowing you entering second room without using fuse in first room.
Thanks to MegaJar from Nordinho who explained very well what was happening. Without that would be impossible to find the error. I checked all codes and everything was looking fine.

Megajar post:
At first glance, it seems like this glitch allows you to get the fuse into the 2nd room WITHOUT throwing the weight through the hole. You just have to insert the fuse in the 1st box, then insert the weighted end immediately afterwards; this tricks the game into thinking you removed the fuse, and shuts the door while the fuse is actually still in the box. You can then remove it for real, which opens the door.

However, this is a bug; if you do it this way, the fuse STAYS attached to the weight, and you can't use it in the 2nd room. Plus, once you're in the 2nd room with the (useless) fuse, the door shuts behind you, so there's no choice but to restart.

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 5:48 PM  

Crap! That never crossed my mind!! Dah!


       Anonymous  1/16/13, 6:02 PM  

I'm stuck with the green box. None of the clues I'm reading seem related to the green box, but to the wall box. I've already clicked the buttons on the wall to get the code for the wall box, and they are no longer clickable. Now how do I get the code for the 4 digit green box in my inventory?

       Anonymous  1/16/13, 6:04 PM  

Oy! Nevermind.


I have a feeling that THE QUEEN'S MOVES ARE WRONG.

The queen would also be allowed to go horizontally.
She may move diagonally, vertically, AND horizontally.

And the horizontal line is missing.

and to the author...

Condolences of losing your father.

But maybe it was just this situation that caused you to write your best Flash game ever.

Who knows.

Eric Clapton wrote his best song when already quite aged, "Tears In Heaven". It was not only dedicated, but also writen because of losing his son, Sean.

Life would go crazy ways sometimes.


What a great game!

Very sorry about your father, Cool. He is your hero - and now that you know what a hero is, you can pass that on because of him!

Thanks all for your condolences.
@arbeitslooser - You´re right. The queen´s move was missing horizontal line. But it´s correct now. Thanks.

Can anyone explain why 9503 is the right rearrangement of 3509 for the first door?

follow the colors behind yellow passcard accordint to 3509 on pic.

pic: 3 green, 5 yellow, 0 red, 9 blue.
yellow card: blue, yellow, red, green, 17

So, 950317

Condolences on the loss of your father.

Thanks for the quick fix Roberto!

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