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Small Study Room Escape Walkthrough

Small Study Room Escape

Gamershood - Small Study Room Escape is another point and click type escape game developed by Gamershood. This is not your study room and it's too small for more than one people so you have to leave now. Try not to disturb others with their work and find your way out as quickly as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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In and out!

Question about the books with symbols. Did the code jumble the colors on the cabinet? I can't get the configuration that they're in to do it.

Colorblind here, help would be appreciated.

Pretty straight forward! Also in and out.

@JR yes they did. I think on the cabinet it was yellow, green, brown, red

JR - The books are lined up in the following order: Yellow, Red, Brown, Green

The colors in the puzzle are lined up:
Yellow, Green, Brown, Red

Hope that helps!

Thank you!

I'm having trouble with the shapes puzzle, and maybe I'm over-thinking it. I've tried matching the location of the shape to the colors on the computer ports; I've tried using the color of the USB Drive the shapes appear on but neither is working. Any clues?
Also, I can't find a purpose for the password book. It won't open or flip over.

The color of the USB drive is the answer. There are only two that you need to bother with.

Whatever shapes appear for that USB, they are the color of that USB.

I've never understood the point of posting "I'm out" or "that was easy," other than to appear arrogant.

Thanks JR! I could swear I tried that and it didn't work - but must have mixed them up :)

You're welcome! The Password book should make more sense now ;)

It does! Good game!

Ooops. Sorry. Had to go and cook dinner. I think it was the opposite of arrogance - as I'm not great at these assumed that if I'd got out, everybody else would find it easy. :)

LOL @iris....welcome to blogger!
Those who come after a game is live, are looking for hints and clues....Thanks, for the explanation of the shapes, @JR...I needed the help!

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Any one still here i have a key and no idea where to use it

key is used on the password book

Is there a pink key anywhere ?

POP, the pink key is on a shelf above the computer.

The yellow key was hard to find (beside couch) and it was needed badly lol Happy weekend all!!

It must be me, but where is SD?

DOH. Never mind. POP.

is so obvious that it seems complicated! escaped

how quit the screw for pink key? any idea...

i cant find the yellow key or the password book help please, its driving me buggy

Enjoyed the new puzzles.
Does Premiere still post? He/She used to be great for walkthrough's.

Sherry12, Yellow Key if I remember is at the side of the green couch on the floor. Use the axe.

You get the password book when you solve the yellow key puzzzle. spoilfisher

You get a screwdriver from one of the puzzles (green I think) to unscrew the pink key.

@tishtosh thank you so much. I dont know why I couldnt find that yellow key, thank you

tish i was wonderung where she went hmmmmmmmmmmm,i know she had probs with ads interfering but that was quite few wks ago.hope she ok.

wats with the passport and where u use key im stuck help please

it ok solved it and out .pink one was not same order as u see it

geez somebody do a fricken walkthrough.....lol

Nice to see a bit of change, Gamershood, even though the usual is very comfortable if not exactly stimulating.

Where is the red flashdrive?.. can't solve the blue key puzzle... =(

POP! found it at the side of the cupboard.. =)

Enjoyed this.

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