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Sneaky Mission Walkthrough

Sneaky Mission

Sneaky Mission is a new point and click adventure created by Selfdefiant for Yizzim and Melting-Mindz. You have a new sneaky mission! Your job is to get inside of the villa located on this island and search for treasure that is hidden inside. Collect items and solve puzzles to find the treasure! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Just for the fun. It's the first time that I'm first poster for a game.

going in

So much for starting the laundry!

Yay! live sneaky!

Oh my gosh! I've never been live!

No need for goggles to get marble from pool.

ok found the 5 marbles and i am in the house

Yay! More Sneaky!

Map right of start screen

marbles in L,M,N,O,J

ladder in J

sd in K

ladder and black marble in j

metal detector in d

got the black key from the colored dot box and hint for anagram

sneaky coin in E

Just missing pink gem...

Clue for arrow box in B on fridge. I need a shovel!!

clue for arrow box in F

@Jo_Ann the code is now up for Jungle

I'm almost out, only looking for the lighter to get the pink gem... I've placed the others... seems easy this time, but goooooood for my self esteem ;)
thanks for the new great game @SD

@Jo Ann
I think 8957

gold key in C

Looking for a lighter for pink gem!

Need a lighter or matches, everything else solved

Thanks Alison, saw that and got my la and escaped the jung! lol

Where to use the shovel?

LOL... "only" looking for the lighter... that thing is well hidden somewhere... still searching...

Lighter is in Bathroom.

2 sd's in a week? Yes! @Jo-Ann, I was going to go work-out, but it'll have to wait! lol

clue for color code box in G

opened everything but still need more gems.

@Nome: use the detector somewhere in the sand... then the shovel (after the beeeeeep)

just a tip for myself...anagram solver works WAY better when you input ALL the letters

Sheesh! lol

Where is pink gem?

Thanks, Sabine :)

Hmmmm I think SD made a typo on the word box....

Thanks, domzodom! Out!

Pink gem you get after using lighter on candle on table.

where in the bathroom?!!!

Now, where's the white key?

Have pink, it is purple I need.

wow... I can't believe it... I found the lighter in the bathroom... and I clicked at this point so many times... but always one pixel beside xD

evans - if I remember correctly, the purple gem is in a vent

anyone give me a clue for the directions box? Think it has something to do with the SNEAKY clue but not working

POP...follow the eyes...duh

alison - look at the eyes

I'm out now... who needs help?

green gem...anyone?

it must have been a bug because I restarted and the lighter was there,which it definitely was not there earlier!

@ Sabine - the white key, please?

Way behind everyone, guess that's what I get for playing more then one game at a time.

Anyways... missing white key and blue gem, haven't used the metal detector yet. Do I need a shovel too? haven't seen one

sneaky eyes...lol

Hmmmm, shovel anyone? found something in the sand but apparently it is too deep to dig with my hands

@Danielle: it definitely is... I was a few times in the bathroom, clicked at and around the small mirror, but suddenly I've seen it, almost the same color as the background, you have to look very close

lol POP goes the shovel!

@Jo Ann

shovel is in the background of room B

white key from directions box (also B...spoiler from my POP earlier)

can't remember blue gem but think it is in the white key room

Jo-Ann, the showel is somewhere outside in a room with a glass door... I hope I remember right

still looking for green gem...anyone...BUELLER, BUELLER

White key is actually in the sand

blue gem behind wts in A

where is that sneaky coin? someone said in E but I can't seem to find it?

green gem in H behind a vent

Thanks Bonnie for purple gem. Out now

Look out the window in E in the bushes, well hidden

green gem in media room...use SD

sneaky coin? anyone?

just can't leave without it!

Anyone seen a lighter?

Jo-Ann, shovel in B...

Green gem in D (not H ) behind a vent.

Yay!! Hello everyone! Jumping in!

Cant't get the code for letter box, have the hint
Elks Nor and the anagram solver says snorkel only that, but not working

still here if anyone needs help...

everyone out now?

Can smb help with the anagram, please. I got SNORKEL but cannot open the box.

Thanks Evans that was well hidden! good thing, while searching I found ALL the coins! Yay!

snorkle not el

@gabi: try snorkle ;-)

@gabi try snorkle

@Antonia I mentioned earlier there is a typo try snorkle

Jo_Ann sneaky coin in E in the window

one coin short - curses!

Thanks all of you.

TY thats working

um...I got a an orange gem from my direction box in B, not a white key.

Can smb help with the anagram, please. I got SNORKEL but cannot open the box.

nvm...found it!

@shap juba lighter in L need black key

can't move arrows on the box, hint from fridge

gotcha!! can leave now!

I'm stuck at the same point. Looking for light and pink gem...

gabi - arrows don't move, just click on them

Yes there's a typo for the anagram, it's snorkle instead of snorkel

doris - read back - lighter clue is there

lighter is in the bathroom

ok. lighter in C and pink gem after you light the candle.

Stuck with the SNEAKY directions clue. What are the directions? I think S is South, but not sure what the others are.


Rachel - the eyes have it! S is not south but east

Thanx to my son, he figured it out :) Never even occurred to me to look at the eyes! LOL!

LNS thank you, I just saw your message. I'm out. Gem hint on tv, you start from biggest to smallest.

yr welcome gabi - lots of people have that problem

Will fix the typo for the box! :)

Where is SD please?

nvm just found it

out great game

Thanx LNS :)! @Selfdefiant, according to anagram-solver.net, your spelling is acceptable :)

Great as always!!
Thanks SD!

Going in.

I can't find the hoptspot for the metal detector. Missing SD, White Key and 3 gems!

I can't find a lighter in C ??

Linda, the little mirror on the dressing table, between the basins. The lighter is very very camouflaged right next to it :)

@Rachel SD's on a windowsill I think in one of the first indoor rooms

I'm having a problem w/ my metal detector - it's causing a weird lag, and I can't tell where to use it

someone above said white key's in the sand somewhere

Yes! White key found!

think it's not a bug but just my 'puter which is a bit overloaded

Thanx Just1! Don't look for a hotspot in N, just use the metal detector over the sand, and then use the shovel when you find the spot:)

in N! Thanks @Rachel, I was all over L and M

Thanks Rachel - clicked there a million times! It just magically appeared! :)

Pink gem anyone?

Ahhh, light the candle

Ah, last switch in C. Then gem safe appears in H.

Out! pink is first, purple last

YES!! Out with 50 coins and the Sneaky!! That darn SD took me FOREVER to find! Thanx for all the help!

Whats the gem order for the safe. I've tried all sorts of combinations from the TV but nothing is working.

What room is the purple gem vent in -- I can't find one that's "active"
Also seem to be missing a couple of switches

I have 5 switches: C,D,F,I,K

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP - switch in A is the last one!

POP again - vent is in H (near the safe)
Out with 49 coins...
When I get in the house on my own, I always think "this is the one I won't need help on", but always miss something(s)

Where was the hint for the word puzzle? I missed that one completely.

@Jennifer, gem order was high to low (I tried low to high first)

@yama dharma -- word hint was in the 4-color box in K
It's an interesting spelling variant -- Google gives the Urban Dictionary definitions first!

PuzzledinCA - TY, I am such a dolt!

That took exactly 10 minutes without pausing for any reason (including using the anagram solver, LOL!) Perfect! But now I wish it would have lasted longer...

My first live game.Yeah!

is this game still live?

A "Where things Are" WT:

A: Need White Key, Blue Gem, 3 Coins, Switch

B: Directional Box (Orange Gem), 2 coins, shovel

C: Need Black Key, 3 coins, switch, gold key

D: 4 coins, switch, metal detector, panel (need sd)

E: 3 coins, candle on table (need lighter), sneaky coin

F: Switch, 4 coins, Clue on fridge

G: 4 coins, colour clue (glasses), anagram box (gives black key)

H: Need gold key, 4 coins, panel needs sd

I: 4 coins, gem clue on tv

J: 4 coins, ladder, 1 marble in pool

K: Need silver key, 4 coins, colour box, switch, sd

L: 3 coins, 1 marble, yellow gem

M: Marble box, 1 marble, 1 coin

N: 4 coins, 1 marble, dig in sand for white key
(use metal detector for hot spot)

O: Map, 1 marble, 3 coins

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please, I can´t find a marble en L, ¿where exactly is it?

Same here Manoriu. I even restarted the game to see if I had already picked it up.

Ah found it on the left of the lowest joint of the left nearest pilon.

For me it's impossible to take the marble in L... Did you have the same difficulties?

order of gems on tv.i'm color blind.what is the order please.

order of gems on tv.i'm color blind.what is the order please.

Order of gems - Pink Yellow Orange Red Blue Green Purple - although I'm not sure how that helps you Tony.

Unknown - do you mean the black marble (no problem taking) or do you mean the yellow gem, for which you need a ladder?

Lovely game SD - didn't need any hints this time, but enjoyed every minute in your sunny holiday world!

What I have to do with the switches?

what is the password for the box in G?

I can't seem to make the arrows move. What am I doing wrong?

@ LILLY you dont hav to move arrow just click arrows acc. to hint in F ...(eyes direction on sneaky word )

Thanks SD!! First game I didn't need help on. Loved it


I also can't move the arrows on the box in B. Is it a bug ? & can't find pink gem. Can anyone help pleas ?

Sorry - just saw raasti's comment - got orange gem now - just need pink one

Found it at last !

I can't even get into J. There is no up arrow option. reloaded game twice...anyone experience this? I have four marbles and a map.

I can't get the directions box in B. The arrows aren't moving. Do I have to do sometinh special?

where is gold key

also how do i get color code for box?

The gems are not working on the safe. BlueRedPurpleYellowOrangeGreenPink. Isnt that right???

tried it backwards as well still not working

where do gems go?

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