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Sunken Room Escape

Sunken Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from mygames888. In this game you are in a room and you have to search the room to find items and solve the puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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anyone here?

hi everyone~
for this game, the developer site updated the game image before...(2012年10月24日)

I opened one wall tank and got the squid for the exit door. I can see the sea horse behind the turtle, under the tree in the corner but can't get it and can't find code for #wall safe either.

correct matching of directions of sea animals~

Got the crab for the door too. Kept clicking sand in left wall tank and shell appeared, put it in right side tank and went around room and there was a crab in the opened shell.

If you move the clown fish, there is a barely visible panel where they were. This opens a code panel. For this, look at the plants.

stuck with number code...

sea turtle just goes back and forth, can't see any clues on him or any other use for him.

what do we do with the middle tank?

don't understand how to get #'s from plants.

Lottie is stuck with number code, but maybe it makes sense to tell everyone that there is a VERY WELL hidden switch next to the door, underwater.

Nope, not getting code from plants.

turtle is really ANNOYING me lol

yes arbeitslooser I managaed to open the panel for number code at the very first beginning...

how to get the seahorse behind the plant?

The shapes between the plants form numbers.

rimfire, how are plants a code???

btw the sound the turtle makes when going to and fro is like a toilet flushing :P

good job Rimfire!

look at the seaweed tank from a distance

use sawfish to get seahorse

another room...


Use something you have that is saw-like to cut plant.

Now I need hint for the seahorse fin.

use the swordfish to cut seaweed for seahorse... can't get the crab, though. clicked on sand 5000 xs (no hyperbole there;))

tones of IIIIII - like thing in 2nd room
and the seahorse code..

why is there a turning device on the seahorse?

Got the fighting fish and put it in the bowl.

Strange I can't leave comment with my Google account from Chrome(?!) I have to log in from Opera...

For the sand box, first click at the top of the box. It will then open.

how did anyone get the crab?

also desperately trying to find crab...

AHHHH thanks a lot Rimfire! Got the crab. Folks look at leftmost "window"

thankyou rimfire

Once you find the clam in the left tank, put it in the right tank, walk around a little and it will open with crab inside.

I've clicked the sand all over in the left tank and no crab shell

This game is terrific but the turtle is ticking me off. I'm stuck with a star and can't find what to do with it.

turn off light in second room!!!

okkay, water out, done lots in second room but now stuck with star fish and sword fish. can't cut open box on turtle.

do I need something to dig with?

Philomena, do you have your swordfish highlighted when you click on the left tank? I had the feeling I actually cut through the top part of it or something, but maybe I'm wrong on that.

philomena, I may have clicked the ceiling or sides, but I think turtle was on the tank side when it opened.

yes, thank you rimfire (duh!)

never mind click top of tank first

open the 4 button hanged pic. when lights off
then use the crown fish and the pic.

In first room take back the crab and use him to cut box open for place to put starfish.

put star from the safe in 2nd room
then stuck~

Oh, a new door. Now what??

How did you use the hint to open four button box?

Using the star in the box reveals another door.
The star can also be used to replace the squid, crab or seahorse.

we can use the star on other place
and get 1 out of 3 animals to 2nd room

switch off the light (switch next the the exit)
and see the fish in tank

I hate to ask, where did you find a star for the box?

Have door I can't open. you can take back each creature and replace with star to go back downstairs and put each one in empty tank. Not sure what that does though


Replace the squid with the star and take it to the bottom room. Put it in the empty tank and turn off the lights. The squid will then tell you how to use the sea horse. The seahorse is the door key.

Philomena, turn off light and check out neon tetra's movements. copy them on corners of grid thing. It will fall off. click striped fish to move in front and turn light off again to get code to open new safe for star.

Philomena , i got the star from the safe in 2nd room

have tried all 3 creatures to the tank with light on and off, seems to be nothing special...

Philomena, In the lower room, the Siamese fighting fish will show you the order to press the buttons on the picture. You will then find the code for the safe it reveals in the clownfish. In the safe is the starfish.

I can move the back fin on starfish like squid shows but nothing happens, how do you open the door with it?

thanks Rimfire!!!
and out...

And out. And a nice Rene Magritte ending.

finally out. I must have tried that star fish 20 twenty times before it finally opened. Thanks for all the help rimfire!

my fish isn't moving

he's just hanging there in his bottle

Stuck with 1 star, "seahorse key" and sawfish. No idea what to do next...

Great game and great hints

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Philomena te hotspot is somewhere above the fish

Wonderful, original game!!

@Alli yes, and even no animal harmed in the process! The author was very clever to use a turtle: she's amphibian, and can live on land AND water!

out! thanks rimfire!

Philomena, put the fighting fish in the bowl then turn off the lights.

out too!

HINT: Remember that you have not used the crab anywhere all that time ;) (I mean, the abilities of the crab)

figured it out and made it out

Great Game , Thanks Rimfire for that last bit with the seahorse . This is the second game I've played from this maker and love them :-)

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That was a fun game! Challenging, but logical!! I enjoyed it very much - thanks to the maker!!

The fish in the bowl tells how to do the hanging pic. Once the pic falls down, move the clown fish and you get roman numeral code.

btw, you can see the clownfish code with either the lights on or off...

In the second room, with the lights off, I can see the fighting fish showing directions and some higlighted I and II on a panel.
In the first room, I've cut the rope on the parcel carried by the turtle, but the box won't open.
And I'm totally stuck.

I'm giving up.


I can't figure out the code for safe in 2nd room. Help please.

Can you share please Kees & co


Walkthrough anyone? Love these OUT and POP statements...if you got stuck and asked a question please answer it if you figure it out...others are probably stuck in the same place!!!

I'm stuck in the second room with the swordfish...can't find a star...can't open the box on turtle in first room...can't remove seahorse/squid/crab or door shuts

Aaaaaaaargh I can't figure out the code for the 4 dots >_<

lol we don't need to figure out the code, we just need to find that almost-invisible light switch at the left of the stair door...the rest is easy :)

video walkthrough:


mygames888 escape #7 : 'THE SUNKEN ROOM'


What is awaiting you in this game once more is an excellent plot and a very logical gameplay. To me it was not too difficult and not too easy, so it was just right! (And personally, it was one of the best non-Tesshi-e and non-Robamimi ones that I've played the last three months!)
This is a multi-floors game and fairly comprehensive, so by far no '3-minute escape', which is why you're going to have a little patience until the full ~12 megabytes of this game have fully loaded.
But trust me, it's worth the wait!

(start; main room)
You find yourself UNDER WATER (remember, it's a "sunken room" :)), facing a DOOR. Take a mental note of the PANEL LEFT OF DOOR which has six receptacles in total: three for animals, and three for stars, some of with are mutually exclusive. The former ones are: a SEAHORSE, a CRAB and a SQUID.
(You'll find out about these later; don't bother for now)

Zooming on the two CLOWN FISH on the right hand side plus one pair of good eyes reveal that there is a HIDDEN PANEL there. Once you realize that (surprisingly enough) you can remove this panel with your bare hands (!), you could just press the SWITCH as you're there, too, couldn't you! This will reveal a CODE PANEL on the right side of the room, located directly above the poor SAWFISH IN A CAGE.
Let's check out the left part of the room.
First, move that GRAY STINGRAY out of the WAY (cool, three times 'ay'! AY-AY-AY!) and inspect the left alcove. Start clicking from the sloped shape in a bottom-up direction, and suddenly you should get a 'PLOP': the alcove will extend by one third on its top side, and on the white area, you can see a CLOSED SHELL. It's a shell with a brain, though, since it does not open for you. (Mmmmh, a screwdriver to pry it open would come in handy!...NOT!! Scratch your cruel thoughts, considering that shells too are ANIMALS!!!) We WILL get that thing open, but not the Rambo way, 'cos this is a clever game!
Inspect the MIDDLE ALCOVE. Hmmm, nothing there.
Oh yes, there is something there!
Eh ... whut? I'm not posting this because it rhymes, but to help you, silly! XD
(Solution below.)
Remembered that number? Good boy/Good girl. Last alcove, the RIGHT ALCOVE.
Take the SQUID ... uh, you wish! THe squid is behind security glass and you need to move that away first! YEAH RIGHT! Let's find a sledgehammer! Do I have to repeat we're not acting Rambo?? So again, the subtle way, won't we!
(Solution below.)

After solving that simple puzzle, you can take the SQUID (which to me looks a bit like the fireworks of which the pyromaniac in you probably fired a lot into the air not too long ago.) You will also realize that you can place the SHELL there! Gotta be for a good reason, methinks. So leave it there, and move out of the scene, then come back. Voilà! A CRAB has opened the lid of the shell from the inside, and all you have to do is pick it up! So that makes two, one to go.
Perform a U-turn, entering the 4-digit number you found before into the panel. WHAMM! The cage bars have lifted, and you can take the SAWFISH. Yay! But it would be a waste letting it lie around like a trophy in your bag. It's a perfect ... TOOL! -- I kid you not.
Go right...w/pushing the annoying TURTLE out of your way, so that you can inspect the plant without having your view obstructed by the amphibian. USE THE SAWFISH like a handsaw to chop off the plant! Sadly that beautiful plant is gone now, but you also have the third animal that you were still missing: the SEAHORSE!

Take a U-turn again...


YAY! Inserting the SEAHORSE, the CRAB and the SQUID has drained all the water and opened the door! Look around: the TURTLE is lying on the floor, seemingly dead as a doornail. Now that the place is dry, you can zoom on the GIFT the animal is carrying on its carapace. --- C-Cara...what? Meh, fair enough, if you insist, say "...on its back". Happy now ? (Sheesh ...)
Take the CRAB back for a moment, go to the opposite side of the room and USE CRAB ON 'GIFT'. What looked like a gift turns out to be a BOX WITH STAR RECEPTACLE. Though you cannot do much there now, you will at least later be able to place the star in there without going thru all the fuss of having to replay that awkward crab-cuts-rope scene again!

Take a U-turn, and re-insert the CRAB.

The door reopens, leading into the ...

The basement, to your surprise, is still full of water. Facing the EMPTY ALCOVE is not too exciting, so take a U-turn again, and use the SAWFISH to cut the FISH IN PLASTIC BAG off the wooden shelf.
Before turning left, be sure to take a mental note of the ** LIGHT SWITCH ** left of the door!
(What are you saying, you saw it right there? Well, unfortunately I'm short of prizes today. Just note that many others failed to spot that one.)

Note the WOODEN-FRAMED PLAQUE (now don't go "ewwgh", it's not to be confused with dental plaque) on the wall. Doesn't make any sense to you? Well, sit comfortably, neither would it to anyone else! However, you will notice that you can PRESS the FOUR BUTTONS on the four edges. Yes, there's gonna be a combination needed to reveal what's behind! But first, we need to find a clue.
Zooming out of the wall scene, you will notice that the CLOWN FISH can be moved to and fro, which seemingly makes no sense. Yes, I said "seemingly," because these will make sense soon!

Take a U-turn, ignoring the boring empty alcove.
These guys do look familiar, don't they? That carp (?), that stingray and the spiny lobster. Looks they must have gotten flushed down some pipe or duct when we initiated the dewatering process. Nevermind ... there is a huge stylish glass carafe in the alcove above. Zooming on it shows that there is nothing inside. HASN'T BEEN, UP TO NOW, that is. Take the FISH IN PLASTIC BAG and release it into its bigger residence.

"Glad to be rid of it!" you think, relieved, since you (and your pants, too) felt uncomfortable carrying a thin plastic bag full of water.
Turn left, and now TURN LIGHTS OFF.

Wow, there appears to be lots of interesting things going on here! First, go right.
The blue fish you just released from its tiny prison (the bag) performs a very hectic "dance" in the glass carafe and seems to show you something.
Indeed it does. (Solution below.)

Having lights back on, you can see another code panel, CODE PANEL #2 that has shown up behind; however, you don't have a code yet. That's where we're going to get to now.
Turn lights OFF again, and go left.
The plaque has now dropped down into the water and is still showing its strange symbols. And there's that fish too, fluorescing like a disco chick with her must-have glowstick...
Still no idea what to do?
(Solution below.)

Typing in the code into the keypad of the panel has rewarded you with a STAR. Now that we've done some work upstairs, it should be easy what to do with it?
Sure thing! You would go upstairs, and insert the STAR into the receptacle of the box on the TURTLE's cara...er...back...no?
No! Not yet...this would be jumping the gun. Instead, go upstairs, and take the SQUID off the panel. The door closes --- but don't panic, we have the star now! Insert the star, and the door is open again!
(Phew! That was close.)

Go downstairs again, and now DO head to the "boring" empty alcove. Click around from the center towards up direction (as you did when you grabbed the yet-closed shell) and you can see a WATER SURFACE, actually covering only about 2/3 of the alcove's height. Place the SQUID in there, and turn the lights off...

Wow! You will see that the SQUID has formed some decorative RINGS (which, on closer inspection, are arrows).
NOTE DOWN (yes, note down) these rings, because you will not want to return back here again!

Now TAKE BACK the SEAHORSE from the panel, and take a closer inspection on the creature in "About Item" view (just double-click).
Ah yes! Now it makes sense why the SQUID made these stylish rings!

(Solution below.)

Putting in the right combination will turn the seahorse into a KEY!

But how do we get out now?
Wait, there's the star still in the panel...!

Take it back, and insert it into the anxiously waiting slot on the box mounted on the turtle's back, and a secret door shows up on the other side...



Warning: Quite a bunch of spoilers ahead.
Don't you guys read them if you want to solve some (or all) puzzles yourselves.

Well, I'm a bit reluctant to post the "solution" of this, since it's fully self-explanatory:
Adjust your view so that you can view all three alcoves.
There are three sea creatures which are positioned at a certain angle:
a carp (?), a stingray and a spiny lobster (I wish I could have the latter for dinner, *mwah*...).)
The spiny lobster is vertically positioned, and its head is...?
You see, it's *really* simple.

CODE PANEL #1 (Main Room)
I told you to squint, didn't I? That makes sense, because then you will see a bit more clearly that the plants "form" numbers! They are: 1-3-2-5, so '1325' is the code you have to type into the keypad!

CODE PANEL #2 (Basement)
You will need LIGHTS OFF, the table taken off the wall (i. e. partly in water), and the fish in CENTER position.
Simple puzzle: you will get just Roman numbers! II-I-III-I gets you a '2131'.
Your reward: a STAR! (But you guys may only call yourself a 'star' if you solved that by yourselves - mind you. :P)

The "dance" the fish performs will show you the buttons to press on the wooden plaque:
TL - TR - BL - BR - TR - TL - BR


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thanks for the WT Arbeitslooser :)

glad you appreciate it Swiss :)

Well, I reckon that despite video WTs available for this one, nothing can beat a true textual WT!

- no f-fwd/rew action to find the position where you're stuck
- no resource-hogging (on slow PCs, watching YT can be a nightmare, and videos get stuck or stall)

Hello, I'm french so my english will be not perfect.
Where are the green, purple and silver keys ?
Thank you

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