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The Island Walkthrough

The Island

The Island is another point and click escape game developed by Oleosjo. In this game, you try to use your point and click skills to find items and solve puzzles in oder to escape the island. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Grzegania]

Note: Use Google Chrome to play this game!

Play The Island

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Why do posters bother posting games that only work in one format? IE's not the best certainly, but it still is the most popular format! See ya next time.

ask the author why he's makeing games for chrome only :P

I am stuck with hook, driftwood and stick.

hi Zazie,
we have to build a ladder over the lake

Yes but how ? There is nothing more to do for me...

Hi Megi :)

I'm using firefox and it's working fine for me... but now I'm stuck with two wooden things and a hook

Maybe we need a saw to cut the palmtree lol...

just pull something from inventory on the lake ;)

Ohhh Thx Megi, this was not very logical for me :)

LOL the graphics bring back memories....

Gold key from cave...

Reminds me of the first Monkey Island game :)

Can't seem to get the gold key to open the door...

lookout evil monkey in cave LOL

connect hook with rope in inventory to take a key

You have to put the 3 levers up. But my key doesn´t open cabin.

LOL bye bye evil monkey...

What rope ?

says I win? is that it?

was rope on ground next to waterfall?

missed a scene, by the waterfall you can go down!!

Hmmm cant see anything else to do so that might be it...

Thx Amy i missed that scene too.

I win....ok so. Strange.

Oh to see another pixelly game to rival Return to Zork LOL

Where is rope please?

Where is rope please?

Caroline, rope was in the little hut.
Get blade of grass from scene down from waterfall, use that with hook to get the key for hut in the lake.

That is where I am up to, and stuck. I have two bits of wood, blade of grass with hook, and rope.

POP, got another stick from hut and made a ladder now

And out lol :)

Haha, I enjoyed that. It brought back memories.

Stupid to have this for Chrome only. Wont even bother giving any of their other games a look

I played in Firefox. However I had to update my graphics driver before it would run. Such irony with those graphics!

Ahah! Well, it should NOT matter if you use Firefox or Chrome. Remember this is THIRD PARTY STUFF!!
Flash, that is. Nothing to do with the browser, but invokes via an external plugin. The browser is just the kickstarter...

Terrible grafics and terrible fonts. Both give me a headache. Wont bother with this one :(

Got the revolver but how to use it on evil monkey?

AHA! Hold gun when you click on cave!

how I can go inside the hut in the cave ? (3nd scene)
now I have 1 wood from 1st scene. 1 hook from 2nd scene. and stuck.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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