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Tony Maze Escape Walkthrough

Tony Maze Escape

InkaGames - Tony Maze Escape is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inka Games. Help Tony escape from the maze where he remains captive! Good luck and have fun!

Play Tony Maze Escape
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wow a live inka. going to need some help !

going to need a lot of help!!!

roberto,i played it earlier,it's pretty easy

always need help on these games

I am always getting killed in the room with 3 heads and water.

A map would be nice. So may rooms...

Zazie you need to throw spider web on skull and quicly throw sunglasses on it

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me too zazie and zapped in the room with the lasers

linda r, hit the left hand yoshi for the cannon ball

I made trough the lasers to the blue button, go foreward step by step.

What to combine with foil ?
Hmm ok looking for a spiderweb now.

Hi Everyone. What do we do with the water after putting it under the reflecting light?

Zazie - get the apple with the hook in water scene then put it in the painting where the light is reflecting

im stuck at the beginning. how do i get fire for the cannon?

@linda, use hammer on a statue to get a ball.

spiderweb is from spiderman glove

michael you should find a piece of rope and some matches when you have used the crank on the clock

Argg so i have the web all the time without knowing it lol.

miles1 - you have to put salt water (take the horn from right statue and put it to another to make water flow)

thanks @bigtank, i thought i had used everything on the clock. The crank worked now and i got matches!

Matchbox is in the clock, use crank on the side.

i out the water in the bucket on the cross, but it just evaporates, do i need something else in the bucket

Thank you jednorogini!

ty jednorogini got a key now too

Very short Inka game this time :(

How to defeat the boar ?

I have the green plate out of the wall....

zazie - throw the salt on the water

Jump on green plate and then throw salt, Zazie.

use your hook on the target above the green plank to get closer

zazie,fire hook thing above his head

use your hook on the bullseye zazie

Out! It was a nice game. Thanks for help.

I am out !!

I needed to put the salt into the water by boar, thx miles.

put seawater in bucket, put bucket under lazer , bucket disappeared. anybody else loose their bucket, other then the walrus?

never mind saw salt in inventory

cute game not too hard

Nice game!

Nice game!

InkaGames are my favourites

Going in

great game, thanks for all the helpful hints!

i keep getting punched when i use the crank, what to do?

never mind solved it.

How do i open the door in the laserroom???

I cannot find a rope anywhere in the first scene. When I used the crank on the clock, I only got matches. Clicked everywhere on the clock but no rope. I assume I need this to light the cannon for the spider in the next area.

Is it a glitch or something?

how do you get past the lasers

i can't solve being punched by clock

how do i do the laser room?

power of posting

Rope is in room one down, behind gravestone.
Laser room you do step by step. Stand between the lasers.
For the clock, first click the button behind the plant.


Rope is actually down from the first scene.
To open the clock, there is something in the flowers on the left which makes the hole in the clock migrate down and you use the crank there

I am like Tommy. Cannot find rope anywhere.

It's behind the tombstone where yoshi's are

Ugh, totally didn't realize there's an arrow pointing DOWN in the first scene to go to another room. Same thing happened in previous Inkagame.

Thanks domzodom

every time i try to step past the first laser i get disintegrated. :o(

still no idea how to do laser room.


You can stand between the lasers.

OH! I never saw that stupid little green wire! DUH to me

Door i laserrroom pleas???

how do you stand between the lasers. cant duck or jump over.

POP never mind

Marc Habers

The key falls out of the middle water spouting creature.

Don, the lasers will go on and off after you used the magnetic bar on the electric circuit.


As they stop, just move between that laser and the next one over

Amy real help in the laser room

How do you make them stop

Just posted how to make them go on and off Don.

thanks. finally figured out how to magnetize the metal bar

Thanks for your help everybody. Maybe someday I will be fast enough and smart enough to help someone else.

where is the salt?

You get salt when you put bucket with "sea-water" (third fountain) on the X on the floor and then let the light shine on it with glass and tin foil.

Got it, thanks. Didn't see horn before.

Press small green dingus in the in the bottom left corner. Note that the hole in the side of the clock migrates downwards. Use your crank in that hole to break the poor clock and get some MATCHES
Go Down

Get a dose of MSG out of the NOTE behind the left tombstone and a FUSE from behind the right one
Take your hammer and brutally vandalise the left Yoshi for a CANNONBALL
Go Up and Right

Look at the cannon and put the fuse, cannonball and matches to their obvious use
Do a hop skip and jump over the very natural and oft seen disappearing /reappearing floating square and don’t forget to pick up the Spiderman glove.
Go Right

Note the electronic and magnetic panels. You can rub your metal on the magnetic panel if you like but it is a waste of time as the electronic panel is missing a bit. The electronic panel does, however, have a piece of tin foil in it. Just the thing for a hat or something so we may as well take it for later
Go Down

(not to be confused with the electronic panel from last panel)
Take the handy dandy green WIRE from the circuit box and the cool shades from the floor as SUNGLASSES lying around are obviously going to be a plot item at some stage.
Go back Up and Right

Take your Spidey glove and throw some webs in the face of Skeletor above the door and then quickly mellow him out with your cool shades.
Use your handy dandy hookshot to get the yummy apple outside the fence
Seal the gargoyle horn from the one doing the spitting and put it into the middle gargoyle. The middle gargoyle spits out a key which probably will come in handy.
Take your stolen horn back and stick it into the far side (lets face it, that has to be the option as the first option never works). Fill your bucket with good old gargoyle spit.
Go Left, Down, Down, Left.

May as well put the bucket of Gargoyle spit on the X as it goes there
Look at the painting and notice the poor Yoshi trying to lick the bush. Looks like an apple should go there. So put the apple there.
Poor Yoshi must have been really dying for an apple because his stone cousin just spat out a piece of glass in the next room.
Go Right

Get the piece of glass that the stone Yoshi spat up and combine it with the tin foil
Go Left

Put the tin foiled glass into the hands of the evil looking bat thing on the wall
Go Right

There has to be a reason for a crack in the wall and a light falling directly on it. Take out your destructive desires by throwing your hammer at the crack above the door. Oops, a hole appears and you broke your hammer!
You did, however, find a key :) and something happened next door.
Go Left

Grab yourself some salt from inside the bucket
Go Right and Up

You may as well use your yellow key in the door on your right to see what your are in for …. Deadly lasers!
Go Up

Take your handy dandy green wire and fix the electric panel.
Gently rub your metal bar on the magnetic panel until you magnatised it
Go Down

As that big red block on the electric circuit box and your newly magnitised piece of metal are the same size and shape, that is probably a good place to put it.
Once again, vandalism pays off and you fry the circuit board.
Go Right

Oh good, your destructive habits have caused the lasers to become erratic. Just erratic enough for you to squeeze your little standard 6 body into the spaces between them during their down time. Zip from one space to the next (carefully) until you can get to the other side and use the blue button to switch the stupid things off (now why you couldn’t use your handy dandy hookshot to do that is beyond me).
Take the key the middle gargoyle spat up and open the door in front of you.

As long as you don’t cross that line, the stupid fluffy pig won’t see you,
Use your hookshot to hit the button on the door above his head (yea, he is deaf too) and a green shelf comes out.
Use your hookshot again on the far wall where the green shelf is to get up onto it without touching the floor on the other side of that attention line.
Now piggy seems to have a bit of an incontinence problem and is standing in a puddle. As we have some salt in our possession, lets try throwing that into his puddle.
Well our vandalism pays off again as the fluffy piggy gets swallowed by a hole!
Hookshot yourself down by using the target on the left wall and out the door you go
Go Right

For some reason I missing the very top of the game.
Thanks @ Mark Cardone for the video, because I couldn't see where the apple was meant to be LOL :)

And thanks RSA for your walkthrough!! Out now, great game :)

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