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Underground Crystals Escape 4 Walkthrough

Underground Crystals Escape 4

Underground Crystals Escape 4 is remake of Underground Crystals Escape 3 point and click escpape type game created by Ainars. Collect seven crystals and rusty key in order to be able to unlock door and escape. Good Luck!

Note: All collected pieces of jigsaw puzzle will go straight to jigsaw puzzle view!

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Yay, Ainars! I will probably miss something. I always miss something that is well hidden.

Hi. Stuck now! I have 4 jewels? 3 birds and 2 of the final code numbers. Can't see a clue for the boxes that turn.

Alright!!! Ainars again!!!

Boxes :Put all red parts down

smarties, just make the arrows point to the red dot. There's not clue for it.

I just need the last gear looking piece...

There is a clue for the boxes in a room on bottom, i forgot which room it was.

The last gear i found in the same room where they go on the wall. There is some sort of paper on bottom. Drag it over the blue panel on this machine at the wall.

missing only blue bird paper


I bruteforced the blue bird number lol, it was 2 i think.

The blue bird is in a scene with just a black door in a corridor. Move the cursor over the black door till it changes.

Cannot find the third gear. Help.

Oh silly me. It was there all along. I just had to move the piece off the floor so it opened the square in the middle and ta da! the last gear. I thought those were hotspots I had already used since sometimes they still show up as hotspots after you've used them.

thanks. out

Yep, i wrote it at 7:07 :)

Ooh. Found the third gear in the hallway. So satisfying to receive Gongtats.

Have only found 2 gears. There are lots of hotspots I still can't open and I'm missing one puzzle piece. Hmmm...

I am missing top left puzzle piece

cant find fourth paper code

I'm missing the bottom centre puzzle piece. Sorry, I can't remember where I found the other pieces (should have jotted it down for just this eventuality!). Also need 4th paper code and 2 gears.

Replaying game. Top left puzzle piece came from the squares with the arrows.

The top left puzzle piece came from the arrows but now It's disappeared....where is?

missing only black bird paper

I can't find the #3 piece of paper - help?

Of course now POP works!!! got it and out!

Gongtats to me!!!
Thanks Ainars!

I need paper 3 !! help

Opening Scene (broken stage)
From opening scene, left/forward arrow (puzzle room)
From puzzle room, one arrow forward (safe room)
From safe room, one forward (exit)
From opening scene, right/forward arrow (upside down room)
From upside down room, one forward (bad DIY room)
From opening scene, directly right arrow (gear room)
From gear room, once right (intersection)
From intersection, forward (bricks on the floor)
From bricks on floor, forward (bird box)
From intersection, directly right (spooky passage)
From spooky passage, one forward (brown door)
From brown door, one forward (the loft)
From the loft, one forward (low roof room)

Black – broken stage
Red – safe room
Yellow – upside down room
Blue – spooky passage

Smallest – broken stage
Second smallest - intersection
Second largest – gear room (look at Zazi’s post of 7:07)
Largest – spooky passage

Puzzle pieces
Bottom left – bird box room
Bottom middle – puzzle room
Bottom right – the loft
Top left – gear room (look at Prufrock’s post of 7:05)
Top middle - bad DIY room
Top right – spooky passage

Upside down room
Bad DIY room (find and push the 4 buttons)
Low roof room
Low roof room after opening the puzzle using the clue from the bricks on floor room
Geer room after placing all gears
Bird box room

Number papers
1 – puzzle room after finishing the puzzle
2 – the loft
3 – bricks on the floor
4 – brown door

tks RSA 3 paper OK

Can't find #1 paper and right bottom puzzle piece. Please share. Thanks!!

Still can't find anything in the loft??


I think it was on the left side

RSA, thank for the WT

Glad you guys could follow it :) These can get confusing

still cant find #3 paper for same have looked everywhere

neveer mind I increased my screen size and realized I still had a spot I didn't push

As Always a good game by Ainars. Short and sweet.

thanks Momma Cyndi nearly out but
where is the exit...?

doh! silly me forgot about the blue keyhole
was looking for a blue key .....out now

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