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Yotreat - Midnight Escape Walkthrough

Yotreat - Midnight Escape

Yotreat - Midnight Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Yotreat. Day or Night! Escaping from the room is always fun. This time, escape from the room at Midnight and enjoy the whole night. It is a Yotreat Version of Plain Escape. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Grzegania]

Play Midnight Escape

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Yeah!! Live one!

Damn where are the matches LOL

OK very easy out...

Yep... started out well and now can't do anything without a lit lamp. All this random clicking's getting boring

Okay... easy out you reckon... where's the matches. I hate having to just click and click until something happens.

No luck with matches. click click everywhere

Finally found the matches on the shelves in the dark room. Hard to find. Then it took ages to place the lit lamp. Frustrating game

LOL sorry I only just came back

"Easy" out? Getting that wheel turned is an utter nightmare...@-|

Need more help finding matches. Got lamp from shelf and filled it with oil from the chest.

matches in dark room, click shelf and match box is on lower left. you have to light a match from the box and them highlight and light the lamp.

The wheel was a pill, but I finally realized you have to click the top arrow then drag the wheel.

Thanks Evans. Think my screen is too dark. Can't see any shelves. Have been clicking like a looney (!) and now giving up.

can you zoom in on the shelf? which dark room go you mean? its all dark there, the one and the other side... or is there a key for the room beside the bed?

oh holy POP... I've forgotten to remove the brick, I removed the pic but not the brick... a rhyme... lalalaaa... I have the key

Out, very easy..

Matches are on the shelf in a lowest left can in the dark door


Turn wheel 180 degrees right. stop
Click on the top of the wheel and turn it 180 degrees left. stop.
Click on top of the wheel and turn it 360 degrees.
let go and click on door. free :)

Nice artwork, bad game

Thank goodness I finally saw evan's tip or I never would have figured out the wheel! Actually, given that it never occured to me to drag , I never really figured out the wheel (I cheated lol) Frustrating game :(

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Matches only appear after you click the lid of the tin on the LHS of the bottom shelf. The matches fall off and appear just to the right of the tin. Turning the lights out helped :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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