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Arcade Escape Walkthrough

Arcade Escape

Arcade Escape is another addicting point and click room escape game. All alone, locked up in the arcade. And only one cold pizza to eat! Collect valuable tickets and redeem them for escape supplies. Gather the usual odd assortment of MacGuyver tools and start escapering! If that Creep E Mouse catches you, you will be saucing pizzas and mopping up tot vomit for the rest of your life! Good luck and have fun!

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Arcade Escape Walkthrough
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A live one!

I'm in :)

Ok! So far I got: battery, napkin, blue ball, basketball, air pump, broom, pizza cutter, 10 tickets.

11 tickets and a "master key" (?)

Blue ball can be used on the skeet game. Have a bunch of stuff I haven't found a use for yet.

12 tickets and now I need a color code

Thx aitch! Now got 14 tickets and a SD!

Eh... I just screwed metal plate over vent?!

Pressing red button on gun makes ballon fill up :)

Great got code for door!

there is a needle in ufo man - use pizza knife

Where? I'm stuck with 16 tickets. Need a needle for the pump, colour code, and uses for all the random stuff I've found.

Ah, thanks MegiPoland!

Got key after inserting color code.. used it and now I have nothing in my inv and alarm is still on.

Nini use water gun on metal plate

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Oh thx!! Out!

I'm thwarted by an invisible stamp -- ?

You need uv light to see the stamp code

Hm. I only have a battery and an invisibly stamped napkin.

Marnie use basketball and get hammer for mole game :) then u'll get uv light

Oh u'll need need broom to reach hammer after using basketball

Oh, thanks. I played it for a while but gave up too early.

Out, thanks. Good thing these games exist to keep me humble.

I'm not sure how to stamp the napkin..nothing seems to be working for me. Any hints?

Maybe you've done it but not realized? Try closing it again and seeing if it's now called an invisible stamp.

Thanks Marnie!. When I open napkin in window and move stamper over it, it just says 'no ink'.

Do you have the flashlight?

Yes, have flash light turned on. I must be doing something in the wrong order :(

Have you held the napkin up to the flashlight?

Maybe you got the one stamp pad that had been sitting around too long and dried out!

Hahaha! Sadly I think I won a junk stamper. Someone always ends up with the dud prize!

where is flashlight

everything except disable door alarm - any suggestions?

Oh that's embarassing! Just saw the inkpad near the door! *slaps head*

WyseOne - have you sprayed the metal plate (that you screwed over the vent) with the water gun from the balloon game? Just click the gun it will turn to the left, then shoot.

D-oh! Sorry, I didn't realize you didn't have the ink. WyseOne, cover up the vent and squirt water at it. William, whack the rats with the hammer until you get the flashlight.

still no flashlight. how many times do you whack those rats?

Something like 17? A lot!

i'm up to 110!!!!!!

William - the flashlight appears on one of the rat's heads - it's tiny, you have to click quickly to get it!

Good heavens. One should rise up with the flashlight on his head.

thank you. You have to grab it with cursor rather than whack it. out of here....

How do i get needle trying to use pizza cutter on alien man nothing

Thanks to everyone's hints, I am almost out but can't figure out the color code?

Thx for the water gun hint, rest was fun. Why plate over vent needed?

Tiquer -- to redirect the water spray. Tribble -- check out the rats in the hammer game. Escape girl -- click on alien, apply pizza cutter, that worked for me.

Thanks Marnie, I would of never had seen that!

somebody know where use the tiny master key ??

Can someone tell me where the master key is please?

somebody know where use the tiny master key ??

Nevermind, found it.

Just lovin the vague clues and brags of out. A little help would be nice.

? I see quite a bit of help on this page already, SOX?

I am having zero luck getting the code .... the napkin over the stamp pad or the stamp pad over the napkin does nothing.... nothing different shows up on the napkin when I put the napkin in front of the flashlight. STUCK! :(

Did you find the ink and apply it to the stamp?

Please help...how to get alien..wheres key and hammer?

I have a receipt for 17 tkts Do I have to do something with that before the code shows up?

You need to put the coin in the machine...then the alien comes out. Use the basketball in the most right hand basket to get hammer, then use the broom to grab the hammer

and i only have 16 tickets...

Fed up, you can spend your receipt at the prize counter. Then find the ink pad on the door somewhere, I think. Lisa, you need a token to get an alien. Key from entering colour code on panel between game machines, hammer ... I think the hammer was in the basketball game. Knock it out of the net and get it with the broom.

To get the key, you first need to get the red hand truck, then use that in front of the black arcade game (same room as the pizza box)... you click the colored buttons on the side of the arcade game and the key is on the bottom.

Well now my key is stuck in the exit door and it would not open the prize cabinet... I still do not know how to get the code STILL STUCK

Are we talking about the green ink pad? I have that and the napkin and the lite flashlight...but no code

I don't remember needing a key for the prize counter. Have you tried just selecting your receipt and clicking on the stamper?

Yeah, you need to buy the stamper from the prize counter.

TY Marnie... I bought the stamper and inked with green stamp pad and I GOT THE CODE.... HOORAY!!!

Yay! :)

Thanks for ALL the help!!Yay..Im out lol

Yay! Lisa, I know how you feel! :D

Can't figure out how to blow up the basket ball, I have the needle in the pump but it won't let me do anything

I think I just selected the pump and dragged the ball to it, or maybe the other way around.

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Can't find 17th ticket to get stamp.

17 Tickets:
Yellow arcade game
inside napkin holder
go left:
on floor below ticket taker
on the side next to old skeet ball
in the slot of the same machine
next to basket ball
on skeetball game and second in the ticket slot after tossing skeet ball
on hockey table
on glass of prize cabinet
on sign of Prizes
on The Claw sign
on the alarm box
on the table above rat next to right rope
from shooting clown with water in slot

behind the kick plate on bathroom door
play wack a mole... ticket slot

Thanks for the video walkthrough. Finally out!

I got lots of practical help from this walkthrough, and I needed it! Thank you everyone!

Very nice game.Thank you.

Loved this game but I needed help. Thanks!

Thanks to the authors of this game .It was fun to play. A really good game. Please make more.

good game, thanks for all the helpful comments. :)

It would be nice if someone says how to get the color code. Searched all posts and not a mention. Neither on video.

That was a great game!! Fun!!

Roberto, watch the order the rat goes for the color order.

thanks to fed up for the ticket-through - I couldn't find a couple of those.

Thanks @whatever-your-name-is: the only thing I didn't figure out on my own was that color code!

How the heck did this get 4 stars?

Just in case someone is wondering where to get the coin/token: you get it from the water gun balloon machine. Had to learn it the hard way by watching the walkthrough, because I think I zoomed out without taking it, and when i zoomed back in it was gone (bug). I think I don't wanna replay.

Great game, loved making fun of chuck e cheeses. Out with no help!

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ok i am down to the flashlight, battery, and napkin; but i cant get the battery in the flashlight. how do i do that???

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