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Chika Escape 2

Twinkle - Chika Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game from Twinkle. In this game, you try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hy everyone..
Have found some incredienses... water is boilin on the stove, but cant cook anything...
placed the letter tokens on the door and have found 22 hearts sofar..

i havent found a clue for the number drawer... any help pleace

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:07 AM  

I'm stuck with you, Tijuna - need number drawer and letters for the bottom of the wardrobe - love didn;t work there!

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:08 AM  

Seems to be a blank book on the bookshelf - wonder if I am missing something

you can browse the book, but all in japanese, i think, there are the hints for number code and the other code

i got chocolate from the number code drawer


       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:17 AM  

Oh book all blank for me - my system refuses to see some characters. Bummer. How did you get the drawer numbers?

have a cake but now what??

brute forced

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:20 AM  

I tell a lie. Wasn't clicking the right spot on the book. But am no farther forward. I must have something missing, can;t get ingredients in bowl or pan. Can't take the knife..

sorry have to go to work good luck with the letter code

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:22 AM  

But I want cake - you can't leave me this way LOL!

have baked a cokolatcace now.. cant get it off the plate thou und dont now what now...

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:23 AM  

HOW? whimper.. will no-one give me the recipe...

i just guesst the recipe. start cutting the chocolate and then ad butter and melt it... ad some eg, flour and sugar (i guess...) stirr it and then pour it on the plate. put the plate in the microwafe thing and thake it out again...

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:27 AM  

How do you cut the choc - I can't get the knife and the spatula doesn;t seem to work.

plate? still no clue for the wardrobe bottom.

maybe wi have to decorate it with the hearts, wenn we have fount all of them? but i have only 24.

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:29 AM  

I have 25 hearts - but can't remember where I found them all. Some on the wallpaper I know.

put the cocolatebar on the cuttingbord and the knife will do its work...

the plate ist the silver thing left of the cuttingbord. sorry dont know the englisch word for it... backblech is the german word for it...

have found the 25th heart but it wont go on my cake...

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:31 AM  

I would call it a cake tin ..

26 hearts now...

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:32 AM  

Ah am starting to cook! Thank you :o)

oh, yes, a cake tin or pan, I see, thank you! now have it out of the microwave oven, not sure what to do with it. Still haven't gotten into the bottom of the wardrobe, anyone else manage to do that?

same here rbud57...

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 1:38 AM  

Still short of a heart and the wardrobe clue - but at least I have a cake :o)

the hint to the number code is in the book (almost last page)

さん is 3

I found there is a bad (looks like bad) end if you don't take any heart

the password to the drawer is on the top of bookshelf (need to move chair)

how did you get to any end at all?

good find, jednorogini! thank you.

ah thanks. i tried that with the chair but dident get the rigth spot atop of the bookshelf... so i guessed it dosnt work...
out now with 27 hearts... dont know witch and it is...

to escape you need to find 4 letters and bake a valentine cake (recipe is in the book), and put cake into heart-shape box

I think the ending depends on how many heart you got

the boy was shocked when I didn't get any heart

I found only 27 hearts, and then ending is different

I wonder how many endings they are?

Hi all, I got 29 hearts now seems like a weird number, will look for at least one more....
I know there was one on the spatula

ow, I have 28 hearts

a heart on the back of the book, too.

I got that

One is after opening the door

Another on the spoon

one behind the bookshelf with the animals, too, have to click your way around the right side corner.

oops, I accidentally clicked the exit with my 29 hearts. didn't seem like a happy ending though..
did anyone find 30 yet?

yes! one on top left of bookshelf to make 30 for me, let's see how it ends now...

ahhh, now they look happy, hearts floating and hand holding (maybe) going on. :)

great rbud57, well found
nothing beats a Happy Ending :)


1 in the fridge
2 in the fridge drawer
3 left on the fridge
4 on the couch
5 wall right side of the couch
6 window after opening courtins
7 left side of the coch (zoom)
8 behind couch (zoom)
9 wall over desk
10 left side of the desk (zoom)
11 rightr side of the desk (zoom) it is on the wall
12 under desk
13 bottom drawer of the desk
14 middle drawer of the desk
15 drawer opened with key in the desk
16 end of the book
17 top drawer of the desk
18 top of the bookshelf (zoom) on the wall
19 on cat
20 on rabbit
21 right of the bookshelf (zoom) and look deeper behind it (zoom)
22 on the brown dress in closet
23 on the pink coat in closet
24 in the drawer of the closet (letter code)
25 left of the closet (zoom) on the left side of wall
26 under pillow
27 under sheet
28 on the spoon/spatula (zoom in item)
29 on the door after you open them

where is last one?

got all 30 now too
thanks again for that last one!
oh my, despite the hearts, the girl still seems to have a bit of a sour face...

not sure, but did you find the one rbud57 mentioned? click left of cupboard with books/animals and then look up

she does, doesn't she? hmmmm, could there be still more to it? don't see how.

there are two hearts total on the left side of the bookcase, one down low and one up high.

Thanks, that's it! I understood it wrong, ups :)

don't see it either rbud57,
maybe she just doesn't like chocolates? :)

Hmm, unfortunately I had the one on the bookcase where the pasword is. Anyone for another hidden heart please?

There is one behind the bookcase right side that is hard to find. I'll see if I can make a list.

Hello Truus, do you mean in view with letters 'choco' and then look up? Cause I can't look up there. Got the same hearts as jednorogini.

there are 3 ends

1 if you go out without hearts (BAD END)
2 if you go out with 1 ~ 29 hearts
3 if you go out with 30 hearts (HAPPY END)

But I also think the guy with the glasses is right for her becaus she needs them ;-)
1. left of fridg
2. in fridge
3. in fridge drawer
4. on sofa
5. right of sofa
6. in windowsill
7. left of sofa closeup
8. behind sofa closeup
9.rabbit in bookcase
10 cat in bookcase
11. behind right of bookcase closeup
12 left op bookcase closup
13 up from 12
14 on back of book
15 on top of bookcase

@ Catqueen make zoom on left side of bookshelf and then click on top to make zoom on view of the top of the left side of the shelf

Hi Catqueen :)
no, just click the floor and then look up

16 above desk
17 left of desk closeup
18 on wall right of desk closup
19 top drawer in desk
20 lower drawer in desk
21 under desk
22 top drawer under chocolate
23 locked drawer
24 left of closet
25 under pillow
26 under blanket
27 in coded drawer
28 and 29 on clothes
30 on door before you leave.

I know them all, just forget to pick one up.

Thx jednorogini and Truus. Will try that. :)

Add one on spatula and you shold hav 31? hmmm

there is no heart right of sofa, there is a key

Catqueen, did you find it yet?
I meant to say click "close to" the floor and then look up, sorry for the confusion

thanks alls for your help
but stuck! cut chocolate on knife, I can see boiling water, got sugar, flour (I suppose) egg, butter (yellow thing) spatula
but I can't do anything
is there an order?

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the help. I have 29 hearts and it looks as though I'll get the last one from the door. Only trouble is... I can't find the "e" for the door! any clues please?

"e" is in cb left top

E is on the opened door of the closet (wardrobe)

OMGdness me. I cannot believe I missed that! Thank you sooooo much seb

I have an empty place in inventory between sugar and flour :(

seb, just out of my head, but I think first you have to put the cut chocolate in the bowl and add butter. Melt this above the boiling water and then add the other ingredients. mix with the spatula and put it in the tray. then put the tray in the oven.
hope I got this correct though



cut the cholocolate
put chocolate and butter to the bowl
melt the chocolate and butter over the bowling water
ad egg,flour and sugar (suppose) and mix it with spatula
put the mixture in the baking dish
bake it

Thanks a lot both :)

@Seb there was a pan

Ok, got it and out, thanks again for help

@Truus, sorry I had a important phone call. Yes I got 30 now, but it was a very pixely place.
Less than 30 boy has thick glasses. 30 boy has contact lenses LOL

thanx Christina for heart 13 location it took me forever to find ..:)

Nice game! ANd FINALLY a Twinkle not following the "worn out" principle of "open window, give XYZ on window a thing and get a key which opens drawer; finally put in 3 symbols".

Felt really refreshing!

Kudos out to you girls for practical thinking in cooking things! Wow! Helped us surmount the language barrier (I think the steps and recipe are inside the seemingly "empty" book)

Last question:

How do you guys see HOW MANY hearts you have?

The big heart in the inventory is not clickable...hmm...

nevermind, "fixed" it by restarting browser! The 'X1', 'X5' etc. right from the heart symbol just had not shown up at all previously. There was only the heart and an empty blue (background) space. Now it works.

I think 12 and 17 are the same ...I still cannot fins the 30th heart! LOL

I mean....#18...the left of bookcase only has the one when you look up = #13

Then there is #18 which is right of desk....

TO REACH THE TOP OF THE BOOKCASE: Click the chair to move it in front of the bookcase, then click the top of the bookcase.

What's the combination for the drawer on the desk?

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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