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Escape the Kitchen Walkthrough

Escape the Kitchen

Maroya - Escape the Kitchen is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Maroya. In this game, you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Arrow picture is clue for cupboard under sink.

Oh my this is hard. I am stuck at this 3 digit thing in the bottom panel. Never get 857 right.

Have rescued a little creature from a cupboard. Lots of clues, but think I'm missing some hotspots.

hint glasses in cb open moon cb

Zazie - see what you mean about the floor panel...

I always get 847 or 837 :-(

I have three creature - brute forced the circle code (starts with a one) but I can't remember what number it was. I played the game, but can't figure out what the star code should be. Nothing happens when you reach the goal

Given up on floor panel for now. Got the kettle on the hob. What now...

Still struggeling with floor panel...

Woo hoo - got the floor panel open! Sorry, can't help, as it was random clicking.

Put boiling water on the glass for key.

miles try ti imagine the maze from up in the air

I wish i could help you with the floor panel Zazie! Random clicking for me too

I'm out. but the floor panel was just luck so I can't really help with that

Charged up the game found in floor (socket behind bin). Now in a maze...

Still clickig like mad miles :-)

Fuzzel - does it start with a 7?

miles1- maze before first door was shaped like a 3 for me

Zazie - I think I had them almost lined up and then got cross and started clicking the one that turns all three. Not much help, I'm afraid.

Thx anyway smarties, i will try this.

Thanks Fuzzel! Zazie, did you get the 857 panel?

Miles and Fuzzel, I'm trapped in the maze with no idea what to do. Can't get out to find more clues. Keep going backwards and forwards between a start door and a plain door. Neither opens.

The maze gives the star number. I'm out with 3 critters and end 1.

Now found a third plain door which doesn't open. Will keep going as hadn't seen this one before.

No miles i am stuck there since the beginning :-(

clue for floor panel:
there are three numbers to click. Goal is to change the Numbers to the Number written above.
Number 1 changes the first and second numbers.
Number 2 changes all three numbers
Number 3 changes the middle and the last number.

click first number until the distance between the middle and last number is the same as in the number written above.
now click the middle number until the first number is right and then click the last number until the whole number is correct.

hope this helps

Utterly bamboozled :) Now found a door with 'goal written on it that I can't open either.

smarties- don't click on the door. click on the arrow and keep moving forward.

I am always ending up with 847...

smarties - I don't think you actually have to solve it... to get out, click the japanese letters at the bottom. I solved it, but couldn't visualize the numbers. The star code starts with a 35 - I brute forced it

There are many ways to solve the floor panel
Here's one: (M=middle, L=left, R=right)

The maze traces out three numbers, which is the clue for the star drawer. You just go forward to go through the doors - no key needed.


SPOILER - floor panel

left button 8x
middle button 9x
right butten 7x

THX FuZzEL !!! Finally got it open ! Going on now.

Thanks all - finally worked out the maze numbers from your earlier hints and only then realised I could get out by clicking the red letters!

End 2 is leaving the third critter behind :(

Now i am stuck in this damn maze, i can't see any numbers.

Have got 3 creatures and 3 codes but can't enter the star code - nothing happens when I click on the numbers.

Zazie, the numbers are the shape of the actual mazes. If you go over a door, you're starting a new number.

Can you give a spoiler for star numbers please ?

You have to go through the maze before you can enter the star numbers.

I guessed this smarties, but obviously i am too blond today ;-)

Zazie - I couldn't see them either. The star could is 35 something

I have to go - good luck!

Thanks Escapista. Thought I had been through it. Will try again. Zazie - spoiler above for star number but see Escapista's point above.


Ignore the target numbers! (857)
Rather look how the target number is built up:

Figure - Figure minus 3 - Figure plus 2
(alternately, take care that the 3rd digit must be ONE LESS than the 1st one!)

That is to say, if you get 524, you've made it!
You can then just click your way thru to 857.
Just make sure you don't mess up distances in digits.

Hope this helps (a little)

Make sure you go OVER the 'goal' door or you have to go back again. (like I did.)

I thought i went everywhere in the maze but nope, i still cannot enter the numbers. I am giving up, because the maze is too boring.
Thx for all you help in any case !!

And OUT!!! Thanks for the tips.

I can't see "shape" numbers :(

(edit) Fuzzel beat me to it. Yet I'll let it stay, maybe the one grasps my explanation better, the other better Fuzzel's.

The floor panel - click the left button 9 times to make the first and second number become 9. Then, click the right button 7 times to make the second number become 6, and the third number become 8. Lastly, click middle button 9 times to make the first number become 8, the second numbers become 5, and the third number become 7.

Finally i made it out after a last try to find the goal door...I hate mazes lol.

The first digits were 35_.....

Last one was 6. But remember to go OVER the goal door!

found a start door and a simple door
If I understand there is a goal door to find?

Yes seb, i walked around an eternity to find this goal door.

Thanks Zazie, pfff not found :(

Did you find it now seb ?

Some games are more torture than fun imho....

No,(save) and play another game ;)

Can't get that damn "white moon" cabinet open!
(the leftmost one at the sink)

Looks I'm missing a clue, since I read above that these digit panels are BLOCKED until you've seen the clue.
Tough luck then!

I thought looking at the "hint sheet" (moon minus stars equals circle) is enough, but the digits still don't move an inch!

What did I overlook ffs?

for "moon" door paper hint is in glasses cb (key in left drawer)

Ahh i remember now. Count the cups, glasses and yellow things

Zazie I got that number noted down ;) But the digits did not move. Retrying...(hrmph!!)

Your explanation at 2/23/13, 5:29 AM was perfect!
I got it right away!...lol...after struggling with it for ages!!! LOL

P.S. I realize I haven't had my coffee yet today! Just found out that the moon/stars/circle clue was actually in the cardboard box where the cats were frolicking around in before...

Great game. In the GameBoy maze game you don't "find" the numbers, the shape of the three parts of the maze ARE the numbers. Use your noggin before giving up.

Fuzzel, thanks for the perfect explantion how to get the number in the floor. Easy game after that!

So funny when they decided to take a nap in the cardboard box, the author knows cats :)

@Tiquer I must be really stupid but I can't see anything about numbers shapes in the maze !!! try to "draw" a 3 by walking but !!
anyone has a screen/picture??

@seb as if it's written on the floor !! i'm stuck inside though !!

finally out .. nice game !!

i got floor num# so easily but maze thing i cant get it ...

I'm with Zazie - maze is too confusing and thus boring. I quit, too.

how do i plug in the gameboy? is there a cord i need to find?

okay didn't realize my kettle was already steaming to get the key

       Anonymous  2/23/13, 7:10 PM  

A lot of people had trouble with the maze. You won't find anything in the mazes themselves. What you need to do is make a map of each section. These maps form numbers which is the star clue.

Just one small question: what is the save feature for, if I refresh the page and I have to start it all again from the beginning? (I refreshed the page because I encountered a bug)

Thanks alls for answer but...
start view, click down to see "start" door

go UURUUUL to see another door (for me this way doesn't draw a number)
to pass door, go UUULLUU and now 2nd door (for me the way doesn't draw a number)

I don't find "goal door" but I should want (if possible) how you can see a hint to see numbers

If I draw a sort of map with that directions I can't see numbers
Become crazy !

someone for explanation, please?

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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