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Indoor Swimming Pool Escape Walkthrough

Indoor Swimming Pool Escape

Games2rule - Indoor Swimming Pool Escape is another point and click room escape game from Games2rule. In this game, you are locked in a  room and you try to escape from there by finding items ad solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Indoor Swimming Pool Escape

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Going in for a swim and getting out of this blizzard! :)

In and out.
Need ten numbers.

The code you get with flashlight works on first step.

Not very good. Only 11 numbers to find. And then use big key on door.

Sitting in the hot tub relaxing as I am missing a number for light green step and need little key for cb.

Key is in the glass on left, need straw. I forget where I picked it up.


There is a straw on a random spot on the ground near where the tables are on the right, use that on the juice for the key

little key, use straw on full glass

Use colors on wall for order of numbers on lifesavers.

Numbers for stairs
1. Star
2. Picture leftside (with screw)
3. Inflatable armbands
4. Green umbrella
5. Balls in pool
6. Telescope
7. Bubbel bath
8. Scarve
9. Picture snowlandscape
10. Pool stair

Well thanks - that shut off my hot tub. Now at top of stairs with no key to get out. I want to go back in the hot tub :)

big key from big cupboard, numbers on beds, in cupboard do flag.

no... I'm not amused :P random try of numbers without any logic or at least sense...
thank goodness I'm out of this door now...

It was fun finding the numbers, but a shame there didn't seem a logical way of inputting them.

I agree @Clodagh. It would have been a fun game if there were some connection.

How did you get a number from the beach balls?

Beach balls are very dim, I think 722....
please, where is the green umbrella #??? I have an empty glass, what to do with it?

Fill the glass from the pool and pour it on the green umbrella.

I was thinking that....but, I can't find the spot to fill it ...which pixel/zoom please?

Thanks Nokra. Still couldn't see any numbers but 722 was right.

The one where you got the screw, with the underwater beach ball.

POP...Found it in the underwater scene..... OK.....this game makes SOOOOO much sense! LOL

And...TY @smarties!!!!

Out! TY too Nokra!

Stupid game. For anyone not wanting to waste all your time inputting numbers over and over, order is below.

have bug! refresh 2 times

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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