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🖳 Lataru Minigame 4 Walkthrough

🖳 Lataru Minigame 4

[REPLAY] Lataru Minigame 4 is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the place. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  2/8/13, 12:31 AM  

Hmm. Have a small piece of chicken jerky (which I thought was soap LOL) and a number of puzzles... baffled!

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 12:33 AM  

And now a Thing. Something like a remote - not sure - from the box on the marble table. Observe the pattern on the cat basket..

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 12:37 AM  

Oh the Thing can be configured to be a key for the cat basket, which yields a cat and a baffling clue. The marshmallow man will play with the cat giving you access to the door scanner, which needs a paw-print..

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 12:39 AM  

No-one wants my piece of jerky :o(

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 12:41 AM  

Throughly stuck. I have an unwanted bit of jerky, need a number clue, looks like the box will do something else if you hit it right, and an unexplained hole in the ceiling. Anyone out there??

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 12:43 AM  

And the message on the cat basket has changed from In to Out...

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 12:58 AM  

and ooh a sudden rush of new games.. shall go and play twinkle until someone comes along to help me our here...

keep mouse cursor on the paw recognition device as told on paper for 10 seconds (without holding the left button)

Stuck in second room with cat toy, chicken jerky and paper.

I've got longnose plier from safe... use dial as a clock and set it like the arrows show...
used plies on box in first room and positioned the mirror until I could see the gold figure, then I looked up into the hole...
I'm stuck now with that hint... I know, its for the panel left of the door in second room, but don't know how to use the figures...


and you can use the toy under the door, but it does nothing until now...

also the hints "all members" and "from a distance" doesn't make any sense for me... and what about this panel right beside the door back to first room?

there are numbers on the side of shelf with figures (hint on memo)

I can see numbers in this panel... (that sounds like: I can see dead people... lol...) I can't bring them in an order...

oh GREAT... thank you @itsy

Stuck with you !
Nice graphics btw

@sabine didn't you remove the hidden hints on memo? (though it is not very helpful

got code left of door !
Use numbers right of shelf with colored people. gold = 5 others are 1.
First number : 1+1+1+1+5*1000 do the same for other numbers

do you also know, how does the numbers help? LOL
first I thought, the position of the G=5 would give 5014, after the first impression of "hey, there are numbers" I noticed, that will be the same solution... and it doesn't work...

then use cattoy under door and get key

wow... thanks @Drisana =)
have to go now... pick up my boy from school... good luck

Opened the shutters, what now?

Third room, and it's called minigame ?! :)

thanks drisana, cute little cat :)

lol @ rasta man :)

put doll cat back in the box (with in/out)

and get your "y" key back

Use foot step massage on rasta man

And get code for first room pillar

Get sd. there is a lever that opens window in 3rd room but locks the door

Sd is too large for the 3rd door... :(

Think we need to set the key to put it right of first door to keep it unlocked while opening windows but stuck...

got it middle row is red, not column !

door exploded ;) opene window, then use sd on pliers

Finally out!

@drisana what key? and what column?

On painting, click letters from Ato Z in alphabetic order

@itsy the box you set in "y" position to open cat box

Open painting, put sd in magical oven and spell SMALL

And out ! what a wonderful game !!!

on painting? there is no painting for me, just a blank canvas


i have to go but here are some hints you have to open window to see painting, to open window you must put the lever in first room. first you have to set the cat box key IN first door to make it explode.

can't use key on cat's basket anymore nor elsewhere

@ drisana, thanks a lot, now i will work on... cutiecute little cat :)))

Put the doll cat in cat box close the door it will say in and you can take the key back ;)

i had the key back, cat was in basket (locked), had to restart :(

i'm back at this point, where exactly am i supposed to put the key in first door?

if I remember correctly you had to open door and look on the right side (zoom in once or twice)

@trucmuche, totaly missed that hint, stupid me

I just don't understand clue:
First number : 1+1+1+1+5*1000 do the same for other numbers

Sbdy to help? Thanks!

Out on my own but last part with alphabete was beyond ridiculous.Less than 10 minutes to reach there and at least more 10 minutes waste of time and 5 fail attempts in alphadete order before i made it. :D


100+100+100+100+100=500(No gold in this line)

Note that this works only after you see clue with mirror in first room.

Thanks Akis, so I had the number right but haven't seen clue in first room...

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 5:39 AM  

Made the man in the wig dance but got no code for pillar???? Any help appreciated :)

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 5:59 AM  

I think I can see numbers on brown plaque on wall by door but have tried all possible combos and nothing works......

Chris did you use the carpet(?) on the dancing man to make him fall?Do it to make him fall,and you can see the numbers!

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 6:19 AM  

@Akis yes used the carpet and man and wig are sitting down.... no numbers honest!

@chris You have to look through bars from third room to second room..the hint is in arrow(look from distance) after remove the bars down..
so you can see the brown plaque from distance through bars and the 4-digit number will be visible!

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 6:42 AM  

@Akis - thank you!

How does the clocksafe work.
I see the arrows but have no hours

Ohhhh! This one looks VERY nice!

Must try

(but I am going to turn off that annoying "fun fair" music)

       Anonymous  2/8/13, 8:34 AM  


tosca guess the numbers above

found it


I'm sooo lost here.

I read that you need to see some "arrows" for opening the safe.

Where are these arrows, please?

I have left my finger on the pawprint for 10 MINUTES with no luck. What's the trick? I haven't clicked and I have clicked with no door opening.

The trick for pawprint is to put your curser on the second part (as on the paper hint) and let it there for 10 seconds WITHOUT clicking.

The arrows are directly under the numbers (above the dial)

I am stuck at magical oven, how to push the 4 buttons ?

SMALL of course, stupid me.

And out, what a fantastic game !!


I had my monitor set down in brightness/contrast a bit for some reason (it had been late at night recently) and these arrows were almost impossible to see.

Finally I can pick up where I was stuck ... thanks again

Can't figure out what to do with the door lock
Also, I see 2 cats in the 3rd room but how do I get a cat doll?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow, pretty fancy game!!!

ah, got it! treat!

Great game!

WOW, what a wonderful "mini" game!

Christ on a bike! That alphabet thing was really a NIGHTMARE...

Lemme spoil this


ROW (comma) COLUMN, so 3,4 means ROW 3, COLUMN 4

1,5 - 2,7 - 1,4 - 4,2 - 2,2 - 4,3

1,1 - 1,6 - 4,5 - 4,7 - 3,1 - 2,1

3,7 - 2,3 - 2,6 - 4,1 - 3,2 - 4,4

1,2 - 1,3 - 1,7 - 3,6 - 4,6 - 3,3

3,5 - 2,5


small-tool has really let himself go!


This one needs a walk through!


Turn right. Click on cat box. Note pattern of lock and pattern on front (air holes?)

Back up

Zoom in on dish. Take Chicken Jerky.

Back up. Turn right. Zoom in on box. Notice the key pattern matches the lock pattern on the cat box. Use hint from cat box to open this box (hint below*)

Take rectangular tool from box. Note that the hinge on the box is weak.

Turn twice and zoom in on cat box.

Click buttons on rectangular tool so that it matches the lock on the cat box. (hint below*)

Use rectangular tool on lock to open cat box.

Watch while man plays with cat.

Look at hint in cat box. Note that there is a paw print, and it says 10 seconds. Note the red triangle and how it corresponds to the pad on the paw print.

Back out and zoom in on black square behind man (it says DOOR)

Mouse over the panel for 10 seconds, with your mouse button over the correct pad on the paw print (second from the left). Count 10 times the green line goes up for 10 seconds.

Click to take cat toy from man

Back up twice, click door and enter room 2


Zoom in on panel to left of door. It says all members, and has a picture of a set of 4 shelves.

Back out.

You can zoom in on the arrow, but I don’t know what it means.

Turn right. Notice the set of 4 shelves.
Zoom in twice. Notice the men. Notice that the gold ones have G’s on their heads.

Zoom out once and click to the right of the shelf. Notice the place value numbers.

Zoom out. Turn right to see confusing square.

Turn right to see cat on couch.

Click on note next to cat.

Note that you can take the black sticky notes off to reveal hints.

The top left hint tells us to look for the numbers on the right of the shelves (did that)

The top right tells us that a dial corresponds to clock numbers.

More about the hint paper later…

Zoom out and zoom in on safe above cat. Turn the dial to the correct clock position for the numbers you can see part of, going left and right in order by the arrows under the numbers. (hint below*)

Take pliers.

Turn left.

Go back to room 1


Zoom in on opened black box

Use Pliers on hinge

Zoom out

Click lid twice until you can see a G in the mirror

Zoom out and click up. It says Gold man = 5.

Now (thanks Drisana!) add up the men for each digit. Gold = 5, other colors = 1. (see hint below or earlier posts)

Turn around twice and go back to room 2


Zoom in on brown square to left of door

Enter the code from the men where it says “all members” (see hint* below)

Watch cat jump into room 3

Click on window to see cat playing with key

Turn over the hint paper in your inventory to the back, and look at the top left (remove black sticky note), and it says to do something with the bottom of the door.

Click back twice, and click on bottom of door.

Use cat toy under door

Wait for key to appear.

Take key

Zoom out and use key to open door.

Enter room 3.

Click on cats to zoom in

It asks you to figure out which cat is the toy.
Offer the chicken jerky. The real cat takes it (and loves you). Take the toy cat.

Click back

Zoom in on door and notice you need a screwdriver.
Zoom out.

Turn right and notice white board

Take black thing next to white board (it’s a foot massage seat?)

Turn right twice and notice closed shutters

Turn left and zoom in on the window between the rooms. Notice the guy with the big hair dancing.

Zoom out and go back in room 2.


Zoom in on dance “mischievous boy)

Put foot massage thing at/under his feet

Back up, turn twice and go back in room 3.


Turn twice and zoom in on window into room 2

Hold down flap with 4 openings to see number (see hint* below)

Back out. Go through room 2 and back to room 1


Turn right (from black box) and zoom in on left pedestal

Enter the number from the window into the pedestal code.

Click under where numbers were entered to open a door

Take screwdriver.

Pull lever.

Notice that the lever opens the shutters but locks you in room 1.

Pull lever again (shutters close, door opens).

Look at the back of your hint paper again. The bottom picture says to put the cat back in the cat box to get your rectangle tool back, and the top right picture says to look at the door where the lock would be.

Zoom out, turn right and zoom in on cat box.

Put toy cat in cat box.

Close door to cat box.

Take rectangular tool from lock.

Zoom out

Open door

Zoom in on right side of door frame (where locking mechanism would go). Oh! I just figured out what the arrow in the other room is for! It points to where you click on the door frame in this room.

Take your rectangular tool and configure it so it fits in the door frame. (Hint* below) Put it in the door frame, so the door can’t lock.

Zoom out, turn left, open the cupboard door, and pull the lever.

The room lock self destructs.

Go back to room 3.

Zoom in on the door, and try your screwdriver on the last door lock. It’s too large.

Zoom out and turn left

Open the shutters and zoom in to see a picture of a dis-assembled something

Zoom in on the pliers in your inventory using the about item button. Notice the screw in the middle. Use your screwdriver to remove that screw.

Put the disassembled pliers on the picture, and the white board on the other side of the room will turn over to reveal a lot of pictures.

If you look at the last hint on the hint paper in your inventory, it will show you the white board, with the number 26 on it. You’re supposed to think 26 letters of the alphabet and click each of the 26 alphabet letters in order. (see 2/8/13 10:41 comment for a spoiler of these)

A panel opens in the middle. Click the open button to raise the white board.

Crawl in under the panel and look to the right to see a magic oven.

Open the magic oven and put the screwdriver inside. Close the oven door and press S-M-A-L-L
Open the oven and voila, you have a small screwdriver.

Go right and crawl back out.

Go back to the last door and use your small screwdriver to open it.


*Black box in room 1: match air hole pattern on cat box:

*Key to open cat box: click on the little rectangles in the rectangular tool you got from the black box. The little rectangles extend out and are red. Extend the ones marked with X.

*To open safe:
Click right 4 times (to turn to 4)
Click left 2 times (to turn to 2)
Click left 11 more times (to turn to 3)
Click right 5 times (to turn to 8)

*number for “all members” code:

*number you see through the window between rooms, and use in room 1 is 7853

*To configure the rectangular tool to use in the door frame, the middle 2 buttons should be out (red) and the others should be in:

excellent WT, good work Lsquared!

Thanks a lot for WT

TY, Lsquared!
Very helpful WT -- I didn't get the clue for the clock-safe until your great explanation!

thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

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