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Lonyan's Room Escape 1 Walkthrough

Lonyan's Room Escape 1

Lonyans Room Escape 1 is another point and click room escape game by lonyans. In this game, you try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles.  Good luck and have fun!

Play Lonyan's Room Escape 1

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the game don't load for me, tried FF and IE :-(

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:35 AM  

It loaded for me in Firefox. Just took a while before it started.

Found brown box, made a thing with paper taped around a ruler, and taped together two pieces of paper with numbers/grid. Need a screwdriver. No idea on the 3-digit number for the stereo.

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:41 AM  

The ruler and paper combination gets the marble that rolled behind the bed.

you get the 3-digig-code from the grid-paper. just paint the missing fields and you get a digital number for radio.

radio plays music after entering code. it shows some musical note - don't know what they are for...
still searching for a screwdriver

I didn't see the marble roll behind the bed. Which view gets it?

SD is behind painting with numbers: look at the pencils and memo; turn off lights and close curtains to see colored dots on painting...

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:47 AM  

When you close the left curtain, it drops and rolls behind bed.

Turning off the lights and closeing the curtains lights upo 4 coloured buttons n the poster over the bed. Not sure what to enter yet.

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:48 AM  

Only got one pice of paper with grid - from a drawer. Where is the other?

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:52 AM  

And I can't work out the number painting although I have seen the clues - brain not in gear. My painting doesn't move - should it?

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:53 AM  

Oh.. you need to do the painting clicking in the dark! D'oh..

I also don't know how to combine pencil hint in memo with painting.

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:59 AM  

The second paper is on the potplant. I need a hint for the music clue.

Accidentally restarted. Found the blue marble the first time through, but now I can't remember where I found it. Still need to open the 3-color box, need screwdriver, and a few more marbles.

Any ideas on the code for the box behind the painting?

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 1:59 AM  

Stuck with blue box needs code, radio needs code, half a grid paper, sticky tape, and 5 marbles - looks like I need a couple more marbles for the brown box. Where is that other bit of paper?!

blue marble on bed

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:00 AM  

Urban I just clicked the coloured corners same number of times as pencils.

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:01 AM  

Swear I have been all over that pot plant - got a green marble but no paper!

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:01 AM  

The picture in the dark didn't work for me right away. Then I tried it backward and it opened on the first colour.

I'm where you are MaryD............

picture-view where is bed on the right and plant on the left to see.
click on plant-pot

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:02 AM  

Mary, I the view with the window. Green marble?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:04 AM  

I think the green marble I found with the lights off, by clicking the table lamp on and off - it sparkled on the plant.
Thanks for the paper hint - going back to shake heck out of that plant LOL

Still stuck on both 3 digit codes :(

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:06 AM  

Oh it's stuck to the pot - I've been rattling the branches!
Got it now but puzzling over how to see the numbers.. sigh .. need coffee

SueInSpain - you need to finish up the grid puzzle after it's taped together. Then you'll see the number for the stereo.

Anybody figure out how to open the blue box yet?

musical notes from the radio...

not understanding you #gmm, how do i finish up the puzzle?

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:09 AM  

Oh my.. somebody spoil the grid number clue pleeeease!

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:10 AM  

The clue for the first 3 digit code is the two pieces of poaper taped togetheer. Then you will need to draw it on a piece of paper and solve the nonogram.

To solve a nonogram you look at the numbers on the horizontal and vertical sides. The numbers represent how many coinsecutive black squares there are. For example if it was 1 3 1 and there were seven squares it wouls have to be BWBBBWB. The top line is 3 and there are already 3 black squares. Spoiler451Spoiler

This comment has been removed by the author.

for all that have problems with reading the notes:
orange note is 1/2 note, lightblue is 1/8 note and pink 1/4 note ...

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:15 AM  

Thanks Nini. But I didn't get a screwdriver, just another marble.

Rimfire SD is behind picture you opened in the dark

SD was behing number painting - was a bit of pixel hunt ...

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:19 AM  

Ah, didn't think to double click!

I'm out. The poster also shows where to place the coloured marbles.

Finally out! Thanks all for the help!

Cannot find a blue marble on the bed. I can lift corner of blanket up and lift pillow up but there is nothing there. Any help?

@Jessica: blue marble should be under corner of blanket after you lifted it

I'm out!

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 2:27 AM  

The blue marble is on the sheet. When it lifts there is a blue smudge. That is it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ahhh it's on the top middle of the bed, not the corner you can lift up - thanks guys!

Dont know if someone has allready mentioned,but TAB key works perfect in this game...And btw i hate using google to find stuff like ''music notes symbols'' in this one!

Still can't get the painting dots right. Which order are they pressed in?

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 3:04 AM  

I played again. There is an extra clue for the dots. Turn off the light. close the curtains and switch on the desk lamp. You will then be anle to access a notepad on the desk.

I had that pencil clue already, but I still can't seem to press the dots in the right order.

Clodagh: RRYGBB

I cannot figure out the music notes. I count 3 of each color or orange 3times, blue 3time of 1/4 and ping 3 times of half. I thing its easier and no so complicated. Pls help :)

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 4:39 AM  

Where do we use the screwdriver ? and where is the red marble?

@VK - it is easier: just 2 for orange, 8 for lightblue and 4 for pink ... ;)

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 4:40 AM  


       Anonymous  2/26/13, 4:41 AM  


@Rimfire excuse my French, but this sounded like a dull joke ;)

The notepad (or memo) can also be accessed when the room is all lit!
And there is nothing else of importance.

... and thanks MaryD for giving this desk lamp thing an actual sense in the game...it really looked like a red herring.
When I searched the plant for a paper (not knowing I had to use the other view) I found the green marble anyway, so that lamp was useless.

Thanks @Nini. I have to refresh my music also! :P

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 5:25 AM  

Is there a pencil somewhere, in order to solve the grid ?

Really cute game!! Great hints from everyone - thanks for all the help!!!

Where is the paper that we tape to the ruler?

@pdgph: there is no pencil to solve the puzzle, you have to do it on a note by your own

@Cyberjar88: keep clicking on the painting beside the door

To solve the nonogrid Paint is helpful. Copy and paste the screenshot of the paper and use the 'fill'-function at the boxes...

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 7:09 AM  

Thank you @vk and @Silverfish !

       Anonymous  2/26/13, 7:29 AM  

Never would have escaped with out the above comments. Thanks

That home button is really badly placed!

Cute game and not too hard. Thanks for the clue about the blue marble, I never would have found it. I finally figured out the home button is fixed on the screen so if you scroll down the page a bit the game is not underneath it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have 6 marbles, PU, R,G, and 3 dark marbles, what color do I need please

nvm found the blue marble, That was a tricky one. enjoyed the game and thanks to all for the hint,believe me I nedded it thanks

I'll never understand why they call this a walkthrough

Thanks for the spoilers on the codes. Happily found everything but had no idea how to work out the codes.

This comment has been removed by the author.

What do I do with the screwdriver? And I'm missing the red marble! Bummer.......

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