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Me, Wake Up!: The Road Walkthrough

Me, Wake Up!: The Road

Me, Wake Up! : Road is a cute and surrealistic point and click type adventure game developed by Kwek-Vwek. Use mouse to do interaction for different events like picking, opening, combining, etc. More instructions are provided in-game. Good luck and have fun!

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I've only managed to get button, scissors, lemon card, and low battery. Can place the button but nothing else.

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 12:53 PM  

Use the sciccors to cut the hair of the rabbit and then you'l have the gloves.

Behind house of rabbit, there is scisors: use it on rabbit

Here is help in French: http://dany58.over-blog.com/

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 12:59 PM  

Not difficult but funny game.
You can do a lot of things that won't help you to get out, but make you laugh.

What to do with corckscrew?

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:11 PM  

Use corkscrew to open the bottle from the yellow world.
To make that yellow ice into water, use a chili pepper from the red world.

What bottle from the Yellow world? I see no yellow bottle!

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:16 PM  

Use gloves to take a chili pepper in the red world.
Use card to open the box in the yellow world. Go in box, there use axe to open the boards and there's a frozen yellow river. Use chili and it's water and then there's a bottle.

Use gloves to pick up a chilli from the LHS in the red world, then drop it in the lemon river in the yellow world. Any ideas about what to do with the letters, or how to move the fish?

Thanks. I didn't even see the chili in the red world. I need new glasses!

Are the letters going to make part of the word 'sleep', or is that just silly?

I planted banana seeds. Now what?

Stuck a carrot in the soil next to the rabbit. Do I need water for the carrot and the banana seeds?

There's a sad bucket by the carrot field, but it's heavy. Need a way to pick it up.

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:24 PM  

The S and the L are magic things to make things small or large.
For the bucket you need a marker to make it a smiling bucket.

L is for ' large ' - use it on carrot - and S-mall in the house of the rabbit

Yes! Thanks for the letter clues guys!

Use pen on bucket
Trough fertiliser and water on rocks around seeds for banana

Maggie, chili is on the right

now how to get the water bucket ?? funny game !!

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:34 PM  

I thought Chili was the one on the left. It says this a special one or something similar.

Bottle by clicking on the fruits I thing

filled the bucket with water but cant pour it on the seeds !!

Oups ! chili on the LEFT !

n the fish still wont move the other way !! :D

E-Addict, have you fertiliser ?
Click on the ' rocks '

And nothing to do with the fish

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:38 PM  

The bottle you use the corkscrew on is in the yellow world.
The bottle in the fruit land is the bag of banana seeds.

It says the fish is a red herring - does that mean we don't need to do anything with it?

used the water to wash the lemon but nothing happened !!

What to do with the banana skin now?

At the end, put ' banana skin ' ans couch ? - S - near the bear

E-addict - did you use the water on the ground that you'd put banana seeds and fertilizer on?

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:40 PM  

Clodagh, that is a red herring. There are more things you can do that's just for fun, like you can use the water on the fire in the red world.

Saved by a banana skin?! If only life were that simple...

yeah have the fertilizer .. which rocks ?? n btw can fill bucket with green water but no idea where to use it !!

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:46 PM  

Another funny red herring is using the bucket in the fruit land on those water puddles. Then the text is, The bucket liked the liquid. It said it was juicy.

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:47 PM  

E-addict, banana seeds, then fertilizer, then water on soil next to monkey.

The rocks around the soil that you tilled and planted.

I think I used yellow water from the lemon river.

Daft but entertaining game!

yeah seeds n fertilizer but cant pour water on the spot !! water from the river down right ??

This comment has been removed by the author.

oh it worked thx clodagh !!

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:52 PM  

E-Addict, you need water from the yellow world river. It's a bit green yes. Use the water a bit below the soil, on those stones around the soil.

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 1:54 PM  

gmm, on the crossing go up and there go in the door on the left and take the battery.

I can't play. The game says I need to install Flash Player 11 or higher. But when I click the link for an upragde, all that is available is Adobe Flash Player . I use Mac OS X with Safari. Ideas anyone?

Funny, very random game!

Guess it's a Kongregate thing. I could play it at Newgrounds.

Too bad people don't actually give any help here....where are all these red and yellow world you are talking about?????
All I have are green places and nothing much happening there....got gloves, turned on and off the lights a couple of times...and put a button in traffic area, nothing!

OK...I just saw that I had taken the battery from traffic room...then I put it in tree to recharge....now finally something is happening!
I got a portal
Funny, how that is not mentioned at all in the comments!

Why, oh why doesn't anyone say... yes, I have "???" and I found it "????". It would be so very helpful to those who are playing later!
So, does anyone know where to find the fertilizer? TY!

No fertilizer for me....and also have not used the yellow key I stole from Rabbit's house!

this key opens door in rabbit house, the fertilizer was there (I think)

it seems, if I first used the fertilizer I can't use the seeds... I'm stuck now...

Try to click on rocks surrounding the soil, it should work

in house rabbit use letter S on the couch? (white thing on the right wall)
and take key to open door and find fertilizer

to use seeds, dig hole near monkey, put fertilizer, seeds ans click on the right (not on seeds) with bucket (filled in yellow world)

oh :D many thanks @jednorogini and seb...
I thought I'm already alone here and left the game for doing some stuff ;-)
it really worked clicking on the rocks, thanks =)

oh yes... and that was the last step I needed... out now...

I am confused lol... I have the 'S' and 'L' signs but cannot make the carrot bigger like I think I have to, and also can't make the bucket bigger or smaller. Can't find seeds to plant, and cannot get water or fertilizer... Like I said, I am confused, and probably missing something obvious :)

you need to put carrot in soil near rabbit and put on carrot letter L to make it large

Ohhh thank you Jednorogini!!! Ok, got the pen... now moving on lol :)

Finally out! Put the banana skin in front of the lorry, then the mattress. And cause an accident, and quickly run away before the lorry guy tells you off LOL.

to find seeds go in view electric tree and 2 times on the left and use axe on pink wall

Glad it wasn't timed! I would have been flattened ages ago lol :)

click on the door, go in the middle road between the room and the energy hit the red button and take the battery, replace the crossroads and go left, grab the yellow card underneath the tire and go to the right, go behind the house bunny and grab the scissors, voute at the crossroads and go right and then twice to the left and grab the red button on go power plant and place the button on the dock, go until the rabbit and cut his hair with scissors, use the glove to turn off the button treestorm, put the battery in the mouth of the tree and turn the knob again, take the battery ecom gloves and go at power plant, place the battery in place and turn on, press the button and let the light green and go out, enter the portal and take the green carrot hoe and axe, go back and put on the red light, enter the portal and grab a red pepper with the gloves, go back to the power plant and place in yellow light, between the yellow portal, use the card at the opening of bau and go through it, get the corkscrew on the wall, use the ax on the boards of the door, place the pepper on the frozen water, take and use the bottle and corkscrew on it, go in the house bunny and carrot plant in the ground, use the L in carrots, enter the house bunny, take the marker, use the S in the mattress, take the key and open the door, get fertilizer, go in treestorm, go left twice, use the axe on the block and head, take the seeds of inside the banana giant banana, and go back in this place where the monkey put the seed in the ground and put the fertilizer on top, go to the portal and use the green marker in the bucket, grab bucket and go up to the yellow river to get water, go back and put the water on the rocks around the ground, grab the banana to the monkey and take the bark and start back at the scene of the battlefield, put a banana peel in the street and put the mattress, game over, sorry if some sentences are wrong I used the google translator because I am Brazilian.

Silly house! I was sure that door there was the one to enter the house and I went everywhere else to try to use that key!.....TY for help!

After reading all the comments AND the WT, I still can't do anything. What "red world" what "yellow world" I can't put the button anywhere, and what "battery"???? Nothing makes any sense to me. Don't understand even the first sentence in the WT: "go in the middle road between the room"?? "replace the crossroads"???

"click on the door, go in the middle road between the room and the energy hit the red button and take the battery, replace the crossroads and go left, grab the yellow card...."

I quit before I can even begin. Good for other folks, not me.

What does "voute" mean?

@Zoe, in view crossroad, go straight, you can see 3 shut doors
go on the left, put red button in middle, open left cb, and there is a battery yellow

clic on red button in cb to take battery and put it in electric tree "mouth" (on the right in view crossroad)to charge it

and return put in left cb, you can click on 3 right buttons to open 3 doors and go in another world

the guilt of the text is confusing is the google translator

Oh Zoe - I'm sooo with you. What ARE they all on about???

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