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Sagashite - 10 Keys Escape Walkthrough

Sagashite - 10 Keys Escape

Sagashite - 10 Keys Escape is another point and click room escape games by Ozriddle. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play 10 Keys Escape

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Anybody playing this game?

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:37 PM  

I am I have 8 Keys

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:38 PM  


I cannot find the 10th key.

I got magnet, two memos, tokens (used) eraser, door handle (used) and printer roll(I guess) I dont know where to use magnet or eraser, You can move some objects with the arrows and fire with nopal,, haha ..and now im stuck

candibar, how many keys have you found?

Use the magnet behind the small cabinet.

Look behind calendar, marcia, to use eraser

Thank you, David.

I got just 3 keys, (behind couch, on board and ...dont remember)where did you get the others??

I've used the eraser, the guitar pick, the tokens, and the magnet. I've also used both the door handle and the black light, but they didn't get me anywhere.

My pleasure, Karen. I'm now stuck with only six keys.

Oh oh oh, thank you Karen, I looked, yes, but didnt know what to do with that (duh)

Door moves. Also, fire catus at the No Smoking sign. Try out black light again

I have eight keys now.

Thank you, David! Off to that CB

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:46 PM  

I used the black light at the door scene with the light off...where else is it used??

Nine keys now.

Candi, did you ever see a number?

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:48 PM  

9 keys too...I was missing the magnet behind the cb

Not sure how to make use of the Click!-->KEY memo.

Is it a black light? And here I am thinking Where is that printer? Lol, thanks.

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:49 PM  

yes and used the number when I used the black light

spoiler for KEY note clue~


Almost time for bed. Do you need any help before I go?

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:50 PM  

I haven't seen a printer

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank, Larue...got all ten now.

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:51 PM  

OHHHHH Larue that was my last one ty!

no printer - just a black light

I like these games. Good night, all

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:55 PM  

where is the guitar pick?

Dr, I believe it was in the 2nd catcus. It moves up and down

guitar pick on cactus pot, cb view

       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:57 PM  


       Anonymous  2/3/13, 7:57 PM  

but ty marcia

I guess I will finish it later, got some stuff to do..thanks to all!

I have turned off the light but i still don't see any numbers and used the ultra light! But i still don't see any numbers. Help Please!

kmoorer,use the arrow keys to move cactus to no smoking sign and press space to shoot

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where to use the guitar pick?

@aitch it's pixelly but there's a place for it on the guitar - makes the cat jump

I'm looking for where to use the poker chips, if that's what they are

Tks, Just1. POP did it too! Chips go on green game board on desk. keep clicking.

weird - you don't click in circles but on the outer squares - you can fill the whole board with white

have 9 keys now

Just1 on board on the desk..2 keys left now.

Ah found the last behind door - you can move it farther with No Smoking sign gone

It's a "GO" game. Works like that,except in real life you have to take turns.

I think it's also called Othello.

I forgot the 3 digit safe..9 keys

I can see the key above door, but cant get it.

@Marcia shoot it

Thanks just1, I juts did that after several tries, :)

Glue was in one of the drawers. Where was the door handle? Missing just the 9th key in the list.

POP, door handle was under drawers of desk

And out!

cannot find last key arggh!

This comment has been removed by the author.


1st, turn left, drag couch left to find KEY 1, right to find GO PIECES.

Turn left, get MEMO 1 from bottom drawer, get MAGNET from top drawer. back out and use MAGNET around right side of cabinet until KEY 10 appears. May take some hunting.

Grab cactus (Yow!) pull it up to find KEY 2. Look closedr at pot, get GUITAR PICK.

Turn left, get MEMO 2 from trash can.

MEMO 1 tells you you can click on the word 'KEY' somewhere, and make a key appear. KEY 6, in fact.

Look in lower drawer for UV LAMP, upper drawer for GLUE, and center drawer for ERASER. Look under the lower drawer for HANDLE.

Turn left and the fun begins. turn out light and note that you can use UV LAMP on the No Smoking sign. MEMO 2 tells you you can move the cactus with your cursor keys, and fire spines with the space bar. So shoot the No Smoking sign; then keep shooting and find KEY 8 in the ceiling (shoot till it comes down. You can shoot out the whole ceiling but there's nothing else there. Now turn off the light and use LAMP again to see 3-digit code. Before you leave, look at your HANDLE and put GLUE on it; attach it to door; drag door to right and find KEY 9.

Turn left or right twice, enter code. Get KEY 4. While here, use PICK on guitar, surprise cat. Get KEY 5.

Turn right, zoom on calendar. Drag it to the left and use your ERASER on that mess till you're left with one green number. Turn right or left twice, enter number, get KEY 3.

Now take your GO PIECES and zoom on the green board. place pieces till you find KEY 7 near the bottom right.

You're done! Click on the word Complete! Next time maybe they'll have a Closure button!

I've been looking for keys 6 and 10 like mad! X_X if someone can make a screencap of their exact locations it would be great. :D

Can anyone please explain the method of making the cactus respond to the arrows keys and space bar...I am trying and nothing happens....

I don't know how....but POP did it...I just used the right arrow key and it moved....lol

TY Larue for that sneaky key!

I always zoom the game to fit the screen...so the title was out of view for ages....finally saw it! and done!

@hopegrace... #6 is above the game...
#10 is found by highlighting the magnet, then move mouse/magnet around the cabinet left of cat!

And thanks @just1 for the "Key-through"
Note that some of the keys move position -- the second time I played, Key 10 was on the left side of the wall.
Key locations summary:
1 - behind couch
2 - cactus in guitar scene
3 - 4# safe
4 - 3# safe
5 - use pick on guitar
6 - from "10 KEYS"
7 - Othello gameboard
8 - shoot above no smoking
9 - move door
10 - guitar wall

Out! Great game!

Thanks for the door handle and the hint with the 'KEY' paper!

Found remaining 8 keys by myself.

To you technical guys out there: you guys realized that this game is NOT IN FLASH??
The author pulled all this off with JavaScript - whahey!


This game is NOT "pixelly"! You've used the wrong technique. Try to keep mouse button pressed as you would with those Flash512 games!

This will also make the door move more easily, same with the calendar!

Hope this helps...

Very fun! Liked this a lot!

I found that the cactus moved when I clicked on it then went round the rooms and clicked the North, South etc locations. May have just been coincidence,though.

and no one mentioned the full name of the game SAGASHITE lol

le mot juste - well said ting ting

Loved that!

Thank you Just1. Game well named - an absolute sagoshite!

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