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UnReal Escape

[REPLAY] UnReal Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Factory.112. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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hav only bottle .....

same here, stuck

made some progress ..enter code under mat got the tool opened screws near plant pot

where did you get the code from

from wall clock ..the first time you see in clock

No 8:15. Took cap off on floor, stuck again

now water is coming ...

I filled the bottle with water and poured it into the thing on the floor and got ball...key inside.

filled bottle with water ..pour water in that drain hole ,,to get key type thing

not sure how i got the water fountain to turn on though...hit a bunch of buttons randomly.

now again need hint for that grid puzzle ...

used the hex tool on top of the cabinet that you used the key. You get a metal panel and a key that you have to figure out how to get to.

Still no clue on the grid puzzle

You don't need to. Metal plate goes in drawer...
Not sure why

how to turn the water on ? Opened the top of the button box. Hitting buttons doesn't do anything.

Code in watertuube....nowhere to input

use red handle on drain hole also ...

push button after placing plate to get grid clue

Leave metal plate in drawer...hit the button. use the red tool to pull up tube, hit the button. Go back to drawer..appears to be clue for grid stamped out.

Still no water, any hint please ?

i saw the grid clue but cant get it rite ..

Water turns on when you hit one of the four switches across the room

Thx Marc Habers !

how to get grid ???? ..& i also get code num# in tube

what is the 4x4 grid code...?

AH! 4 buttons control which other button in the room works!

got it~

when first button pressed down in 4 buttons & tube button presss give num# hint


Set numbers with numerous button by figuring out which of the four buttons control whick other button en hit that one as often as necessary for the code..

how did you get grid .tell me ..

as shown 124 24 134 13 top to bottom.

wht happen after you put grid code right ?

it turns green en numbers appear in the black squares on top of the machine

good games ! very logic & not so difficult

how to figure out the code for 4 buttons?

Not loading

I am trying to figure out the last (?) code. You know, at the tube after you pull it up. I get the 7126 with pushing the 1st button, but I can change only the first number... how do I change the rest?

Nm, found it...just push the rest of the buttons too :p

       Anonymous  2/22/13, 5:34 AM  

But what is the code supposed to be? I've pushed all the numbers but can't figure out the code.

       Anonymous  2/22/13, 5:35 AM  

POP... got it

still stuck, any help please...

How did you get 8.15 for the clock? I only see 12.00.

@Lottie, the 4-digit code is 7126, though I don't actually know why.

Press the 2nd button (I think) on the 4 button cb, then press button under clock. See what button works for all the other buttons. Remember this as you will need it when you enter the 4 digits for the key :)

How do I change the 3rd digit? I have pressed all the buttons (I think)

Lottie and gmm, you get 7126 by pressing the 1st button and then the button on the water tube thingy beside the plant

Ah I see...I had the water button "on". It needed to be off to change the 3rd digit.

Jenn, try the button with metal plate. It's above the grid.

thank you so much!!
Although I was out before I see the comments

Wow, I didn't find this game to be logical at all. I thought it was rather confusing.

Whre do i find the code for the machine?

Thank you Mafe.

@kmoorer: you mean the 4 digit code? SPOILER7126SPOILER??

See Mafes comment from 5:51. Took me a while to get that too. The first buton is the button above the 4 digits. Push that, and then the button under the water tube thingy in corner beside plant, then look on top of that water tube.

this game was excellent... I did it all by myself, but my eyes are curling from the last code...

Took some minutes to figure out - but from then on it was a charm.


Hey bio, nice avatar, but you are running in the wrong direction... ;-)

Booo! A game rated with nearly 5 stars and can't open it cos server's down.

Came back. Confusing but eventually got there!

This game looks like it could use a WT....I sure wish somebody would have done one....now I have to see all the spoilers just to find help...... :(

Anyone still here? I seriously cannot figure out how to even open that dang water bottle :(

I have followed all the comments...and I even see the 7126 in the thing by the plant....But, what did we do with the 4 digits from the top of the thing where we did the grid and it all turned green?
I don't see a place to put the 7126.....?

@evilirishpixi...you don't open the water bottle, you just fill it in the alcove by the door!

Oh well, maybe later...I still don't get what to do with the spoiled code!!

Never mind...just had to get the water started :P

@Nokra, the 4 buttons around the room all change the numbers of that code above the grid, I did trial and error to find which one, and the buttons above the code I believe "power" the buttons to change the number. So click a button above the code and find which button around the room corresponds :)

Hope that make sense LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

button 1 and clock button moves 2nd digit
button 2 and button near door moves first digit
button 3 and button on drawer moves 4th digit
button 4 and water button moves 3rd digit

       Anonymous  2/22/13, 2:26 PM  

When all else fails


MY EYES! Oh, I think I'd still prefer a textual WT, since the author of the above video definitely used excess compression.
Graphics are totally messed up.
Plus, the origin of the final code is nowhere explained. The author "just knows" it and puts it in.

Horrible walkthrough.

*LEGIT* way of getting the final code:

- push first button on panel above numbers
- push button on tube thing next to plant
- look into tube thing FROM ABOVE (that's why you had to remove the red thing again)

(Cheating sucks! Always!)

Thanks! @evilirishpixi!!!!! I will try it later, but feel I have a chance now with your explanation!

Your above comment was already given twice....
I had that easily, but have not yet figured how to put those numbers on the numbers pad with the key!!!!

Given twice? Sorry 'bout that ... Couldn't see it in that mess, and I feel that I also explained it in more detail, too.


smithers gave the best solution for the buttons + digits. Read a few posts above mine...

The button matchups were too illogical... Needed another clue explaining them, and their influence on the final code (that the selected button does its own function, and does not change the final code).

What an EXCELLENT game!!!
Very enjoyable - logical and interesting!
Thanks - want more, more, more!!!

       Anonymous  9/1/18, 12:09 AM  

caught this one for the replay, as it was posted on another game site as new - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, F112 ☺

Great game. Great help, and I needed it.

This game is all trial and error. Press a button on the cabinet of 4 buttons, then a button on another wall, and look for anything randomly changed somewhere else. Just watch the video walkthru to see all the random buttons that get pressed.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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