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Abradine is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com! Abradine Asylum hasn't been in operation for over thirty years. There have been several accounts of unexplained activity throughout the asylum. Lately you have had several dreams where you are inside the asylum. Tonight in your dream you found yourself walking up to the front door. It takes a moment but you finally reach out and open the door, when suddenly you are consumed with darkness. What is calling you to this place and what lurks inside? You realize that this can't be a dream! Good luck and have fun playing!

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come & join me escapers ..;)

This the way to start a weekend:}}

Oh, oh. Have to postpone work for a while!

Hi Raasi here we go!!

orb jar left 2x

I love you don't have to click to collect the orbs!

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Well, I'm early to the show for once!

purple key left 1x .then up 2x ..use lantern

Going in now!

yeah, new SD. Thank You

finally got RED key

Where did u find the red key @Raasti?

Map with no letters...eep!

happyhappy =) new SD-Game and live !!! Thank you
but who is voting a SD-Game with one star and on top of that before it is played?

red key in 2nd row from bottom, rightmost room.

make a red "s" on wall to get red key

Got it! Hint for red key = 5

Ohhhhhh! am I too late for this to be live?!

going in!

in the room where are the red tiles ..you hav to convert them in to red 5

OMG is this live still?

Rose coloured glasses under bed, 3rd row from bottom, left-most room; use lantern.

ahh rose-colored glasses

we don't have to click the orbs, only mouse over them... thats great!


Rose coloured glasses gives hint in 5th row from bottom, 2nd room from the right; 'HELP' in red..

ok got hammer used it on statue ..to get paper of book ( bought it )..hav seen somewhere HELP sign with glasses ...now stuck cant find any key

Still waiting for game to load. This is my first live game. By the time I see a new game it's all over

Glasses also gives symbol hint in first room - with statues

And symbols above door in first view using glasses

Where was the hammer raasti?

also used glasses on book page & entrence room to see symbols

raasti, there is an 'x' in the room 1st row, 2nd room from right when u put on the glasses.. try using the hammer there?

i dont remember exactly AMY may 4x up from 1st scene

Do I need to restart? I bought the map and book and have 5 orbs leftover so I can't buy the lantern. I don't think I can continue without the lantern!

Crowbar in 2nd row from bottom, 3rd room from right; use lantern.

Crowbar frees silver key

oh thank you AMY ....there is book page ..i wish i can help you with exact location of hammer ..

Hammer is bottom left in second from the left room, second row from the top.
Room with red cross on ceiling.

Three pages, "special book" bought, that has letters on the bottom that correspond with colors, but pages don't fit...

Got it raasti, page for book in wall with x and in room when u use silver key.

we never had a balcony in an asylum... fresh air... soooo good...
btw... I'm way behind, will never catch up...

There is always a creepy lonely wheelchair scene haha

needs: Green key and piano hint. Something makes me think that the piano gives the green key...

There is a key in statue on the left in first scene but i don't know how to get it; crowbar and hammer not working.. =(

oh, and the SD for the "help" room...

Strange, random candle in leftmost room, 2nd row from bottom.. maybe we need to light it?

ok i tried to use NW hint on that strange symbol but nopes ..

Use crowbar on stuck file cabinet drawer for dial puzzle box

Me too raasti, not working.. trying to see if there is any connection from clues in book?

use crowbar bottom row, third from right

Read book with glasses on for more clues.

Map without room letters is useless, so I'm not playing. It's too frustrating

thhanx for dials ..but where are the hints ....for piano ,gdial box & lighter for candle

So.. umm.. what's the clue for the dial puzzle?

Can't find the SD in the help room?

i dont kno but i got BLUE key ....in a room where candle is ..

may be by using NW clue on strange symbol

I dont know the clue for the dial box, I was just lucky to find it

the W-N-N... puzzle was cool... I'm very proud I got the solution by myself... LOL

where exactly raasti?

yes @raasti... when you are in the room where you can see this symbol, follow the directions... then you'll get the blue key

ok there is lighter after use of blue key

Where is the blue key in that room with the candle?

My first SD live game!!!

ooohhh got it! very cool SD!!

SD after lighting candle ....

@LetMeOut: yes, but you have to follow the directions, then it appears

ok hav SD but dont kno where to use it .....need dial box & num box hints

What's the clue for box after u used the blue key raasti?

ahh ok! THanks!

use hammer on statue/book for page

read page and get number/letter

doesn't work on 4 number box in lab

@raasti: use SD in the upper room with many beds at night stand... no idea for the signs...
uh, and have you seen the red X the last room before the room we bought the map? with red glasses? I guess I need a hammer there...

anyone remember where the hammer was?

Also, where is the strange symbol?

so lost!

Nor does the symbols in first scene work in box (opened with screwdriver)

may be help hav to convert into num# acc to book..

Jo-Ann, i think the hammer was in the bottom left of room with big cross at the top..

Thank you for my favorite game, SelfDefiant!! By the way, I LOVE the non-clicking feature for picking up the orbs!!

4 number code is from room next to it.
Use numbers from names in alphabet order.
jo-ann, above i wrote where hammer is.

oh... I found the signs... above the door in room with two statues

@Jo-Ann: Strange symbols in first scene when u put on glasses.

Symbols are upside down and backward

sorry... forgotten to say: with red glasses

symbol order is backwards

Thank you for the hammer! Couldn't see that on my screen in my sunny room! Should be playing in the dark I guess!

ops... its already posted... excuse me

still cant find a place to use SD.HELP

saw those strange symbols, thought I read somewhere you do something with them for a blue key.

raasti, use sd in drawer that opens, in room with beds and looks empty, use on top part of drawer.

@Raasti, do you use the SD on the drawer in the room full of beds that says HELP?

numbers in book translate to letter from last page of book for piano and gold key

Symbols give clue for piano, piano gives gold key

jo-an, walk the rooms in order from book to get to candle room in that way, then blue key is there.

Out, great game. Ty SD.


Numbers to keys on piano for Gold key.

i got the dials clue from book but it doesn't seem to be working??

@domzodom thank you! I would NEVER have gotten that myself!

Amy, turn your head to the right

please, could somebody tell me how many pages for the book you got? I had two, then found another two, one from red x and one from statue and I put it together in the book... I've only got one new page...
I have the direction hint, the number hint and many numbers at last page

In gold room use hint from book.
white = white cross,
black = red cross,
green = others

any thought on the 3x3 grid. x's clue in book, but i cant make it work in any combo

thanks domzodom

Thanks Mezman!!


and out.. thanks you guys! I'm here still if anyone needs help..

raasti, hint is on book, turn hint to the right.

raasti, turn your head to the right.. (not your left like me.. lol)

nobody want to help me?

will have to finish this game later, have to run

Great game SD! Some new twists! LOVE it!

Sabine I'm not sure but did u look at the pages with your glasses on?

rotate the dial clue -90 degrees

you have all the pages when you have all the colors for end room. 8

4- digit clue? I tried 8455, no luck

sabine ..i hav 6 pages so far

8457 doesn't work either

red glasses =D thank you Amy !!!
but it's strange that I only got one new page by putting in 2 new pages...

now hav 7th page ....

letMeOut, first the a (=8) then b (=4), then t (=7), then x (=5)

its 8475

thank you again domzodom

Thanks dom!

ok i hav query i found paper with red 5 so late that i already solved that puzzle on my own ..is this only me or everyone did the same

And that gives me a clue I dont need haha

finally out ...

too funny, last page in number box gave page i didn't need. was the clue for the s tiles.
Excellent SD. Thank You. Thanks to all for the help.

Same as raasti and letmeout.

Still missing the "O" page

Sorry.. missing the W and Y pages, not the O

OHHHHHH *slaps head* Colors!!!

don't know where i found all pages but color order from pages is spoilerwvgpyobrspoiler

I'm stuck with the 4 number code box.... the help clue doesn't seem to work


colors were in the book from the start. just need glasses to see them. I was lookin for significance of Upper and lower case. There was none.

This comment has been removed by the author.

See DomZODOM or raasti at 12;34, 12:35

I still can't get the 3x3 puzzle, can someone dumb it down for me...

I was thinking for some reason all pages needed to be filled with clues. That was fun, and entertaining, as usual! Thanks SD!

mark, first get silver key with crowbar, then walk the rooms from statues to candle room in order in book (w-n-n-s-w-w) to get blue key and after that it's easy to find other keys.

@ Luke... b-blk, g-green, w-wte


3x3 grid is

can't find anymore keys and not enough orbs to buy book. any suggestions. I find nothing in room with candle. someone said follow instructions but I have no instructions to follow. HELP???

This comment has been removed by the author.

white cross,red background = white
red cross,white background = black
everything else = green

thx, thought I tried every combo, was going nuts.

Good game. All the puzzles were sneaky. :)

but lantern use it in room for purple key evan ..look my post at 11.10

this game was awesome, lovely, great... so many new challenges... and I would have been totally lost without the help of you all... thank you
and special thanks to SD, you did an excellent job :)

getting too confused - hate to give on an SD, especially when there were loads of great things like not clicking on orbs!

maybe I will give this another try tomorrow : (

Thank you all for your help and tips, had a hard time figuring this one out. Great game SelfDefiant!

thx everybody, i stucked so many times...and thx SD for tha great game.

The best one yet. Love the mouse over orb feature.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The dial box is not opening up with 1,8,5? Is it upside down or something funky??

*POP* 10-5-2 sideways

Oh yay and thank you Sneaky!!!!! Another Asylum to aimlessly wander,camp in creepy rooms,find dusty walls on which to lend my "creative" *cough sputter* drawings and, perhaps, "haunt"...lol! I will *escape*....wait, I think that might be the reason I hang out in Asylums? Here I go......!!!!!!

didn't realize this was live while I was playing. But I loved this! It was a very enjoyable different pace! Thank you Selfdefiant!!!! 5 STARS !!

Oh well "duh"....pfffftttt!!!!! ROFL...completely passed one section...and I wondered why I wasn't discovering orbs, something to do something with, say, I don't know....light a candle or possibly fill the old glue bottle with some mystery liquid or....by jove I've got it!!!!! Find more missing pages so I can play the piano...lol!!!!!! As always...excellent game SD :)

Thanks for the number spoilers--I would never have gotten that! SD--I'd be stumped at least partly because the A number looks like a 6 not an 8 on my screen unless I zoom way in, and at that point it's clear that the x number isn't 5 it's 6--I would have been off on one digit or the other no matter what I did. Is this really where the number clue is supposed to be from?

Great game! Really nice puzzles.

Never played the piano, did the tic tac toe or used 35-724-16. Once I found sacred key, it just let me out.

I have hunted high and low for the screw driver and cannot find it. Pretty Please help!

So close... :( !!! All was moving along and then.....I discovered the blue key...I think the book was the solution but still trying to figure out the logic of each step...lol!!!! I was doing so well but then I just had to use that swine blue key to open the lab that contained that evil 4-digit box...curses be upon thee and may thy descendants be cursed and all generations of boxes be cursed for all eternity!!!!!!!!! It seemed so logical and "simple" HAH! I thought the word *HELP*, along with the rose-colored glasses page interpretation would just hand over the numbers...easy, right? GAH!!!!! ,[i]HELP[/i] aka [b]8537[/b] ... long, long pause ... idiot number did not work and this does not make sense logically, it does not compute...this is wrong on sooooo many levels....."sniff, sniff" Aw well, I have the code for the 8-number code....at least I hope I do. At this point in time,I have no idea what's what or perhaps I am in an alternate reality????? LOLOL!!! Oh I really do not want to peek but.....help anyone? :)

PFFFTTTTT!!!! I cannot even program "italics" and "bold"...lolol!!!!!!


D - note BOOK that holds KEY; note BOOK w/ CRACK; note STRANGE SYMBOL; go LEFT

C - go LEFT

B - get SACRED JAR, start collecting ORBS; go LEFT

A - note stuck SILVER KEY; go RIGHT; go RIGHT

K - go UP

O - go DOWN; go DOWN; go RIGHT

D - go RIGHT

E - go RIGHT


G - go RIGHT

H - buy MAP; buy LANTERN; label all ROOMS on MAP in true SELFDEFIANT STYLE (row1: A-H, row2: I-N, row3: O-R, row4: S-X, row5: Y-AB, row6: AC-AD)

return to O, use LANTERN, get PURPLE KEY

N - click TILES to make RED S, get RED KEY


T - note PIANO


Z - get HAMMER


return to D, use ROSE GLASSES, note SYMBOL CLUE; use HAMMER, get PAGE from STATUE, put PAGE in BOOK
return to F, use CROWBAR, note DIAL BOX
return to G, use ROSE GLASSES, use HAMMER on X, get PAGE, put PAGE IN BOOK
return to H, buy BOOK, note MISSING PAGES
return to A, use CROWBAR, get SILVER KEY

J - get PAGE, put PAGE in BOOK

I - note CANDLE

return to D, follow DIRECTION CLUE in BOOK (W-N-N-S-W-W), get BLUE KEY

Q - open NUMBER BOX using HELP CLUE from AA combined with ALPHA CLUE in BOOK (8537),


return to I, light CANDLE, get SCREWDRIVER
return to AA, pry open DRAWER in NIGHTSTAND, open SYMBOL BOX using upsidedown SYMBOL CLUE in D (triangle w/ circle points, triangle, 3point molecule, 5point star, snake, double square), get PAGE, put PAGE in BOOK
return to T, combine NUMBER PAGE in BOOK (35-724-16) w/ ALPHA CODE from BOOK (CEGBDAF), play PIANO, get GOLD KEY

AD - use X CLUE in BOOK to open WALL SAFE, get PAGE, put PAGE in BOOK
according to SYMBOL CLUE in D (8,S,5,molecule,3,dog)

return to F, open DIAL BOX using DIAL CLUE in BOOK (10,5,2), get GREEN KEY


return to D, use SACRED KEY, leave ABRADINE

I struggled the SD in the "HELP" room. There's a gap at the very back of the drawer that's stuck open

@LaChatonFou -- thanks for the WT, however the box in Q does NOT open with 8537!

See domzodom 3/1/13, 12:06 PM
domzodom 3/1/13, 12:34 PM and

SD -- Interesting new challenges!
However, I think that if clues are to be rotated or go backwards there should be some indication, not just leave you to wildly guess or cheat.

But then, I had to go to comments to even find the tools, having wandered around the whole asylum going quietly crazy!

Oh, to anyone coming later and want to use the WT -- once you get the map, label the rooms starting in lower left A,B,C ...
then the row above, etc.

It is official...I have committed myself to Abradine Asylum...the room with two beds and clothes looked good to me so I am now going to devote my time to such activities as befits a person who has "lost" it...lurk about in the halls and corridors, stuff a roll of toilet paper in the ladies/gents facilities, rummage through files 100 years old and visit aforementioned persons to take a census and record their "status".....! Any time I have left shall be used to finish my escape... :P lol!

Whewff!! That was Quite the Adventure!! Thanks, SD!

I usually LOVE SD games, but this one I have to admit I was not fussed on. I loathed that the map had no room numbers - I'd rather click orbs!
I found the jar labels impossible to read.

I liked the shapes puzzle where you could spot that the hint was upside down, but some of the others were just guesswork and I don't like guessing (agree with PuzzledinCA here).

I didn't like having to go back to redo actions rather than have that facility available .....like you have to close the book and reopen as you can't click left to turn the page back, and you have to go out of the X puzzle and back in to raise the lever etc. These seem silly pointless actions and I found the game not as polished as SD games usually are.

Not sure if this was supposed to be allowed - but I found the sacred key after getting the color code, and was able to leave, although my score my -25 lol. But I got out without solving the 4 # box or the piano.

Jessica...the same happened to me!

Great game! Love the easy orb collection! And the clever puzzles - especially the blue key one! Fun!

I was also allowed to leave without solving the 4# box or the piano...

I also didn't open the gold room.

I did the piano but not the # box.

Good game as usual though.

Re the map, I just gave the rooms letters and made a note of which letters were at the start and end of each row.

I found also the sacred key and exited without solving all the puzzles. I solved the dials, the piano, the tiles on the wall, the coloured dots box, but I didn't use the jars with brains.
And yes, the non labelled rooms were a pain. On the opposite, I appreciated that it was no longer necessary to click in order to get the purple orbs.

I LOVE the new way to pick up orbs!!!

Please please keep using this method!!

My book had bug, showed all the colors initials from the beginning.
Exited without opening the 4number safe.

This comment has been removed by the author.

this is the second new Sneaky game I'm not able to finish....finding them too hard now

WOW! That was HARD! And yet so much FUN!! Needed serious help with this one, so thanx for the comments everyone. LOVED that we don't have to click the orbs :)

@Dumah, yes, I didn't open the 4 digit box either. And the comments above say use the digits in alpha order from the next room, BUT that room had 5 digits! I was clueless! LOL!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Reading the comments, we are playing the same game, I didn't come across a 3x3 box that needed colours, didn't get gold key, or solve the piano, once I did the coloured circles and got the sacred key I was out.

No autosave???

sm31973: "Never played the piano, did the tic tac toe or used 35-724-16. Once I found sacred key, it just let me out."

same here (?)

Fixed all the bugs, I wish I could have been able to fix them sooner! Thanks everyone!!!!

How do you get the blue key??? I'm clicking the WNNSWW code, but not working

I never got the 4 number puzzle. 8537 of course did not work. then someone said use the names from the jars in the next room. There were five but it appeard that the lower middle one started with the number 8. That leaves 4 numbers. No combination of those four worked. My lunch break is over and I am unable to finish this game. This one was not near as much fun. Too frustrating. The map with no letters was a big part of that. I had 74 orbs - not enough to buy the whizzer - that would have helped to be able to whiz around the map rather than trudging room to room.

I can not open the 4 Code Box.
The numbers 3 Box was with me 186, but they could open with the numbers from the solution.

I can not get out ... Help I do not want to stay in the big, dark house, I'm creepy, help!!! :-)

For the 4 code box I looked in the book ... the word HELP of the wall is 8537?

Roger N:

Did you take the lamp? then see blue Key

Not clicking the orbs is a brilliant improvement!!!


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