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Big Cave Escape Walkthrough

Big Cave Escape

SmileClicker - Big Cave Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Smile Clicker. In this game, you try to escape from the room by solving the puzzles in the room. Good luck and have fun!

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5 stars?
Mang is a fruit.
add an o

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I can't find the last firewood.

How do I figure out the 4 digit code?

found all but one of the sticks for the fire

You find the 4 digit code after you move the boat

Maybe the last stick is in the pedestal under the horse statue on the right?

I already found that one

Dang, I can't find the other oar to move the boat.

my last stick was on the tree trunk just right of the padlocked gate, very small pixel

oops left of the gate, that opens up a lot of progress. but now stuck in the cave with only one gold coin

I already found that one too

axe up the top of tree in second scene and cut log ??? got that one?

Ok, this makes no sense. I just got out without moving the boat or opening the horse pedestal with the 4 digit code.

well I'm totally stuck, just found another gold coin by releasing the butterfly onto the bat in the cave

nothing in inventory and no hot spots that I can find .... arrrrggghhh, I only played this game as it had max stars

finally, found that last silly gold coin in the wagon wheel which when placed gives red key, undoubtedly I will escape through the padlocked gate. Stooopid game!!!

lol, just given it my rating and I'm outta here - can I offer anyone remaining any assistance before I leave?

ok, no takers - everyone musta left :(

I need help

I dont know word for cave or other oar

Finally, I did it all correct and got out.

Lisa, the word for the cave comes from the horse statue.

Just a sec Lisa. I'm writing down where all the firewood pieces are.

One oar comes from behind a shrub in the 1st scene, the other comes from the pot in the 2nd scene.

Firewood spots - ladder, bush above horizontal wheel, tree root just left of ladder, left green bush, left tree by gate, right green bush, stuck in rope around tree, behind lower post, on left horse leg, in wood basket, red bush above right horse, and green bush below right horse. Twelve pieces of wood.

To get the second oar, you need to break the cauldron with yet another stick.

TY Rimfire. Cauldron is a much better word than pot.

I finally got the firewood, made fire and lit my torch...used the torch in cave but am left with a butterfly and missing a coin!
What to do with butterfly, please!?

POP! found the bat hotspot...got the 3rd coin!

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TY Macronder... I was getting very frustrated, missed the last pc. in the green bush in front of right horse.

Where does the eye go and where is the butterfly?

Tab works. :D

Thanks, Macronder - I needed the one behind the lower post

i had one log missing ty macronder ur info helped

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